This latest video from CORBIN FISHER paired up two of the hottest CF models together. Both Aiden and Ashton are beefy and muscular and Aiden gets fucked like a pro as usual.

Power bottom Aiden cums four times in this video and one of them is right into Ashton’s mouth! Followed by some “snowballing” kiss while Aiden continues riding Ashton’s cock.


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  1. anon
    15 Mar 13
    12:35 am

    aiden needs to be fisted

  2. manu
    15 Mar 13
    12:46 am

    This is hot but AShton needs to get fucked too!

  3. Vabballfan
    15 Mar 13
    1:47 am

    Ashton has bottomed. And Aiden needs to let his pubes and armpit hair grow out.

  4. SuckItBaby
    15 Mar 13
    1:58 am

    Aiden need to be gangbanged raw all night.

  5. Luis
    15 Mar 13
    1:59 am

    FUCK YES….I can read or hear people crticize Aiden but for me he’s one of the best guys at CF, he really seems to enjoy having sex with a guy, and the expression he makes when he’s cumming,,, I LOVE HIM ?

  6. Mel
    15 Mar 13
    2:03 am

    CF is the best. Aiden and Cain are my favs always drop everything to see them

  7. dez
    15 Mar 13
    2:43 am

    No, Vabballfan. Aiden does NOT need to let his pubes and armpit hair grow back.

  8. Billy Blue
    15 Mar 13
    2:45 am

    Sorry Aiden, but no “straight” man is capable of doing a scene like that.

  9. marc
    15 Mar 13
    2:48 am

    CF has a group of guys that set standard for hot male on male sex, that the other sites only wish they can achieve; as for #1 is beautiful Aiden, damn does that guy love sex, goose bumps and all!

  10. just me
    15 Mar 13
    2:49 am

    luv me some Aiden. can’t get enough of him ; )

  11. WildPNW
    15 Mar 13
    3:22 am

    Aiden is hot, time for some larger dicks ala Tyler Saint, Girth Brooks, etc.

    This scene would have been great as a flip flop.

  12. jeremyrain
    15 Mar 13
    4:12 am

    After the BTS pic of Aiden jerking off to some “questionable” porn, I refused to believe the guy is straight.

  13. sxg
    15 Mar 13
    4:15 am

    @Luis I have honestly never seen anything negative said about Aiden’s performance in porn or his body. Yes small things like the lack of body hair, but overall the majority of it is extremely positive. He is a really hot guy with a great personality.

    And I have to agree there is nothing straight about this man. He has to be at least bi. Also there is a pic where he looks like he’s jerking off to gay porn.

    The next orgy that CF does, it HAS to be a gangbanging of Aiden. Throw him on a sling and have the CF roster have their way with him. And have him jerk off non-stop, let’s see him completely drained and with a busted ass! :D

  14. Marcos
    15 Mar 13
    5:13 am

    Aiden <3

  15. JuanDiego978
    15 Mar 13
    6:20 am

    Aiden, you and your cock are the best.

  16. CFfan
    15 Mar 13
    7:02 am

    i would love to see him not touch his dick and cum handsfree… dont have to do it 3x.. but once handsfree would be hot…

    maybe tie his hands down and just fuck him till he leaks his cum out.. hot

  17. David
    15 Mar 13
    6:43 pm

    @jeremyrain – what kind of porn was it?

  18. Marcus
    15 Mar 13
    11:41 pm

    Aiden and Cain are the hottest guys. I prefer Cain but whatever. Straight? Please…. Gargling with cum! What’s in a name?! I fuck women all the time but I’m gay !

  19. sxg
    15 Mar 13
    11:43 pm

    @jeremyrain it took you that long? lol

    @David it looks like it was gay porn. Most of us think that was a black and white man in the video.

  20. Clark Lane
    16 Mar 13
    12:15 am

    Aiden could have my babies any day of the week! That guy is the epitome of HOT in my book … seems really nice too, I like his personality in the interview vids.
    I know he’s not in need of a date, but I’d offer in a heartbeat! I joined CF because of him — been very pleased with the site so far.

  21. Yam
    16 Mar 13
    3:38 am

    Aiden is hot and adorable at the same time

  22. sxg
    16 Mar 13
    5:06 am

    Just saw the scene and that pic that showed Aiden jerking off to gay porn is not a behind the scenes video. It’s part of the storyline of the scene where he jerks off to Ashton having sex and dreams of him having sex with Ashton. Still I don’t believe the guy is straight at all he enjoys being fucked way too much.

  23. JuanDiego978
    16 Mar 13
    6:12 am

    @jeremyrain, questionable?, he’s a g4p model and he’s str8 indeed. You saw him jerking off to gay porn because it was part of a new scene just released in CF.

  24. dez
    16 Mar 13
    12:02 pm

    Here we go again. He’s straight, no he’s gay, no he’s g4p. Blah, blah, blah. Seriously? Come on. Just enjoy watching somebody who’s obiviously enjoying himself and hopes we enjoy the show. Forget the lame labels – one of the worst things we do in this country. Ugh!

  25. cody
    16 Mar 13
    10:23 pm

    dez – they are the ones that insist on labeling themselves. should be no surprise when they get called on it. g4p guys (and people who buy into the g4p BS) must use a totally different definition of “straight” than everyone else in the free world. everyone else in the free world defines “straight” as a man who doesn’t choose to have sex with other men for any reason whatsoever.

  26. dez
    16 Mar 13
    11:44 pm

    cody – Ho-hum. Same old shit. Yawn.

  27. andrew
    17 Mar 13
    12:27 am

    Aiden and Ashton are big beautiful muscular guys. I love the real passion and sexual energy they put into their scenes. AWESOME!!!

  28. Cody
    17 Mar 13
    4:28 am

    Dez – funny how you can’t refute anything so you resort to some petty tired response. Fact of the matter is if the models were like “we’re straight we’re straight we’re straight we’re straight” every change they get then the point (and yours) would be moot. Nice try though. Pathetic but nice try.

  29. Cody
    17 Mar 13
    4:29 am


  30. dez
    17 Mar 13
    7:11 pm

    Seriously, Cody. Give me a break. It doesn’t matter what these guys claim about their sexuality, they’re going to get crucified by sourpusses such as yourself.

  31. taoalwyn
    18 Mar 13
    12:29 pm

    the guy appears to love getting fucked- great! we can watch and enjoy.
    if he chooses to label himself straight- that’s his choice.
    we can label him g4p or gay or bi, but that’s our choice. we cannot force a label upon him.
    we need caution, someone choosing this lifestyle will face potential extreme criticism, see e.g. on this website. at times we are as guilty of hate as those who attack us. show some compassion for those who aren’t comfortable with the potential labels given (to name a few- arse-bandit, faggot) can you blame them for avoiding this?

  32. Critic
    18 Mar 13
    1:58 pm

    Dez is correct: labels are useless. Sex is fun if the other person is fun.

  33. sxg
    19 Mar 13
    12:41 am

    @Critic is sex is so “fun” with other “fun” people, then it shouldn’t be a problem having sex with someone of the same gender without the cash reward.

  34. litper
    21 Mar 13
    6:40 pm

    they’re straight and i’m a British Queen