A reader called him the new Porn Tarzan, I think he’s a perfect candidate for a porn version of He-Man or Thor. Bodybuilder David Kadera will take gay porn world by storm in 2011 if he continue doing porn. His well-built muscular body looks perfect bouncing up and down on hard cock, my favorite thing about muscular bottom!

David Kadera seems to enjoy himself on the set of latest edition of Wank Party with Joey Intenso, Igor Precechtel, Roland Barkac and Radek Vysoky. Part 1 is now available on WILLIAM HIGGINS. This muscle stud bottoms again in this orgy scene.

My favorite moment is at the end when David Kadera flexes muscle with cum dripping over his chin and perfect pecs!

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  1. James
    27 Dec 10
    7:10 am

    He’s fucking sexy, got tons of sex appeal. WOW! One of the
    big American companies like Colt need to pick him up. Hopefully he
    won’t start with the bareback crap before that.

  2. JT
    27 Dec 10
    8:38 am

    Aye. Nice to see a gorgeous guy with muscles in a solid fuckfest. but like you say hope he doesn’t get brought up by a bareback company

  3. jan
    27 Dec 10
    9:01 am

    It might already be too late.Mr. Higgin’s models almost all end up doing bareback and he doesn’t seem to mind to play the “little” slut !

  4. David
    27 Dec 10
    10:53 am


  5. cc boy
    27 Dec 10
    11:24 am

    Wait… How come bareback complaints from previous post spread to this muscle porn article……..

  6. brian
    27 Dec 10
    11:29 am

    yeah, he will have chances to be really famous if he is hired by a big porn studio, preferencially american.

  7. Jeff
    27 Dec 10
    11:32 am

    mister higgins has introduced to porno two of the most handsome guys on this planet ( ie. Bjorn Gedda and the incredible Pavel Novotny aka Jan Dvorak) but I find it sad to see that nowadays his choices are very different Does this gentleman need a new pair of glasses ? can’t he see his models are lame ?

  8. Rob
    27 Dec 10
    2:08 pm

    The guy could use a decent haircut but can’t fault a
    bodybuilder who loves to get fucked.

  9. gaysammy
    27 Dec 10
    2:45 pm

    @Rob yeah I was thinking the very same thing…that hair is
    like 70’s Starsky & Hutch hair…and it’s all bleached out
    and damaged looking too. But I must say his body is VERY

  10. manu
    27 Dec 10
    3:11 pm

    I love his hair the way it is , granted in the gay community in general all men tend to have the same short “gay porn” haircut , a little change is always welcome (I do love pulling my bottom’s hair when I fuck him ;))

    I think this video does not focus enough on David’s ass, we could make a whole DVD about it, I’d be first in line to purchase it ;)

  11. Manny E
    27 Dec 10
    3:46 pm

    Leave him alone, he’s perfect as he is. I want him to bottom for Vince Ferelli first thing next year, though. Who do I have to ef to make this happen?

  12. manu
    27 Dec 10
    4:03 pm

    Bottom for Vince Ferelli?? I’d rather they made a double-headed dildo scene :)
    Two musclesluts pleasing their holes ,it doesn’t get any better!!

  13. ooo
    27 Dec 10
    4:03 pm

    big body but small cock, not for me. plus he’s not that good-looking

  14. Billy Blue
    27 Dec 10
    4:32 pm

    He is beautiful, but its a shame that he is working for Mr. Higgins.

  15. Luca
    27 Dec 10
    4:44 pm

    Of course the obligatory insult about David Kadera’s small
    cock. I’ve never understand why anyone would insult some guy’s cock
    size any more than you would insult the fact that they had brown
    hair or green eyes; they can’t do anything about it. I personally
    love big muscular guys with small cocks who are great bottoms. Why
    does a bottom need a big cock anyway? Oh, and furthermore, I’ve
    known a lot of great tops who have small or average cocks. So I
    guess my question for ooo (which could be read as triple zero) is:
    are you as hot as David Kadera? I think he is very hot, although a
    great haircut would be nice.

  16. JT
    27 Dec 10
    9:35 pm

    Its like seeing a rl He-man getting fucked and cum all over. Don’t knock the hair, its nice to see a change of hairstyle the same old same old.

  17. Ian
    28 Dec 10
    12:38 am

    A+ all the way !!!!

  18. NYCjudge
    28 Dec 10
    1:07 am

    I am not a size queen, but is it just me or David Kadera
    has one of the smallest dicks I’ve ever seen in gay porn.

  19. O&E
    28 Dec 10
    2:35 am

    I prefer that guy without a cap in that outside picture ,I
    ‘m surprised nobody noticed him but me ,I think he’s the most good
    looking one of this group and of the entire porno actors as

  20. Adam
    28 Dec 10
    4:57 am

    @O&E Yes! I was watching the preview clips and
    found myself staring at him even more, very hot.

  21. CMan
    28 Dec 10
    5:08 am

    I think Kadera stands out as much for his hair as his face
    & physique !! It’s BORING seeing the same cookie cutter
    porn guys ad ifinitum in movie after movie !! Kadera’s a Hot
    & Sexy Welcomed Change of Pace !! ( And for my part, I’d
    love to see him paired with Robert Van Damme ! What a Coupling
    That’d Be !!!;-)

  22. ooo
    28 Dec 10
    3:06 pm

    We’re talking about a porn model here – it’s not too much
    to ask for a muscular body PLUS a big cock – whether he’s a top or
    bottom. Everybody has his preference…I just stated mine – and
    this David Kadera doesn’t have the package to appeal to me. End of

  23. TheInsider
    29 Dec 10
    1:15 am

    David Kadera is PERFECT!

  24. cesarin
    29 Dec 10
    5:13 am

    ok ok ok…. its a shame….when big guys n hot guys in
    porn..have small big..i mean….im 23 yo…n my big is more big! da
    prof…da boy with di earring! i guess…much muscle…less dick

  25. Billy B
    29 Dec 10
    5:08 pm

    “big American companies like Colt” ummm their headquarters is in their guest bedroom.

  26. etika
    14 Feb 11
    5:10 am

    i wanna get fucked like him oooohh he is so damn hot…..i wanna lick that cum…

  27. hola estas homber bien is simo me gost aria com crmete penee i love bye .colombianos .bogotanos ..atte. luis eider russi

  28. Jeff Palmer
    07 May 13
    2:45 am

    ninguno de estos videos los cambio por el del cura que le mete tres dedos dentro de su ano de David Kadera, aunque tiene el pene chico tiene unas buenas nalgas.