gay porn star Andrew Justice getting fucked by SF escort David

I stumbled upon these hot home videos of gay porn star Andrew Justice on Xtube via ATKOL forum. It’s a 4-part amateur videos of Andrew Justice flip flop fucks with a SF-based escort named David. There’s chemistry between Andrew and David which made it a really hot sex video. Both of them cum while getting fucked! And Andrew looks so CUTE in these vids ;-)

Andrew Justice is mostly bottom here! Which is nice since he was mostly top in his professional porn movies.

+ Justice Served Part 1 [Don’t miss Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]

+ Check out David’s website | Xtube

Andrew Justice gay sex fuck

Barn Storm
Andrew Justice gay sex fuck

Andrew Justice gay sex fuck Telescope

Andrew Justice gay sex fuck

Rush and Release
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Andrew Justice gay sex fuck

Andrew Justice gay sex fuck


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  1. Nobara Jones
    02 Mar 09
    9:48 am

    SERIOUSLY…Andrew Justice (gay for pay or HOWEVER he identifies) is someone I would STEP OVER practically every model mentioned on this site for ONE KISS, people….just one kiss!!! (of course I would hope for more!)

    AJ is soooooo incredibly sexy and delicious…sad about his legal troubles (see a past Unzipped issue) but I really want him to get back into films already!!!! That scene in Vanished when he bottomed was soooooo hot I practically watched it everyday for weeks on end!

    THIS GUY IS TOPS!!! Love you Andrew….MARRY ME!!!!

  2. J
    02 Mar 09
    6:38 pm

    Would someone make this available in downloadable form?

  3. EdWoody
    02 Mar 09
    7:14 pm

    I thought AJ was openly bisexual, but married to a woman who only let him have sex with men if he was filming for porn films. So how come he’s hooking up with a hooker?

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  5. david
    04 Mar 09
    7:31 am

    yuck i thought he played safe and discreet. This is a turn off.

  6. Mike
    04 Mar 09
    2:17 pm

    they are using condoms

  7. C
    04 Mar 09
    3:37 pm

    Its been taken off.
    Anyone else got it?

  8. erik
    06 Mar 09
    11:27 pm

    wow Andrew is a bottom pig! Gay for pay alright.

  9. ryan
    11 Mar 09
    12:13 pm

    what legal troubles did AJ have?

  10. dan
    15 Mar 09
    7:21 am

    Got into a trouble by reading his ex-gfs email. He should not have gone jail for it but it happened. It is a personal issue and Nobara is so weird bring it up if he were indeed a fan. I am getting a vibe there is an old queen out there trying to get Andrew and destroy his image. Gay community is so pathetic. I am glad that he is a bi. Andrew if meet a nice girl marry her and leave this sad world.

  11. ryan
    18 Mar 09
    10:40 pm

    too bad about his problems. why would anyone want to destroy his image. seems like a really nice guy to me.

  12. kevin
    23 Mar 09
    11:04 pm

    The guy with a tatoo is gross. Andrew is hot in this movie but the other guy ruins it. Why did Andrew do a movie with such a plain guy?

  13. teddy
    13 May 09
    3:02 pm


    What a loser! It’s you who are pathetic, not others!

  14. steve
    04 Jun 09
    4:35 pm


    What did Dan say that makes him a loser? Teddy people like you’re a loser. Emotional and pathetic.

  15. anon
    13 Jun 09
    4:50 pm

    He is in fact NOT SAFE at ALL! I had an encounter with this mediocre fuck in his apartment over a yr ago and he strictly stated that he was clean but wanted to fuck bareback. I don’t think he parties, but for someone who films safe porn, they should obviously be a little more careful to avoid legal issues. He is a mess, mentally. He fucked with his ex-gf’s car, he constantly txted me while I was at college to come fuck him and his gf, and he still can’t seem to lose my number. If you don’t wanna believe me, fine. But the only people who should actually be able to speak up for him are the ones who actually have met him and know him. Don’t be fooled

  16. david-sf
    27 Jun 09
    3:58 pm

    Thanks very much:) I just found this site
    and as usual its not for everyone but for those who got the chance to see this very special video and actually enjoyed it without trying to destroy someones image and livlihood you rock as for the very few that are turned off by it there are millions of other movies for you to enjoy.
    AJ is safe and always has been and I have met him been with him numerous times and I hardly think he would have time to be texting you to come fuck him and his GF since his dance card full

  17. Jose.
    24 Jul 09
    1:05 am

    Hi guys I think David is a nice guy with excellent way to fuck guys and this video with Andrew Justice is just amazing.

  18. Don
    01 Dec 09
    3:49 pm

    I hooked up with AJ one time. He did everything I asked, and was sooo good doing it. He is definitely tied with thw best sex I have ever encountered. Would enjoy seeing him again, but have heard he has retired. What a shame, he gave me some life long memories. Even thou I am not an attractive man, he made me feel beautiful

  19. anon
    26 Feb 10
    7:59 pm

    anon is totally right
    andrew only likes bareback

    he loves cumm and even mentioned being into fucking dogs

    i am not lying
    don’t get me wrong, he is super hot

    but this is one fucked up human being

  20. Pete
    27 Feb 10
    4:52 am

    The video has been taken off. Does anyone else have it?

  21. Andrew Justice
    12 Jul 10
    7:21 pm

    I just stumbled across this site. Thanks for the great coments to my fans. I think some of these hater posts are very comical. I always play it safe and dogs, really? I mean come on. My GF and myself have had bi 3somes but she usually picks the guy and I would never beg someone to fuck. They cant even put theyre names, what pussies.

  22. bahamut
    30 May 11
    6:59 am

    whats the pin code for the video?

  23. andrew-you are so full of shit. you DO NOT always play safe. my dumb ass believed you when you told me that and then after I heard from many other people that you always tell the same story about being safe but you want to bareback b/c you like the guy you are fucking at the time. Yes, I am an idiot for buying it, but thank GOD I didn’t get any disease. Trust me, I won’t lie about it being super hot sex…that is for damn sure. But to lie about it is a really dangerous thing. You come across as a really sweet guy, but you definitely have some deep rooted issues and you are to not be trusted.

  24. Mike
    02 Oct 11
    5:38 pm

    Where can I get this video?

  25. Anonymous
    11 Mar 12
    7:40 pm

    Yes he can’t be trusted. So what? BB is done every escort that I have met and some of them are Poz.

  26. Personal attack
    12 Mar 12
    9:44 pm

    Well I have met Andrew many times and he always come prepared with condoms and lube. He is always ready to play safe. I just want people to know that here. I don’t know why one’s personal life style has to be brought up here. If you are jealous of him getting hired by rich people then it’s your problem, not his. You don’t have to slander him so you can get more business.

  27. Reed
    04 May 12
    7:40 am

    So he does bb, so what? Dont see what the big deal is if he does. the sex with him is amazing. Where do you get that he has deep rooted issues? What is your proof of this?

  28. Justplaysafe
    20 Sep 12
    1:52 am

    Don’t believe anyone and just play safe. That’s the best thing to do..

  29. Jose Juan
    02 Jun 13
    5:01 am

    I really want watch the video but I cant get it. Its so sad