Whether you like it or hate it, BEL AMI debuts its most controversial video to date as an early Christmas gift for waiting fans. Perfect-abs Bel Ami twins, Elijah and Milo Peters fuck each other bareback in the newest video from BELAMIONLINE.COM

If you are offended by it, don’t scroll down and just ignore this blog post.















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  1. UseMe
    23 Dec 09
    1:58 am

    Total bliss. Perfect. Just what gay sex should be all about. Can’t get any better than this. Fuck yeah Bel Ami!!!

  2. J&J
    23 Dec 09
    1:59 am

    Man, look at those boys abs… lots of protein cum from one another I bet hehehe… My bro and I have some catching up to do in that dept. This just motivates us even more…

  3. PumpsterJoe
    23 Dec 09
    2:03 am

    is there a clip?

  4. QMN
    23 Dec 09
    2:23 am

    There’s a video trailer at BELAMIONLINE.COM. I can’t find embeddable clip yet.

  5. Laurent
    23 Dec 09
    2:38 am

    Je sais, I know, that this may be wrong but oh my God is this hot! Tres chaud! If only I had a twin brother…Joke.

  6. Dan
    23 Dec 09
    3:16 am

    I just wish Brandon would agree to finally get fucked. Would love to see a flipflop with Kris Evans and the twins fucking both Brandon & Kris, now that would be the hottest video PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  7. PumpsterJoe
    23 Dec 09
    3:19 am

    i just saw it QMN, thanks. Soooo hot! those boy are fine and really into each other. It’s sooo cool…

  8. ugh
    23 Dec 09
    3:29 am

    These guys need to be locked up in a mental institution.

  9. S
    23 Dec 09
    3:38 am

    Talk about narcissism. It’s like fucking yourself.

  10. und
    23 Dec 09
    4:49 am

    disgusting and sick.

  11. loveitbare!
    23 Dec 09
    5:57 am

    LOVE IT!!! Want it! Can you only get the whole scene by joining Bel Ami?

  12. brandon78
    23 Dec 09
    6:33 am

    I love it… been looking for something like this online. lol!

  13. waht!
    23 Dec 09
    6:40 am

    These guys are fucking ripped, they have 0% body fat.

  14. eric
    23 Dec 09
    8:13 am

    So wrong yet so HOT. Love it!

  15. Michael
    23 Dec 09
    8:27 am

    Pure raw beauty.

  16. GayTwins
    23 Dec 09
    12:15 pm

    The free video teasing clips softcore and hardcore will be soon available as well

  17. stoney
    23 Dec 09
    12:53 pm

    The fact that they’re twins makes this ok for me. It’s as if one of them stood in front of a mirror and got off to his reflection. If they weren’t twins I would probably have a problem with it (unless ofcourse they were really hot stepbrothers :)

  18. Sweet
    23 Dec 09
    2:18 pm

    Damn I hope there is at least one creampie :)

  19. jez.
    23 Dec 09
    5:50 pm

    and that’s why people call homosexuals pedofiles and sickos

  20. FLguy
    23 Dec 09
    7:02 pm

    The Peters twins are indeed fabulous looking! I don’t see anything wrong with brothers having sex since there is no possibility of a child being conceived. Thus the prohibition on incest is absolutely and totally irrelevant. I hope that Belami does more with the Peters twins.

  21. seven87
    23 Dec 09
    7:37 pm

    this twins are sick its the incest!!! why you found it sexy & jez you are right. they are brothers!!! they are twins OK BUT THEY ARE BROTHERS!!! for some people its hot but for me its degusting & the consevatives say that being gay its a sin if they see it what they gonna call us…incestuous…perverses…& other horrible thing i couldnt never imagine. I’ll never encourage that, because im not like this twins

  22. Adam
    23 Dec 09
    10:34 pm

    I think its amazing… I wish I had a copy of myself to fuck. Who cares really? People should do what they want. And they are beautiful together. For all of those clinging to Christian views of morality… get over it

  23. ugh
    23 Dec 09
    10:44 pm

    It’s not about Christian morality. The majority of societies view incest as deeply immoral. The fact that they are male twins and cannot conceive does not make it okay. It is intrinsically wrong like desecrating a corpse. The fact that many of the commenters here are supporting this shit just gives the Christian right more fuel to paint us as deviants that should be grouped in with pedos and animal fuckers who deserve no rights at all and should be sent to prison. Enjoy the video if you want but don’t try to justify this shit, it makes you look like a scumbag.

  24. Man – either you like it or you don’t. If not, why even bother? And if those “christian” guys are always come up with all those lame explanations. Noah and his family had sex, or how would they survive the Big Flood (assuming you believe all that crap in the first place!)

  25. BigBear
    23 Dec 09
    11:56 pm

    This is GREAT !!!!! Is there a DVD for sale?? If so, please advise.

  26. thraceguy
    23 Dec 09
    11:56 pm

    These guys shared months in a womb together, grew up and probably had their own language, world, and they love each other.
    Acting out in front of a camera makes me wonder, but who am I to judge, they are beautiful and seem to enjoy presenting themselves to the world.
    It is their choice, their freedom

  27. eric
    23 Dec 09
    11:59 pm

    I’m sure if you did some digging, you’d find tons of STRAIGHT incest porn. As far as I know, there’s only ever been a couple of gay incest porn that involves penetration (this and the Bartok twins) which IMO is a drop in the ocean. Christians conservatives can’t bring this to the forefront for condemning homosexuality without being rebutted with their own which is probably more pervasive (both in porn and real life).

    24 Dec 09
    12:00 am

    Brothers fucking and sucking each other is fine, done it with my OWN brother, (Not my twin) and it was great. Just Image making love to “yourself” with another man. I Know about the narcissus complexe but so what, these 2 uncut twins deserve each other.
    That’s my opinion and I stick by it! Take that you moralists.


  29. Brian
    24 Dec 09
    12:09 am

    I don’t find the guys that attractive but of course it will be seen as titilating to many. It makes me wish I liked my brother a little more. :) Uh, FRANK8MTL, it’s call the narcissistic complex, jackass, and it would apply to ALL porno actors, not just identical twins. I have a strong suspicion you are boasting a bit too much; “imagine making love to yourself?” Come on, guy. The thrill of sexual conquest is getting the “other,” not a carbon copy of oneself. You’re a pretty sad human being. My opinion and I stick by it!

  30. bleistein
    24 Dec 09
    12:44 am

    @ eric

    Methinks that also Paul Morris filmed some gay incestuous sex involving penetration.

  31. BigBear
    24 Dec 09
    12:50 am

    Their choice, their freedom….and our delight !!!

  32. CT
    24 Dec 09
    4:50 am

    I’m a christian and I know this is wrong, but it is sooooooo fucking HOT!!!!!

  33. brian
    24 Dec 09
    5:32 am

    @ CT
    I agree with you!
    Sorry guys, but I’m so horny with this!!

  34. PumpsterJoe
    24 Dec 09
    5:39 pm

    i say , bring more of this, way more!!

  35. ugh
    24 Dec 09
    7:21 pm


    Actually the Christian conservatives can condemn us because even those that watch straight porn aren’t split on supporting incest like they are here. Most would never watch it. Also, I can’t think of a major straight porn studio that’s equivalent to Bel Ami that has hyped an incest scene and featured it on its website. Most of the incest scenes in straight porn are from lower end studios or vids you find on the blackmarket. Naturally, there would be more incest scenes in straight porn because the library is much, much bigger than in gay porn. That doesn’t mean a greater proportion of straights than gays watch incest porn.


    You are twisted. Seriously, get help.

  36. Jan
    25 Dec 09
    12:17 am

    @ugh, not sure why the need to continually invoke “Christian conservatives.” I am not a believer myself; I indentify as an atheist, but ALL societies have condemned incestuous relationships. I simply see this as exploitation of lost, damaged young men. I am sorry for them. As a proud, open gay man, born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and living today in New York City with my lover of ten years, where I am free to express my humanity openly as a gay man, I hope these young men find someone to support and guide them who does use and harm them. Like most gay men I know, I love sex and pornography, but I do not need to debase others for my sexual fulfillment.

  37. Stefan
    25 Dec 09
    3:40 am

    This is very hot. How do I get the video?

  38. PumpsterJoe
    28 Dec 09
    12:42 am

    bring it on, more fucking between bros!

  39. Artemis
    28 Dec 09
    3:21 pm

    Jan, shut the fuck up, seriously. It’s porn between two consenting adults. The “damaged” argument hasn’t stopped millions of men jerking off to straight “female” porn (90% of whom have been raped, molested, or have drug problems). The whole incest thing is weird…we get that. This is not a father/mother and their child, however, it’s two twin brothers fucking on video for money and they don’t exactly seem distraught by it. There’s no deep violation of trust or abuse of power here, and as stated before, no risk of reproduction–all of which are what make incest evil to begin with. So save your exploitation shit and let the rest of us jerk off guilt-free.

  40. Roland
    29 Dec 09
    1:17 am

    @Artemis, shut the fuck up yourself, jackass. Wow, a tough guy on-line. (Much easier than face-to-face.) What a loser! Have you actually ever met another human being that would screw you in person?

  41. Mark
    29 Dec 09
    3:37 am

    @ Artemis shut the fuck up? The badass shit doesn’t work via the internet, and if you really were such a macho muthaf—ing tough guy you wouldn’t waste your line of bullshit trying to deny someone the right to give their opinion. You don’t have to agree with anyone else, dumbass. What kind of an insecure jerk feels the need to control what someone else writes on a blog? And save us all the visual of someone like you jerking off, which I presume is probably the closest you’ve ever come to sex.

  42. Rob
    29 Dec 09
    3:38 am

    Well said,Mark. But he probably is just desperate for whatever attention he can get. Seriously. :)

  43. Nor
    29 Dec 09
    5:18 pm

    Mark, Rob, Roland: Good work guys, insulting that Artemis guy completely devalued anything any of you had to say. I’m sure none of you would reply to his face either.

    Artemis: Play nice and don’t provoke people. It was immature.

    Moving on…”besides the fuck off comment”…regular immature blog crap which apparently you’re all guilty of…he had a good point on why it doesn’t seem so “typically incestuous”. Jan, I can see why it would turn you and a bunch of people off though…and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not for everyone. Apparently distributors in the US and UK won’t touch it either (curiosity on the legality of incest porn, sorry). I myself am still torn between hot or not.

  44. Marco
    30 Dec 09
    3:16 am

    @Nor, is that true? I can’t find it in Paris and friends say they can’t find it New York where everything is available. I was hoping to buy it when I come to New York next week. Is it available in the USA? I don’t understand exactly why it would or could be prohibited.

    03 Jan 10
    6:35 pm

    Can someone please tell me the TITLE of this DVD. I cannot find it.

  46. Alan
    10 Jan 10
    7:01 pm

    I find it awfully hypocritical that sex with twins is such a common and socially accepted erotic fantasy for both gays and straights. It’s ok for twins to both perform oral sex on a third person simultaneously and ok for them to sit back and watch as their brother/sister gets penetrated, supposedly being aroused in the process? I don’t entirely see how that’s any less “sick” or “twisted” than two siblings actually having sex together.

    These two are clearly an exception because most twins i know take utter offense to even the suggestion of a threesome and tell me how irritating it is that people don’t understand why that’s offensive to twins.

  47. videoguy
    12 Jan 10
    3:13 pm

    FO the religion nuts-The bible is full of incest. God created Eve from Adam (remember the one?) So they were essentially brother and sister. They had kids! How about Noah? Flood killed everone but his family right? How did they bring back the population? Or is the bible that everyone’s religions are based on maybe just a big book of stories like Asop’s Fables…

  48. Hornyguy
    02 Feb 10
    12:05 pm

    Also, Eve’s son had sex with Eve after killing his brother. INCEST IS IN THE BIBLE.

    Now, I regularly suck my own cock, and if I had a twin, I would suck his cock. To me, there would be NO difference. We would be genetically identical, so it wouldn’t actually be incest. PLUS wouldn’t a twin brother be the perfect person to have sex with? Twins have an amazing connection, they fully trust each other and look out for each other. These twins must have an amazing love for each other, AND they’re fucking hot to watch, to boot!

  49. David
    05 Feb 10
    2:45 pm

    I will refrain from voicing my own opinion as its irrelevant, and will appeal to the facts. Sibling incest is ILLEGAL. I don’t know what jurisdiction they were filming in, but publication and proprietorship of such incestuous material is deemed criminally illegal. I would say, Belami studios are on fine grounds to be facing legal prosecution, within their own jurisdictional statutory law. I would also say, if worst comes to worst, the twins could face imprisonment, sibling separation and even psychiatric sectioning! Now this has become a total turn off!

  50. David
    05 Feb 10
    2:52 pm

    @videoguy and hornyguy

    FYI, Christians don’t advocate incest you biblically illiterate fundies. The consensus hold to theistic evolution, not creationism as you erroneously straw-man them to.

    Ps. I’m agnostic btw, not Christian. In case you think I was being bias…

  51. Joshua
    17 Feb 10
    4:16 am

    the twins are adults, and its there life. They are the only family they have now, I could never think of my brother that way but that’s none of my business and if they are happy with the way they live then more power to them, the boys are diamonds in a rhinstone world. Deal with it.

  52. Hornyguy
    04 Mar 10
    1:33 pm

    @David: Fuck off. Neither of us said that christians advocated it. We just merely pointed out that it is in the bible and christian folklore, thus the christians don’t really have any ground to condemn this kind of act.

  53. David
    02 Apr 10
    1:45 pm


    “Eve’s son had sex with Eve after killing his brother. INCEST IS IN THE BIBLE.”

    I rest my case. Fundie.
    These falsehoods you spout on about, aren’t even in the bible. Dumb shit -_- You mind giving me the verse, ass hole? Just shut it. Your stupidity defies comprehension. Loser.

  54. nucleartrout
    13 Apr 10
    1:58 am

    man this is sooo freakin HOT…who cares if they are brothers i just wish i had a brother to do it with i would have done him all the time or vice versa….

  55. jb
    02 May 10
    8:53 am

    I just think its ironic that this whole discussion thread is only fueling the taboo.
    Witch is fine by me, the taboo only makes it more appealing.
    I don’t think moral decay is even an issue. you want to protect your virtues don’t watch porn!

  56. jb
    02 May 10
    8:54 am

    “there is nothing more powerful than a fantasy”

  57. tanline
    26 Jun 10
    7:26 pm

    It is incest but this isn’t a case of an adult or slightly older relative molesting a young relative. These guys are the same age, and since identical twins are said to be in sync with each other, they probably both realized at the same time that they were both gay.

    As for Christians using this to bash us with, how many fundie Christians do you think are going to be watching or are even aware of this video? Just the self-loathing closeted ones like George Rekers are going to be watching it.

  58. shan
    10 Aug 10
    4:57 am

    They are only 19, but i think they truly love each other

  59. Izumozorc
    13 Aug 10
    5:39 am

    I never really liked Bel Ami, and now this gives me more of a reason to stay away from that site.

  60. it is funny that a gay guy who by definition would still be debating about norms and morality! my advice is do the real moral thing become straight

  61. Terry
    25 Sep 10
    7:21 am

    I think it’s kinda hot. However, thinking of two brothers is a little weird, but the twins are kinda more of a curious spot for me and it’s pretty hot truth be told. I don’t think it damages anybody or the gay causes especially since the conservatives make enough crazy arguments when they don’t know about these twins!

  62. jeff
    29 Sep 10
    4:58 pm

    I agree with the sentiment of..so wrong, but so so so fucking hot! It’s like a lot of pron. Would probably never do it, but sure is fun to watch. Like take a dick in my mouth straight from my ass or any other ass.
    Why on earth do homophobes get on these sites and preach!? Those are some true sick in the closet fucks I fell sorry for. So deep in the closet they can’t even enjoy good gay pron on the net.

  63. Carl
    04 Nov 10
    2:50 am

    You’ve got a customer that revealed that he’s 14 and you didn’t remove it!
    I was curious about this and now I’ve seen it.
    It’s weird and kind-of funny.
    They’re both very attractive…and perverse.
    If I was aroused, I’d be somewhat perverse as well.
    But, well…it’s PORNO…!
    I’ve seen things that repelled me horribly…this is just …well…it’s unique..
    All you pervs have a good time!
    But just picture their parents discovering that they did this!

  64. Lago
    04 Sep 11
    12:54 pm

    Cleopatra married both of her brothers and yet we still find her awesome.

    Incest was ok for a LONG time in history, way longer than the time it’s been taboo.

    So lay the fuck off already. Nobody’s telling you to fuck your brother, but if someone else wants to, it’s none of our damn business.

  65. andrew
    13 Jan 12
    6:04 pm

    they’re very hot! they fuck and that turns me on…

  66. John
    06 Feb 12
    5:57 pm

    any type of sex is ok aslong as it’s between consenting adults.

  67. drew
    10 Feb 12
    3:42 pm

    all those quoting the bible and such, it porn and you are watching it…lol get a grip. stop trying to make it something it is not. their body’s their choice. end of story

  68. gil
    16 Feb 12
    11:15 pm

    omg shut up “christian conservatives”, stop judging people for doing harmless things. this doesn’t harm anyone, for god’s sake. contrary to rape and pedophilia. and if you’re all so moralist why the hell are you watching porn?

  69. kooky989@live.com
    29 Feb 12
    3:26 am

    Incest is as wrong as homosexuality. But this guys are HOT

  70. JustMe
    18 Sep 13
    7:33 am

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. And if some people don’t like it, why on earth have they seen it at all? It’s loving your brother in a special, deep way, and I think it’s beautiful. I thank them for sharing it with us. I wish I had a brother I could make love with.

  71. Kevin Aames
    02 Jan 15
    8:22 am

    Until two guys can make a baby there is no scientific or moral reason that male twins should not have sex.