Two years after bodybuilder Zeb Atlas fucked Adam Killian in Falcon StudiosBest Men, Part 2 – The Wedding Party, he’s back doing more gay porn videos, this time with COCKSURE MEN.

Brady Jensen (aka Sean Cody model Jonah) is definitely not a small guy, he’s buff and muscular. But he looks tiny compare to his scene partner, bodybuilder Zeb Atlas.



+ More of Zeb Atlas | Brady Jensen

+ Watch Zeb Atlas Fucked Adam Killian

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  1. manu
    15 Oct 10
    10:09 am

    It looks good , I hope Brady came out of his shell a bit .
    Zeb looks really god for 40 , I wonder what supplements he takes as he looks surprisingly human for a guy that big LOL( his facial features don’t seem altered )

  2. leev
    15 Oct 10
    11:10 am

    ugh no…not my thing…(nice shoes though)

  3. taylor
    15 Oct 10
    12:42 pm

    damn, it’s about time he did some more movies. looking good, Zeb.

  4. TheInsider
    15 Oct 10
    12:56 pm

    This is too good to be true.

  5. sammy 2 bobs
    15 Oct 10
    1:16 pm

    well this just looks plain delicious!!!!!


  6. Ben
    15 Oct 10
    4:20 pm

    Brady, you’re a lucky man!

  7. James
    15 Oct 10
    6:02 pm

    This is really hot.

  8. brian
    15 Oct 10
    6:37 pm

    Definitely HOT!!!!

  9. Jeff
    15 Oct 10
    6:40 pm

    OMG ! this is so hot ! I didn’t like Zeb’s scene with Adam killian coz adam looks like a female ;-( Brady is really cuter than him

  10. Mike
    15 Oct 10
    6:53 pm

    YAWN..this should be titled…
    “When BAD tattoos happen to a good body!”
    “Bad Sex Caught on Film” (Jake you know better)!
    Last but not least
    “Generic…THE MOVIE”

  11. Billy Blue
    15 Oct 10
    8:14 pm

    So so.

  12. jasper
    15 Oct 10
    11:16 pm

    Omg!Zeb is sooo hot!Man he could spread my leggs & get deep inside of me any day!Lookin good big sexy!Body builders r my weakness!

  13. TECOJO
    15 Oct 10
    11:44 pm


  14. TJ
    16 Oct 10
    3:45 pm

    Jake Snooze …. Zzzzzzzzz

  15. robert
    16 Oct 10
    7:40 pm

    I agree with TECOJO…good body ugly face

  16. mad1026
    16 Oct 10
    8:16 pm

    So…has he’s Zeb finally decided GAY? “bout time!

  17. Zeb is so hot!

  18. Oh yeah and I love Zeb’s Shoes.

  19. leev
    18 Oct 10
    11:05 am

    Black/Silver Testa shoes…they’re really cool…

  20. willy
    20 Oct 10
    6:33 am

    The scene is ok. They kiss quite a bit but there is little arse play. Also the lighting isn’t very good on a couple of close ups. More body hair on both models would of been better too.

  21. Musclefan
    26 Oct 10
    11:45 am

    Now we need to see Zeb Atlas and his gigantic muscled body fucked by a smaller guy!!

  22. zeb …i like you so much…i want to play wiyh you…..please ….

  23. bigreek
    09 Nov 10
    3:29 pm

    zeb is so hot , looking forward to see zeb as bottomed for first time !!!!