I’ve posted some sneak peek photos from this scene last week. Now you can watch hairy porn stud Abraham Al Malek gets fucked on camera for the first time.

Check out this hot new scene called “Cum On Over” from Stag Homme Studios where rising porn star Dato Foland fucks Abraham Al Malek.


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  1. Kev
    14 Nov 13
    6:44 am

    Hell yeah this looks hot. More Arab guys!

  2. Jordi Lim
    14 Nov 13
    7:17 am

    Dato is such a sexy top gay man. Thank goodness he’s gay..but somehow I would like to see him doing at least 1 straight porn. How is that hah.

  3. Jordi Lim
    14 Nov 13
    7:20 am

    I’m scared to Abraham Al Malek.

  4. MarcoManuel
    14 Nov 13
    9:02 am

    Too bad Russia is such an homophobic country.They do have nice exports.

  5. manu
    14 Nov 13
    10:04 am

    THis is a very hot scene, I like both guys.
    One thing that has happened with Dato Foland and nobody else, ever in 13 years of watching porn :
    I was watching him getting fucked in the latest Top to Bottom, it was a full body shot where you could see the penetration and all, and I came staring at…his eyes :|

  6. pornobb
    14 Nov 13
    10:18 am

    I know he’s new but I am already tired of Dato.

  7. Darkhog
    14 Nov 13
    12:06 pm

    Then you would be scare of me Jordi Lim. Abraham want bite unless you ask him to I’m sure. ; )

  8. BLACKjack
    14 Nov 13
    12:25 pm

    @ Jodi Lim on behalf of the SANE people of the blog hemisphere I beg of you PLEASE , PLEASE just GO AWAY !!!

  9. Jordi Lim
    14 Nov 13
    1:39 pm

    @BLACKjack Can you PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE. Pathetic.
    @darkhog Can’t believe I am saying this but I will let Dato bite me not Abraham. Lol

  10. Matias
    14 Nov 13
    2:43 pm

    Hot all over the place! Abraham Al Malek is so delicious. Arab guys are hot!

  11. oh no he didn't
    14 Nov 13
    5:52 pm

    Very nice pairing!

  12. Mike
    14 Nov 13
    6:00 pm

    Al Malek, Da Silva, Adam Ayash, Fadi Cherry, Fadi Fawaz (now a fully fledged mature hunk). Can Arab guys be anymore hotter..??? Yummm.. Can’t get enough of them. I hope more and more studios present more and more hot ARAB HUNKS.

    @Jordilim, nobody wants to bite you you ugly cretin.

  13. Jordi Lim
    14 Nov 13
    6:55 pm

    @Mike I’ve said Dato not you. Lunatic.

  14. Eric from Sweden
    15 Nov 13
    2:56 am

    Wow! Just look at Dato’s body in the first pic! Super hot!

  15. manu
    15 Nov 13
    9:01 am

    I think Dato is the most beautiful man in gay porn. His stare is mesmerizing. One day I hope to be able to get excited by the rest of his body too, but right now I’m still all about his eyes :p

  16. Darkhog
    16 Nov 13
    11:08 pm

    There you go @Jordi Lim, I knew you had a kinky side to you, sexy. ; )

  17. Jordi Lim
    17 Nov 13
    2:46 pm

    @Darkhog Why should I get scared, you havent done anything. And what is kinky? Hope it doesnt mean bad please I have many bashers already.