What do you think? Muscle bottom porn star Donato Reyes tweeted these pictures of his new look, he changed it from beard to moustache :-)

And today Kristen Bjorn released a new scene Donato Reyes and Leo Domenico flip-fuck.

+ Casting Couch #295: Donato Reyes, Leo Domenico


+ Leo Domenico in Behind The Big Top

+ Tomas Brand and Donato Reyes Fuck After Hours

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  1. manu
    15 Apr 13
    12:57 am

    Seriously he is so handsome he would still look good with a mullet or a combover.
    Love the stache look anyway , hope he keeps it for a while! Longer hair would be amazing too ;)

  2. dissi
    15 Apr 13
    1:18 am

    manu is right.

  3. Willie
    15 Apr 13
    4:03 am

    It looks great. He looks more masculine like most guys who sport a mo.

  4. whatthefuck
    15 Apr 13
    4:06 am

    Just like native Mexican people… Nice but much prefer on beard…

  5. marc
    15 Apr 13
    5:27 am

    he is oh so fine no matter what; so, yeah the mustache looks good!

  6. Alias74
    15 Apr 13
    11:26 am

    You had me at “Donato and Leo”…

  7. Harry
    15 Apr 13
    11:39 am

    On the second pic the one on the right he looked like Freddy Mercury hahahahaha.
    He still look mighty fine

  8. Anderson
    15 Apr 13
    3:50 pm

    beard was better, but he’s still a very handsome man

  9. Brick House
    15 Apr 13
    4:05 pm

    The low beard/goatee combo with no mustache at all (in his scene with Leo)was the best.

  10. Matias
    15 Apr 13
    5:25 pm

    He looks like a real man.

  11. IrishBoy
    15 Apr 13
    5:48 pm

    I prefer the full beard, but at least the shave lets him show off his gorgeous cheek and jaw bones. Just a handsome man overall!

  12. danny
    15 Apr 13
    10:49 pm

    I’m tired of beards on men. Actually what I don’t like is the few days of no shaving look. Grow it in completely or shave!!! And so many of the performers look too much alike: short hair; ‘stache and beard; lookalike tats in the same spot!

    Donato looks hot with just a moustache.

  13. Matt
    16 Apr 13
    2:00 am

    keep the few days growth. That’s much hotter than the 80’s stache look.

  14. manu
    16 Apr 13
    10:23 am

    I think Donato has been genetically modified to look this cute :p He doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever seen, part of his look seem to be inspired by puppies, but then there is his ass that you want to fuck so bad!!
    Btw the scene with Tomas Brand (woooof) is scorching. I have yet to make it past the rimming part because it already too much for me at this point :)