gay porn star Nash Lawler bottoms for Ty Colt in Falcon Roughin It

Check out the XXX trailer below! Falcon Entertainment just released a preview video of Nash Lawler‘s bottoming debut! I posted the news and some XXX photos of Nash Lawler gets fucked by Falcon Exclusive porn star Ty Colt from Falcon upcoming movie ROUGHIN’ IT before. But now I can show you the video ;-)

Nash Lawler and Ty Colt are both HOT studs, I waited and waited to watch them fuck. If you like the preview, you can download this scene at BUY A SCENE section of FALCON STORE and get BONUS Behind The Scenes video of this Nash Lawler’s 1st Fuck with this download!


gay porn star Nash Lawler bottoms for Ty Colt


Roughin It Ty Colt fucks Nash Lawler

Everyone remembers the 1st time they got fucked! Nash Lawler is about to give up his perfect bubble butt’s sweet cherry to Falcon Exclusive Ty Colt. A pairing that has left all of us moist with anticipation. Well, the wait is finally over.

Nash lays back, spreads his legs and surrenders his virgin asshole to Ty. Ty kisses and teases the as-of-yet-unclaimed treasure and then tenderly, slowly slides his dick inside. He pumps it in and out gently and then, encouraged by Nash’s plaintive pleas for mercy, drives in faster, harder, deeper. Both men are delirious with ecstasy as they share this cherry-splitting experience. Sitting side by side, they jerk themselves off until they both shoot their loads.


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This post has 16 comments.

  1. wt
    18 Oct 09
    2:19 pm

    oohh yea, soooo hoooott!!–Flaccid Penis’ rule!

  2. Jim
    18 Oct 09
    2:23 pm

    Hey, my feelings exactly wt, I love a soft cock on a bottom. HOT!

  3. John
    18 Oct 09
    3:57 pm

    I can’t wait to watch this.

  4. Buba
    18 Oct 09
    5:04 pm

    nasty, dirty feet. and it looks boring.

  5. subguynz
    18 Oct 09
    8:52 pm

    ty colts cherry looks so ripe when is it going to be popped

  6. boyman
    18 Oct 09
    11:31 pm

    From what I could tell, Ty’s cherry had ben popped a long time ago — and it looks very “active” to me…

  7. thraceguy
    19 Oct 09
    12:21 am

    A very interesting job would be the guy who waxes off the hair of all these guys…time consuming, I am sure, but would be ‘interesting’…..waxing away the hours

  8. tom in portland
    19 Oct 09
    2:44 pm

    For once, Falcon delivers a pretty good scene that almost lives up to all of the hype. But Falcon just can never seem to get it all right. At the end of the scene they return to true form and really screw up the cum shots. Abrupt jump cut from fucking to the two guys sitting next to each other jerking off, and it takes they awhile to cum!!! Please Falcon, who is it that thinks this sort of thing is hot? Was it really impossible to get these two hot models to cum while they were having sex?

  9. ricky
    19 Oct 09
    7:45 pm

    it might be the first time nash has bottomed for falcon but it isn’t the first time he has bottomed! nash bottomed on the numerous amateur sites he has been on.

  10. Spongey
    20 Oct 09
    8:02 am

    I don’t know ricky, I don’t recall Nash/Kenny bottoming on any other site. He’s been on quite a few sites to be sure and I don’t follow all his work, but I’m pretty sure he never bottomed on camera before.

  11. Beto
    21 Oct 09
    6:18 am

    Ty Colt is a great model, but as a performer he’s lacking. It looks like he’s straining to keep his dick hard. I’d like to see a more experienced top take on Nash, and there has be more than one willing guy at Falcon. In reference to Tom’s comment: I’m not surprised that Falcon would drop the ball in that regard. My angle is that if Corbin Fisher can show an “amateur” model like Travis erupting like a volcano over himself while getting slammed, why can’t a big name studio like Falcon do the same or better?

  12. Larry
    21 Oct 09
    8:29 am

    Please. Ty Colt’s hole has seen a whole lot of traffic. That hole is hot but it’s not the hole of a “straight-boy” virgin. The only cherry he’s had in a long time was maybe the camera kind.

  13. griffrag
    21 Oct 09
    10:32 pm

    I am with the rest of the comments, when’s he going to bottom?

  14. Alex
    24 Oct 09
    5:21 am

    Ty was not a good choice to fuck Nash, but hopefully we’ll see a more appropo match in the future. I really hope, though, that Nash doesn’t become just a bottom — as I’d love to see him flip flop with some other hot guys about his size.

    Everything about him is hot — perfectly sized IMHO.

    Sadly, too many of the angles didn’t really show off his gorgeous ass. He’s divirginized with his legs in the air. The his sits on Ty’s pool. Finally (at long last), Ty has him bent over, but again the camera angles are disappointing — showing both guys from below. A few second show them from above so you get a decent view of Nash’s ass — and there is a very brief side scene — which should have been longer.

    Yeah, the abrupt cut to the cumshots as they sad side by side — just seemed out of place.

    I have a feeling I may have enjoyed Nash’s solo scene more where he fucks himself.

  15. Robert776
    12 May 10
    11:52 am

    I’m glad Nash/Kenny didn’t bottom back when he was the world’s most beautiful twink — I would have been coming all day long. I thought he would never let anyone use his pussy.

    But I agree about finishing with a jack off session. I like a real fuck where the bottom’s pussy makes the top come — pull out and shoot all over the bottom. Falcon should be doing more real fucks.

  16. Gilford
    04 Nov 11
    1:25 pm

    I`d seen a scene where Ty plays with a skiny penis. He likes to put “things” in his lovely hole. I want more with real penis.