Did you watch Dave Franco’s Go Fuck Yourself video from Funny or Die? Sure you did. It’s everywhere on the blogosphere. Dave (James Franco’s little brother) outdoes himself from his previous video, You’re So Hot, by channeling his inner Bel Ami Twins’ Milo and Elijah Peters ;-)

The concept of this “Love Yourself / Fuck Youself” softcore porn comedy sketch also reminded me of Robert Hoffman’s Soulmate video back in 2006.

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  1. RawSlut
    26 Aug 11
    4:29 am

    That Franco boy is HOT!!! Much hotter than his bro. Wow. I’m speechless.

  2. waht!
    26 Aug 11
    4:42 am

    This is funny but I wish it was James….oh James how much I love U.

  3. Oat
    26 Aug 11
    7:46 am

    robert is so cute, he’s my perfect guy

  4. ugh
    26 Aug 11
    10:31 am

    That wasn’t even funny or erotic, it was just stupid. And judging by the way Dave Franco looks he probably is a flamer off screen.

  5. Matias
    26 Aug 11
    5:36 pm

    DF is hot. Good video.

  6. Anderson
    26 Aug 11
    7:02 pm

    After Brokeback Mountain, spit on hand is a classic scene! LOL

  7. Lance
    28 Aug 11
    12:02 pm

    Both Franco boys are GAWJUS!

    29 Aug 11
    10:59 am

    What Matias said Dave Franco is Dreamy!!!
    SO HOT!!!!!!! :)