Muscle bottom Christian Power caught my attention when this new site MEN OF MONTREAL launched last month. So today, let’s check out other hot hunks from this website – Shawn Balfour, Kenzo Masi, Zack Lemec, Lukas Vidal, Max Chevalier and Lorenzo Star.


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  1. MarcoManuel
    10 Feb 13
    4:57 am

    Im from Montréal.Its true that men from Montréal are hot.

    Im not saying that to brag.But,its true.

    Too bad most of these men looks like gay for pay men.

    Les hommes de Montréal sont beaux et sensuel.

    Ils ont des bons gros pénis juteux.Comme je les aimes.

    J`aime sucer les gros pénis des hommes.C’est vraiment très bon.

    Les homme canadien font bien l`amour.

  2. Aquaman2011
    10 Feb 13
    5:10 am

    The guy sitting in the shower looks hot! (Don’t know his name).
    The guy with the white pants has a nice sack of balls for sure I just wanna shove them in my mouth! (Don’t know him as well).
    The gay with the phone piece is hot as well! (Don’t know his name too)
    Christian Power has a nice dickhead yummy!!!

    I think I love this site already :)

  3. jose luis
    10 Feb 13
    5:31 am

    ** I don’t really care if men in porn are straight, gay or gay por pay. Their lives is not my business ’cause I’ll never fuck with ‘em. If they are great performers and show emotions in front of camera that’s the important.

    **A mi no me importa si los actores porno son heteros, gays ó gay de paga. Lo que hagan de su vida no me interesa ya que nunca cogeré con ellos. Lo único que importa es que sean buenos actores y muestren emociones al coger en la pantalla.

  4. manu
    10 Feb 13
    7:22 am

    :o THere must be something in the water, very hot hunks . I could do with a little more body hairs but that’s a GREAT choice of men, mr Lebeau. I like it when bigger guys bottom and was very happy to see that one of your first scenes consisted in taking down a “Goliath” type of guy :) You must havehad a lot of fun with him!

  5. Matias
    10 Feb 13
    9:11 am

    The first guy looks adorable.

  6. fireys
    10 Feb 13
    1:34 pm

    @ Marcomanuel

    ça donne l’eau à la bouche ce que tu dis! ça me donne envie d’y aller à Montréal!

  7. Mike
    10 Feb 13
    4:20 pm

    the guy sitting in the shower works at stock bar (strip club at the village), he is not even gay..
    he is SUCH AN ASSHOLE! I met him once and my god, not even 2 neurons on his brain.

  8. W
    10 Feb 13
    7:35 pm

    The first guy is on a site called Powermen, with the name Joey van Damme, where he looks alot more ripped.

  9. Anderson
    10 Feb 13
    8:32 pm

    Marko Lebeau is gay, bi or straight?

  10. andrew
    10 Feb 13
    9:45 pm

    I love the hot guys who make gay porn. It doesn’t matter to me if they are gay or gay for pay. Is brea liom an guys te a dheanamh porn aerach. Ni chuireann se abhar a thabhairt dom ma ta siad aerach no aerach le haghaidh pa.

  11. crakpot
    11 Feb 13
    2:29 am

    Marko identifies himself as bi.

  12. TECOJO
    13 Feb 13
    9:13 am


  13. paulo
    14 Feb 13
    2:31 am

    Montreal, Canadian men are HOT! They take it all off at the strips clubs too! LOVE IT!!