I like this new guy from COCKSUREMEN.COM. His name is Scotty Stallone. He’s a bottom and he’s so CUTE! Jasun Mark uploaded this behind the scenes video of Scotty Stallone’s first porn scene on Gaytube, his scene partner is hairy Trent Locke.

Scotty Stallone seems like a nice guy on the porn set and I really want to watch him in action!

Okay, the other new porn stud from Cocksure Men is not that “new”. He’s JONAH from Sean Cody. His full porn name is Brady Jensen now. This guy is hot! he’s blonde, muscular, versatile and he’s a perfect choice for any porn studios planning to make a gay porn parody of Thor ;-)

The first Brady Jensen video from COCKSUREMEN.COM is a flip flop scene with Steven Daigle. And from behind the scenes clips below, Brady Jensen had shot many porn videos with Cocksure Men for us to enjoy in the near future!

+ Photo and video from Jason Mark’s twitter

Brady Jensen (aka Jonah) at SEANCODY.COM

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  1. manu
    30 Jul 10
    9:24 am

    I’m absolutely not into blondes usually but I did fall for Jonah when he appeared on Sean Cody , he is impossibly beautiful :p however this new haircut does not do anything for him ;)

  2. leev
    30 Jul 10
    10:46 am

    all these guys here…..I like them.

  3. Casey
    30 Jul 10
    12:32 pm

    Great, another wooden straight boy from Sean Cody moves on to other studios. Jonah never came alive in any of his scenes for Sean Cody, though he was good at posing.

  4. manonman
    30 Jul 10
    3:00 pm

    Waxed, Brazillian waxed, I miss a guy with hairy arm pits and a bush….guys with smooth is nice, but hair…dare to have hair somewhere?

  5. Billy Blue
    30 Jul 10
    4:23 pm

    “straight boy” ? Ha Ha!!

  6. Mike
    30 Jul 10
    6:13 pm

    Great. Soon Jonah will be swallowed by the whale, umm, err…I mean Jake.

    Bareback here he comes!

  7. brian
    30 Jul 10
    6:46 pm

    I’m very curious to watch the video of Scotty with Trent too. They were totally sweaty at the end and Scotty was really happy! Hmmmmm

  8. Mel
    30 Jul 10
    7:46 pm

    I like tanned blondes and this SC alumni is no exception. I never thought he was not a talented porn star. He was nice to look at.

  9. Ben
    30 Jul 10
    10:40 pm

    Lose the ugly condoms and these pics will be perfect!

  10. Brad
    02 Aug 10
    5:51 pm

    @Ben…. I agree

  11. Jasun Mark
    03 Aug 10
    3:42 am

    I’ll tell you this… Scotty was very nervous at first and took a few minutes to build up.

    Then he rode Trent like a dirt bike and by the end, the two were drenched in sweat and gasping for air.

    It was an excellent scene and I can’t wait for people to see it.

    As far as Brady goes…. he’s a joy to have around and I’m ecstatic that Jake chose to sign him to an exclusive contract because I have SO many ideas for things to do with him. He’s a fantastic performer and he keeps up laughing all through the shoot.

  12. Gaybrielle
    23 Apr 12
    9:04 pm

    Woah 0,o

  13. Gaybrielle
    23 Apr 12
    9:07 pm

    we’re here we’re queers :D