I just posted the behind the scenes pictures a couple of weeks ago and now we can watch the whole XXX video! C1R.COM just released a new hot scene gay porn star Brent Everett fuck and get fucked by the identical twins in COCKWATCH section. The twins were called Liam and Luca at Corbin Fisher and Joshua & Jimmy at Fratmen. This time director Chi Chi LaRue calls them Liam Rosso and Luca Rosso.

Brent Everett posted this cute side story on his twitter – “when I was fucking one brother the other was moaning As if i was fuckin him. True story lol.they have a crazy connect“. And I heard that one of them is gay and one is straight but I’m not sure which one is which…

Check out some XXX previews below along with hot photo shoot featuring the hot identical twin models.

+ More photos at Homotrophy | OhLaLa Mag

+ Brent Everett, Liam Rosso and Luco Rosso Fuck

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  1. brian
    18 Feb 11
    3:04 am


  2. Jake
    18 Feb 11
    3:38 am

    cant wait to see this. Brent hasnt been fucked in awhile.

  3. S.
    18 Feb 11
    6:54 am

    In one of their fucking scenes, one brother said it was delicious after he came. I’m guessing he’s the gay one.

  4. Res
    18 Feb 11
    11:34 am

    Why are we even talking about the “gay one”? It sounds weird after seeing them fucking a man.

    I wish Brent were fucking the one with the curls instead of the other one.

  5. TheInsider
    18 Feb 11
    4:23 pm

    this is soooo hot. now the straight one needs to get fucked bareback, and bring in with them the Peters twins!

  6. Billy Blue
    18 Feb 11
    4:26 pm

    Very Hot !!

  7. Chris
    18 Feb 11
    5:56 pm

    the twins…. yawn…

    Brent Everett, my dream man….. YUUUUMMMMYYYY…. i work with a guy who is the double of him, but with a bigger cock lol :)

  8. mel
    18 Feb 11
    7:57 pm

    Brent looks very hot as bottom, he should do it more offten. He rides a good dick. the twins are hot as well.

  9. Luca
    18 Feb 11
    9:14 pm

    Or maybe they could do a four-way with the Peters brothers? And yes, I know, it’s sick and it’s wrong, but it’s also pretty friggin’ hot.

  10. ricky
    18 Feb 11
    10:36 pm

    short hair twin is the str8 one.

  11. Gregg
    19 Feb 11
    12:51 am

    After reading CNN headlines day after day…its kinda hard to find this “sick” …

  12. Luca
    19 Feb 11
    11:22 am

    @Gregg, lighten up fella, I was joking.

  13. Biatch
    21 Feb 11
    4:47 pm

    Sooo hot!

  14. jacob
    24 Feb 11
    9:39 am

    Hate to say it, but this scene looked weak as hell. In my opinion, it just wasn’t all that hot. I’ve seen better.

  15. Rick
    02 Mar 11
    12:10 am

    I love it when Brent bottoms, but he couldn’t pick two uglier guys to do it with.

  16. Hard One
    24 Jun 11
    8:40 pm

    They’ll never be the Peter Twins…

  17. Trevor
    03 Feb 12
    8:05 pm

    I’m sorry – but the short haired one gets fucked. Not really a straight thing to do in my book.

  18. Mike
    11 Feb 12
    2:15 am

    They’re having sex with MEN….. they’re NOT STRAIGHT. God……why is that so hard to realize? Truth be known, they’re not only gay and fuck men, they most likely fuck each other too. And @Luca – why is it wrong and sick? Sex between consenting adults, regardless of the situation, isn’t sick or wrong except in the minds of those shallow-morons who want it to be.

  19. FriendlyGuy
    10 Mar 12
    8:14 am

    @Rick Charming smiles, fit toned bodies, great skin, and you think they’re ugly? Wow. What a disgusting, vapid, superficial, stereotypical, useless faggot you are. You’re so unique! I mean, I’ve never seen one like you on the Internet before.

    Do us all a favor, and go kill yourself. Right now.

  20. Pete
    19 Apr 12
    12:54 pm

    Why must this drop-dead-gorgeous guy be paired with these trashy cheap
    ‘trade’types. Even bottoming with the twins and that hideous Dante. Pleeze! WHEN IS HE GOING TO BE SCUCKED OFF ? Please mr La Rue !

  21. Timmy!
    02 Jul 12
    11:57 pm

    The “short haired twin” is Jacob Fetterolf, the curly haired twin is Jared. I’m fairly good friends with Jared Both twins have videos where they get fucked, suck cock etc.. so the point of “the straight one” is kinda moot

  22. LOLLA
    10 Jul 12
    2:14 am


  23. Shawn
    09 Oct 12
    4:41 pm

    Joshua or Liam is the Bisexual brother, he can say he’s straight any more when he took it up the ass by Brent. Jesse (Not Jimmy) or Luca, the one with the curly hair is the gay brother. When they first started Liam did his scenes with women. My favorite scenes are of Joshua and Jesse with Jensen from Fratmen. Now if Jensen was in this scene too, OM that would be hot. @Timmy, good point. @Jacob and Jared, do more scenes where you both have someone. Jared don’t cut the curls off, your cuter that way.

  24. Shawn
    09 Oct 12
    4:49 pm

    The first line is supposed to say, Joshua or Liam is the Bisexual brother, he CAN’T say he straight any more when he took it up the ass by Brent.