This guy started his porn career as a bottom with Sean Cody. He was called Campbell and he bottomed for Oscar, Chris, Jarek, Johnny and Jeffrey. Then he changed his porn name to Campbell Stevens and worked as a total top at Next Door Studios.

Now he changed his porn name again to Jake Wilder, and in his first scene with MEN.COM, Campbell Stevens aka Jake Wilder fucks former straight porn star Rocco Reed in a video called The Affair.

+ The Affair: Jake Wilder Fucks Rocco Reed



+ Jake Wilder as Campbell at Sean Cody

+ Jake Wilder as Campbell Stevens at Next Door Studios

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  1. Darkhog
    11 Mar 13
    4:31 am

    The first pic of Jake and Rocco, just send me reeling. Jake/Campbell is doing his thing.

  2. Tony
    11 Mar 13
    4:53 am

    Damn, I want some of Rocco’s hole. The man is gorgeous with a great smile.

  3. Almatolmen
    11 Mar 13
    4:56 am


  4. Chris Redfield
    11 Mar 13
    6:50 am

    Fucking hot the shot when we can see RR ass taking a cock in dogstyle! Damn….cuming…cuming

  5. Nick
    11 Mar 13
    8:28 am

    I want to see Sebastian Young and Rocco Reed in action… And some foot worship with Rooco!
    What do you think???

  6. manu
    11 Mar 13
    8:46 am

    Love my boy Rocco as a bottom, he looks amazing here!
    But on the interview I asked if he has ever been rimmed in a movie, and that I wanted to see more of it. He said “yes, plenty of times”…But I have checked and this hasn’t happened in his GAY porn!! SO, MEN , get your s**t together and make Rocco sit on these dude’s faces before they fuck him , his butthole deserves all the attention!!

  7. Chris Redfield
    11 Mar 13
    9:25 am

    I agree with manu!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. sxg
    11 Mar 13
    11:35 am

    Men in general doesn’t have a lot of rimming scenes. It’s mostly with a scene between 2 non S4P guys, and even then it’s rare. It’s definitely not the guys, it’s the studio.

  9. Tom
    11 Mar 13
    2:42 pm

    Is there some reason that this post does not warrant a long-winded, poorly articulated pontification from MarcoManuel? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. Matias
    11 Mar 13
    2:54 pm

    Nice looking guys.

  11. charlie_jack
    11 Mar 13
    7:20 pm

    I want to get fucked by Jarek

  12. calab
    11 Mar 13
    7:54 pm

    Love Rocco!

  13. NJRocks
    11 Mar 13
    11:29 pm

    Why the hell have we never once seen Rocco rim another guy.. or get rimmed… nor any kind of facial. This is boring sex.

  14. andrew
    12 Mar 13
    12:36 am

    Rocco Reed is AWESOME! Love the guy!

  15. Dan T.
    12 Mar 13
    1:45 am

    Rocco is awesome and any scene with him is great. is a great site as well, however, the cum shots have become very “vanilla”. Let’s work on that guys!!

  16. ForeskinonlyPlease
    12 Mar 13
    3:01 am

    Rocco shaved his pits? Bad!!!

  17. marc
    12 Mar 13
    4:39 am

    man, wtf on rimming, who the hell cares! give me more and more of RR, one super-fine all-out sexy man! love the shot with those hard muscled legs spread out before the other guy. damn, heaven! …and who the hell would keep RR waiting, damn the story!

  18. russell
    12 Mar 13
    7:42 am

    Some encouraging news: one of’s latest vids (with Mike de Marko & Ty Roderick) features an extensive (and HOT!) rimming scene…

  19. Hugh
    12 Mar 13
    3:48 pm

    Those promo photos are always deceiving. Sad to say Rocco Reed hasn’t had a proper erection in any of his gay vids, and this one probably won’t be the exception.

    And if you think otherwise; check out his straight scenes. I once saw a milf scene he did with what looked like Skeletor with breast implants, and he had a rock hard, angry headed, erection the entire time.

  20. FrenchFlair
    13 Mar 13
    1:52 pm

    Rocco is always good! Keep it up!

  21. JJ
    14 Mar 13
    12:45 pm

    I think this is probably my most favourite of Rocco’s that I’ve seen. He’s a little cheeky in it. He winks at the guy. He even gives him a “finishing kiss”,you know? That last mmmmMAH! thing.But it was short.

    If Rocco winked at me,I’d faint!!!!

    With that said,I wish we’d see Rocco being the mover,the one directing,I don’t mean behind the camera.Just being more assertive and……HUNGRY? I guess.

    There’s a lot of kissing in this. Rocco did use his tongue a bit. That too I want to see more of! Rocco sticking his tongue in another man’s mouth. I also want to see Rocco do some neck action to a guy.

    But then,I also wonder whether what we’ve seen is really what Rocco wants in sex with men.

    I think Chad from will be reading this!!!!

  22. JJ
    15 Mar 13
    12:59 pm

    I re-watched this. And I saw something that I think is new : he has a new tattoo. I believe it’s the name of the love of his life.

    I’m kind of sad.

    Oh! The tattoo is at his left wrist.