muscle model bodybuilder jock butt PAUL POWERHOUSE

Check out this 6’4″ HUNK with beautiful green eyes model Paul PowerHouse from JOCKBUTT.COM. He’s gorgeous and if this bodybuilder decide to do porn, he will surely be popular.

muscle model bodybuilder jock butt PAUL POWERHOUSE

muscle model bodybuilder jock butt PAUL POWERHOUSE

muscle model bodybuilder jock butt PAUL POWERHOUSE


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  1. waht!
    29 Jun 09
    2:09 pm

    Cute face, hot bod, he’s a winner.

  2. PowerHouse Lover
    29 Jun 09
    2:17 pm

    SMOLDERING-LY HOT!! BREATHTAKING! But he’ll never do porn. Thank you Zeb but I think Zeb was a fluke. I’m still waiting for Johnny C & Mark D to cross the line and just when I get tired of waiting…you present to me another fantastic example of man to play the “Will He or Won’t He?” game with? Damn you LOL!

  3. studyholic
    29 Jun 09
    2:37 pm

    You picked a winner this time, QMN. This guy is stunning!

  4. dj
    29 Jun 09
    3:40 pm

    When I see a man in a thong, I always think it is hilarious rather than hot.

  5. Jim
    29 Jun 09
    4:10 pm

    this guy is fucking hot, what a perfect body and that hot ass, can’t wait to see his cock, he’s got a yummy bulge.

  6. manu
    29 Jun 09
    4:17 pm

    I did not know this site , the concept is interesting !!I only wish they’d let these f**kin butt hairs grow!!

  7. S
    04 Jul 09
    3:31 am

    Reminds me of Mark Wolff.

  8. cesario
    18 Jul 09
    8:20 pm


  9. Mikey
    29 Oct 09
    8:39 pm

    Dang. And to think I talked to him last night at my job…. LOL…. and didn’t even know until this morning that he “modeled”

  10. john
    18 Mar 10
    6:09 am

    I would happy if I could to see face to face to Paul Powerhouse; Paul Powerhouse is a beautiful man. I am a teacher in the university and my great desire is to know to Paul Powerhouse.

    I live in Medellin – Colombia. I wait a soon reply.


  11. Marc
    26 Apr 10
    5:43 pm

    DAMN! I’d tap that ass