Some of you had asked me about the muscular “pocket gay” hanging out with porn stars at the Grabbys Weekend this year. I think he’s very HOT! :-) Some of you might remember him as Armond Rizzo who did a solo scene with Randy Blue earlier this year.

He also goes by the name Joey Rodriguez and he’s quite a talented bottom. He got fucked by Antonio Biaggi’s huge cock at Raw Strokes and RAW FUCK CLUB just released this bareback threesome where Joey Rodriguez gets double fucked by Owen and Brandon Hawk!

Little Latin bottom Joey Rodriguez is in for quite a surprise. Both rugged hot tops Owen and Brandon Hawk decide to take turns plowing their huge cocks into Joey’s mouth and then using his tight little hole before the grand double creampie anal finale.

You can also follow him on Twitter @ArmondRizzoxxx, he shares tons of his “sex adventures” including a fisting action.

+ Owen and Brandon Hawk Double-Fuck Joey Rodriguez


+ Joey Rodriguez as Armand Rizzo at Randy Blue

+ Photos from @ArmondRizzoxxx

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  1. jeremy
    24 Jun 13
    3:18 am

    from what site is the last photo?

  2. Dale
    24 Jun 13
    3:23 am

    Little guy with a big appetite for sex! Meooow!

  3. QMN
    24 Jun 13
    3:26 am

    @jeremy Those are photos from his Twitter.

  4. jeremy
    24 Jun 13
    3:29 am

    @QMN thank you

  5. Olly
    24 Jun 13
    3:35 am

    How short is he?

  6. sxg
    24 Jun 13
    3:49 am

    Hot little pocket gay with an amazing talent as a bottom! Bareback or not, that is hot seeing him so submissive. His scene with Antonio is amazing it’s so unreal that all of that can fit into him! I’d also like to see him top as well one time, I just like that contrast of little guy fucking the big guy :)

  7. MarcoManuel
    24 Jun 13
    4:01 am

    Im not into small men.Even less into bareback.

  8. Jimberly
    24 Jun 13
    4:32 am

    Pretty gross man. Why would you let a practical stranger cum in your asshole? Condoms people! Whatever anyways, just sad to see the state of gay porn right now.

  9. James
    24 Jun 13
    4:34 am

    The last photo. I suppose that felt good but all I could think was…OOWWW! Just yikes!

  10. Mel
    24 Jun 13
    4:38 am


  11. Dean
    24 Jun 13
    5:00 am

    Damn this little dude is hot!

  12. kevin
    24 Jun 13
    6:13 am

    Mmm sexy lil papi

  13. TECOJO
    24 Jun 13
    8:20 am


  14. critic
    24 Jun 13
    1:22 pm

    Love handsome well built smaller guys. So hot, but not the breeding. Why risk a great body like that?

  15. Kevin
    24 Jun 13
    8:32 pm

    Such a little cutie!

  16. EdWoody
    24 Jun 13
    8:32 pm

    I would have found this kinda hot if not for the idiotic, self-destructive, suicidal and irresponsible behaviour that you are inexplicably promoting as desirable.

  17. Cardell
    25 Jun 13
    12:44 am

    Damn he looks to be no more then 5 feet tall if that! And I’m not going to lie – I LOVE IT!! Talk about the ultimate sex bunny come true. He’s cute as a button, has a nice compact sleek muscled body and have the sweetest looking baby face. He gives the impression of serious jailbait! LOL. I would love to see him the centerpiece of a really raunchy gangbang in which his fucked by a bunch of hot, tall muscle-bound Daddy types in a Raging Stallion Production!!

  18. SuckItBaby
    25 Jun 13
    12:50 am

    Hot little slut, born to be fucked by bigger men.

  19. Billy Blue
    25 Jun 13
    2:06 am

    I agree with Ed Woody !

  20. Say What?
    25 Jun 13
    11:26 am

    I also agree with Ed Woody.

  21. Say What?
    25 Jun 13
    11:28 am

    P.S. Even though you removed/censored my previous comment about Brandon and Owen Hawk, there is a reason why their studio’s logo is a biohazard symbol.

  22. Dean
    25 Jun 13
    8:05 pm

    It’s porn! Sheesh…Do you get all huffy when you see violence, destruction, etc. in action movies? It’s fantasy made for entertainment. If these guys are comfortable barebacking, then that’s their business.
    I never see comments like this for straight movies where barebacking, creampies, and cum are glorified 100x more then these gay movies. If people who straight porn don’t care, then those who watch gay porn shouldn’t either. They can distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality, and I truly believe (and hope) that gay porn viewers are able to do that too.

  23. sxg
    25 Jun 13
    10:22 pm

    Just saw the scene today and it is pretty decent. The only downfalls are that Joey’s voice is a bit feminine, so his moans were a little too much sometimes. Also they only showed about 2 minutes (if even that) of DPing. Not sure why that is, seeing as how that is the highlight of this scene.

    Still he’s a hottie with a nice body and nice ass. Hope he comes back for more.

  24. EdWoody
    26 Jun 13
    6:31 am

    @ Say What: Unfortunately, that’s the very first thing that came to mind too. Hardly conducive to an erection.

    @ Dean: I don’t give a shit about straight porn. Straight people can take care of themselves. Nobody is taking care of us but us. As for violent movies, the whole of society tells you not to murder people. Nobody is telling gay men how to have sex but other gay men. There is no gay sex education apart from porn.

  25. Dean
    26 Jun 13
    5:16 pm

    @EdWoody Gay porn is gay sex education? That’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. Having safe sex is hammered home to kids in school, and whatever else they may be curious about, they look up on the internet. You’ve got to be really thick if you think people are totally ignorant to the dangers of unprotected sex unless they see guys using condoms in porn. Either way, it’s not up to these porn companies to make sure gay people are having safe sex. Their job is to make hot erotic porn fantasies for our entertainment (and to make money of course). Not using condoms is simply one of the things that makes a porno hotter, and it’s clearly in demand due to more and more sites going bareback.

  26. Say What?
    29 Jun 13
    3:47 pm

    @Dean: News flash: A biohazard symbol or tattoo in relation to sex equals HIV-positive. Call being poz “hot” or “erotic” if you will, but to many of it remains an incurable disease to be avoided at all costs.

  27. Dean
    30 Jun 13
    1:24 am

    @Say What? So what? I agree that the fetishization of being poz is not hot at all, but in bareback porn I already assume that the guys are poz anyway. And the large majority of the time they’re paired with other poz guys. It’s not like they’re “converting” guys. In fact, that’s more likely to happen on condom porn sets where they pair negative and positive guys together, sometimes without telling performers the status of their partner.

  28. Sebastian
    30 Jul 13
    5:40 pm

    I know who this is in real life too. He used to live in Virginia until recently when he moved to San Diego, probably to get more involved with porn. He had a slutty reputation here though, he used to post craigslist ads asking for breeding parties and what not. I would be surprised if he hasn’t caught a disease yet.

  29. C
    25 Aug 13
    10:05 pm

    You all that are commenting about BB have got to be in that old group of men that only know hiv/aids as a death sentence. It is no longer a death sentence, many people live long full lives (I say this as a healthcare provider). Also these guys are tested extremely well before shoots. I’ve had sex with Armond/Joey and I bred him and he bred me… still negative. Got tested recently. Get over it old men. Mental stress from worrying is more damaging than hiv just fyi

  30. Mark
    04 Sep 13
    6:50 am

    C, thanks for your comment. Hope you keep breeding hot guys like Joey/Armond

  31. Andy
    12 Aug 14
    1:44 am

    Yep, C, forget all about the fact that all the meds wreak havoc on the body, and turn a 40-year-old into a 60-year-old. There’s all kinds of physical afflictions caused.
    You think it’s hot that he’s been barebacked by Antonio Biaggi, who’s fucked every Treasure Island skank out there? This guy’s, what, in his early 20s? And what a shame, assuredly already riddled with chronic STDS like anal and genial warts and herpes and who knows what else. How fucking stupid.

  32. Andy
    12 Aug 14
    1:49 am

    “A striking number of HIV patients are living longer but getting older faster—showing early signs of dementia and bone weakness usually seen in the elderly.”

    I’m sure you’d rather keep your head in the sand (or up your ass) rather than read the article, but, if you dare, go to New York magazine’s website and find the article
    “Another Kind of AIDS Crisis”