military gay sex orgy Pullin Rank 3 Pullin' Rank 3 Thomas, Kaden, Damien & Randy

I really like this fourway fuckfest in Active Duty‘s new movie PULLIN’ RANK 3! They put together masculine muscle men like Kaden Saylor and Thomas with cutie boys like Randy and Damien.

Kaden gets fucked by Randy’s huge cock and then returns the favor while Thomas uses all their mouths and Damien’s ass to pop his load.










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  1. Mr.Jones
    08 Jan 10
    5:36 am

    Does anybody know if Kaden escorts? I gotta get me that boy…

  2. eric
    08 Jan 10
    6:02 am

    Thomas needs to get fucked!

  3. Declan
    08 Jan 10
    6:08 am


  4. Kyle
    08 Jan 10
    7:11 am

    Kaden and Randy are so fucken cute! Now before the flood gates open on the g4p…is that a wedding band on Randy’s finger?

  5. Holden
    08 Jan 10
    8:04 am

    Gee, I’m not sure if that is a wedding ring, (and if it is, gay guys exchange rings, too!) Kyle but damn, if it is, isn’t she a lucky woman. (Sarcasm intended.)

  6. MissLaWanda
    08 Jan 10
    8:30 am

    BACK OFF BITCHES! Those boys are mine, all of them, to stuff me up like last year´s turkey wooo wee!!

  7. Devin
    08 Jan 10
    9:05 am

    It’s a wedding ring boys…best of both worlds for that young man!

  8. alex
    08 Jan 10
    10:05 am

    “Thomas needs to get fucked!”

    Indeed. Everyone needs to take their turn!

  9. joe
    08 Jan 10
    12:21 pm

    Mr. Jones, everybody does want the same, keep it to yourself :-)

  10. Zach
    08 Jan 10
    2:12 pm

    I’m sorry but I just can’t believe Randy’s wife would be okay with him having sex with men on a regular basis. He did bareback at Miami Studios before he came to Active Duty.

  11. Steve
    08 Jan 10
    2:36 pm

    hmmmm Zach, Devin Draz and Tyler Saint both have wives and they fuck/get fucked regularly!

  12. brandon
    08 Jan 10
    2:38 pm

    Wow! Active Duty always does a good work. And that guy, Thomas, he is really amazing, isn’t he?

  13. brandon
    08 Jan 10
    2:48 pm

    Sorry guys, but I think the wives of gay porn stars are prostitutes or bareback film stars…

  14. brandon
    08 Jan 10
    2:53 pm

    After all, no lovely girl would date/marry with a gay pornstar, you agree?
    No lovely girl would date/marry with a str8 pornstar, that’s the true!

  15. Keith
    08 Jan 10
    3:47 pm

    There are some very open minded females out there who love seeing their guys in mmf 3sums who have a non porn relationship and this is nothing more than an extention of that…the bonus is they make some money out of it.

  16. Marisa
    08 Jan 10
    6:40 pm

    @Keith, no sweetheart, that is simply wishful thinking on your part. I’m a very open minded woman, and a pretty big “fag hag” but I do draw the line at my boyfriend getting nailed or sucking cock. A friend asked me to look in here and commnet, and while I adore men on men sex. like most women I am selfish with my man. I don’t even want another bitch sucking his cock. :) You guys should really just stop and consider how a woman would feel before ranting on and on about how these guys are not gay. Gay is beautiful; gay men make life worth living; my best friends are gay; well, you get the idea, hon. But women are possessive by nature. Now I’ll leave you boys to your fun.

  17. jboy
    08 Jan 10
    7:55 pm

    Randy and Damien are both married. Dink mentioned on his AD write-up that Randy’s wife is okay with it. I have the hots for Thomas and if Kaden would escort, I too would buy some of that! Or Thomas!

  18. MissLaWanda
    08 Jan 10
    8:07 pm

    I agree with Marisa. If I caught mah man cavorting with another one, ohhh I would him over the head with a frying pan and cut off his weiner!!!

  19. Tate
    08 Jan 10
    8:13 pm

    I believe Thomas has bottomed in one of the AD films. But, I ould like to see him more versatile. That is one of the best things about AD. All of the guys are masculine and for the most part, all are versatile. It’s that versatility that makes AD so hot.
    Thomas is one of my favorites, but I’m still waiting to see him in a really good flip flop scene.

  20. Dan
    08 Jan 10
    10:04 pm

    @Steve: Tyler Saint married a man, Rob Peters

    However, don’t know if they are still a couple. The hubby must be very, um, tolerant, since Tyler has done barebacking videos (w/Tyler Reed on XTube) since then.

  21. CJ
    09 Jan 10
    4:33 am

    Thomas bottomed before in ‘Fire In The Hole 2.’

  22. ricky
    10 Jan 10
    4:05 am

    marisa and lawanda are both correct.

    what woman is going to want to be with a man who has had his dick god knows where and who they will forever doubt is actually straight and that they actually turn these men on.

    i should think that a woman would have more self respect than to be involved with a man who engages in such behavior for money.

    these men are whores.

  23. Troy
    10 Jan 10
    5:20 am

    @Marisa & lawanda, a big hello to you fine ladies. Your thoughts are much need and greatly appreciated.

  24. MissLaWanda
    10 Jan 10
    8:11 am

    Well thank you for those nice words Mr. Troy :) You’re making this ghetto girl blush…

  25. Dawson
    11 Jan 10
    4:05 am

    David from Active Duty is the hotest guy in porn. Why he isn’t a superstar I don’t know. Any of you who have seen his films will tell you there is not equal. Other hot guys on Active Duty are D.J., Jack and Colin.

    Stay away from David, MissLaWanda.

  26. MissLaWanda
    11 Jan 10
    5:50 am

    Oh why Davie, can’t you share? I’m not that greedy hehe…

  27. Nomen Nescio
    27 Jan 10
    5:08 am

    Kaden is the hottest pornstar that ever lived.Would love 2 suck his cock 4 an eternity! Since Randy passed away from asphyxiation… don’t ever do that again, all u hot guys !! Beautifull guys like U r hard 2 find !!