Continue the story from yesterday, after Kevin Warhol fucked Gino Mosca. In this second part of FOREVER LUKAS, you can watch porn star Lukas Ridgeston directs the sex scene between Kris Evans and Jack Harrer.

It seems that Jack is not too worried about having usurped Kevin’s role in the new Lukas movie project, and is getting down to business in his scene with Kris Evans.
In the short documentary intro, we learn that Lukas still gets nervous before filming, wanting to make sure it is as erotic and sexy as possible.

This is Kris’ first ever condom free scene. After many years of watching the testing and safety policies, he finally agreed to film without his usual condom in place.

Watch the full scene at BELAMIONLINE.COM.

+ FOREVER LUKAS Part 2: Kris Evans Fucks Jack Harrer Condom-Free

+ Kevin Warhol Fucks Gino Mosca in FOREVER LUKAS

+ News: Bel Ami Will Release 24 BOYS ORGY, The Biggest Condom-Free Group Sex In Gay Porn History, This November

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  1. pornobb
    24 Oct 13
    9:19 am

    Is Lukas gay or g4p ?

  2. John
    24 Oct 13
    11:25 am

    Lukas, like almost all guys at Bel Ami is bisexual or flexisexual. Czech and Hungarians are much less hung up on calling themselves bisexual and are out to their girlfriends. They also throw themselves into the gay sex with much more abandon than you often see in the G4P stars in the US who are worried about their image. Lukas and Marty, the lead photographers at Bel Ami, used to work for the company and live with women. They have been around gay sex all their adult lives and one can’t say they have a problem with it. George Duroy says that using flexisexual models prsents much less problems than with gay models who get involved and jealous with each other. Bisexual men are often more into sport sex with men and involved sex with women. American guys often have to say they are G4P because they find it demeaning to say they are bisexual and enjoy the gay outlet. Lucas R says he is sexual.

  3. pornobb
    24 Oct 13
    11:30 am

    @John Are you for real ?

  4. TTY
    24 Oct 13
    12:47 pm

    mmmm….sport sex vs. involved sex; sexual, bisexual and flexisexual; soo many concepts so little time….

  5. JoePorn
    24 Oct 13
    1:32 pm

    Who cares just stick that hard cock in me now!

  6. Critic
    24 Oct 13
    1:36 pm

    TTY: we humans ARE that complicated. That’s why we ask who’s G4P, Bi, straight, gay, etc. And, that’s why there IS Sport sex, romantic sex, and all those fetishes!

  7. pavel
    24 Oct 13
    2:19 pm

    hot, Kris threw condoms away.

  8. Iverson
    24 Oct 13
    3:15 pm

    I wish Kris Evans had bottomed for Lukas. Now that would been something worth watching & less predictable.

  9. Dean
    24 Oct 13
    4:40 pm

    @pornobb He’s actually totally right. I thought everyone knew this abt Czech/east euro porn?

  10. Nobweld
    24 Oct 13
    5:16 pm

    @JoePorn – I could not agree more.

  11. carey579
    24 Oct 13
    6:17 pm

    Kris the only believable top on Bel Ami right now. He is big enough and slightly more tanned than the rest of them.

    About Jack Harer, he’s not as pretty as the other ‘Kinky Angels’ but I do like the contrast in this pairing.

  12. Billy Blue
    24 Oct 13
    7:36 pm

    Lukas Ridgeston is gay.

  13. glen0330
    24 Oct 13
    7:38 pm

    Too bad these pics lead to BelAmi’s website instead of enlarging when they are clicked on.

  14. Filip
    24 Oct 13
    7:47 pm

    I´m very happy to see Lukas in a scene again!
    @Iverson: I do agree that it would be great to see Kris Evans bottom for Lukas. Kris has been bottoming a few times (but anyway very seldom) and done it very well. Actually Kris is a much better bottom than top.
    @Billy Blue, Pornobb and others: Lukas has children so he is not gay. I don´t know if he is Str8 or Bi. But my guess is that if you work for BelAmi nearly 20 years, you must at least be bisexual…

  15. Dean
    24 Oct 13
    9:19 pm

    @Billy Blue He’s not actually. He’s “just sexual”. He actually was in a relationship with a female model for several years, and she wrote a book about their relationship.

  16. Dean
    24 Oct 13
    9:21 pm

    Currently, Lukas is married with kids. Same for many east euro gay porn stars.

  17. jane43
    24 Oct 13
    9:22 pm

    LUKAS is straight, bi o gay???????

  18. jane43
    24 Oct 13
    10:15 pm

    La pornografía gay es un engaño total, hombres en los videos gay pero en su vida real tienen novia o son casados. Solo heterosexuales hay en la industria y solo por dinero lo hacen. Y quien les da el dinero? Los gays que mantienen esta industria. Donde están los actores realmente gays??? Si son heteros vayan y hacen videos straight.

  19. Jack
    25 Oct 13
    12:27 am

    The way the description is written makes it sound like Kris has only ever used one lucky condom.

  20. Stockholmer
    25 Oct 13
    12:46 am

    Bi, straight, gay – maybe he is a Lesbian, who knows?! And actually – who cares? If we all would care a little bit less about who does what with whom, this world would actually be a better place. I wonder why especially gay people care so much about sexuality… If you expect that people don’t give a shit about your sexuality – why are you so interested in other people’s private lives? It’s annoying.

  21. John
    25 Oct 13
    1:00 am

    Flexisexual is the word George Duroy has coined for the EASY amd frequent bisexuality of Czech men and boys. I like it. He should know more about what he is talking about as he has worked with these models for a very long time. I myself have done erotic massage on thousands of men over a quarter century and the vast majority were involved with women too. I think there are many more bi men than strictly gay men, just from my personal experiece.

  22. MarcoManuel
    25 Oct 13
    5:22 am

    John! Bi men are not only the majority with gay men.Bi men are also the majority with straight men as well.Theres way more bi men than straight men and gay men.

    The problem is that most bi men calls themselves straight.So,it gives the illusion that most people are straight.When in reality,straight men are a minority.

    Straight men and gay men represents a minority.

    Most men are not indifferent to men and women.

    Kinsey 0 men are 100% straight.Kinsey 6 men are 100% gay.Men who are between Kinsey 1 and Kinsey 5 are bi.

    We live in a bi world disguised as straight.

  23. Sean
    25 Oct 13
    6:21 am

    Why are we so obsessed about labels?

    Just enjoy the men damn it!

  24. Simon
    25 Oct 13
    8:56 am

    Flexisexual is a word George Duroy has coined because he was tired of so many people asking if there were gay models on his payroll. Many Czech models hate the word ‘gay’ because for them it has connotations of femininity and ‘queer’ behaviour. So the word gay must be avoided when speaking about models. Some time ago the model Milan Sharp auditioned for BelAmi. He’s openly gay. The interviewer, to my annoyance, repeatedly stressed that Milan had sex with women before sticking to men. Is there a premium on having fucked female pussy for a gay porn model?
    Why are we so obsessed about labels? Simply because labels do matter. We as gay guys want the same acceptance and treatment as straight guys. Coming up with euphemisms is not going to do us any favors (even for a gay porn site).

    Kinsey scale = flimsy scale

    I was surprised to see Kris Evans going bareback. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he is going down in BelAmi’s popularity poll and that this is primarily because of the condoms?

  25. Zolton
    25 Oct 13
    12:34 pm

    @John, I am Hungarian and that is bullshit! Hungary like many countries in what you refer to as eastern Europe is very backward in terms of dealing with homosexuality. Most guys who are openly gay leave to go to the US. I have known many guys who have done gay porn and escort and they never identify ass bisexual, they simply lie and hide ii=t. Many even belong to our racist Jobbik Party and attack gays and Jews and Roma people.

  26. andrew
    25 Oct 13
    6:58 pm

    Oh Jack Harrer you are the luckiest boy in the world: getting fucked by that Magyar god, Kris Evans is my idea of heaven! Looking at the physical perfection of Kris Evans makes me think he may have been born on Mount Olympus and is actually a Greek god.

  27. John
    26 Oct 13
    2:57 am

    Zoltan, I have a Hungarian friend and know this about Hungary. George Duroy, the head of Bel Ami, has commented that Hungary and Slovakia are much, much more conservative than the Czech Republic and he has to deal with the models there differently. I am glad he still chooses to use Hungarians as they are among the most stunning men in the world IMHO. The end product are gorgeous models at Bel Ami who totally surrender themselves to the pleasure of man 4 man sex on video, much to my enjoyment.