WILLIAM HIGGINS has introduced so many “muscle bottoms” from Europe such as Joey Intenso, David Kadera, Rado Zuska, Rudolf Schneider, Philip Denim and Milos Zambo to the world of gay porn.

And his latest guy who caught my attention is muscle stud Tomas Kukal. This guy is very ripped! And he looks great getting fucked by another muscle porn star David Kadera.

+ David Kadera Fucks Tomas Kukal


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  1. SuckItBaby
    17 Jul 12
    3:37 am

    Umm, not crazy about that dick…

  2. ray
    17 Jul 12
    4:09 am

    ^ lmao.

  3. Tom
    17 Jul 12
    4:13 am

    Tiniest dick ever, plus bareback. Really!?

  4. Tom
    17 Jul 12
    4:15 am

    Maybe it wasn’t bareback. F knows. Id rather deal with a tiny cock.

  5. silence majority
    17 Jul 12
    4:17 am

    QMN the writer of this blog has the ability to highlight the beauty of each guys. But his readers can see only flaws in each guys. sad.

  6. Peter
    17 Jul 12
    4:21 am

    @silence majority AMEN dude

  7. DD
    17 Jul 12
    4:56 am

    I don’t see any flaws. He’s perfect! Wish there were some ass shots though.

  8. JamesPorn
    17 Jul 12
    6:00 am

    They have nearly perfect body, but people always want to see a big dick.

  9. Dan
    17 Jul 12
    7:36 am

    @silence majority – right on! I’m with you, I only ever comment when I see things I like!

  10. Herman
    17 Jul 12
    10:09 am

    David Kadera is so hot and I love the new bottom man Tomas Kukal. Love muscle bottoms. Surprised to see David on top for once and prefer him strictly on the bottom as I am sure I will w/Tomas. Unfortunately, as we all know, two bottoms do not make a top. Enough said. I could watch either of them get banged all day and hope to in the near future. Esp love the shote of Tomas w/cum on his face. Wish it was mine.

  11. Herman
    17 Jul 12
    10:29 am

    p.s. love the list of muscle bottoms you just gave us from William Higgins.

  12. chimuscle
    17 Jul 12
    12:38 pm


  13. Critic
    17 Jul 12
    1:01 pm

    Glad to see Kadera is a top for a change. Nice pairing of muscle men!

  14. Sam
    17 Jul 12
    1:04 pm

    These guys are totally ripped, no body fat and obviously work out. The faces are pretty handsome too.

  15. kyle27
    17 Jul 12
    1:30 pm

    Great abs!

  16. TDTM
    17 Jul 12
    2:15 pm

    Love them both.

  17. Bull
    17 Jul 12
    2:18 pm

    I actually prefer cocks that are his size. “Party size” he has a hot body too. And muscle bottoms are my favorite!

  18. dio
    17 Jul 12
    2:43 pm

    re we REALLY talking about the dick size of a bottom? LOL Anyway, that’s a hot scene. It’s rare that the guys getting fucked are hard like this guy. Damn. DK must have been rocking Tomas’ spot. :-d

  19. Almatolmen
    17 Jul 12
    2:45 pm

    While I understand why so many focus their attention on cocks and asses, I’m more wholistic. From top to bottom I admire delts, arms, pecs, abs, traps, thighs, calves, serration, intercostals. I love it all! Even in worship videos many parts are underappreciated and given the most superficial adoration. I’ve yet to see due attention being paid to a great set of abs. And no one seems to give enough verbal praise for a great body. If I were having sex with either of these guys I’d make love to him with words, not just hands, tongue, and cock/ass.

  20. manu
    17 Jul 12
    5:33 pm

    THey both look great . Size queens are so passé!

  21. Peter
    17 Jul 12
    7:00 pm

    At least the guy was hard whilst getting fucked.

  22. fayt
    17 Jul 12
    8:27 pm

    wow !

  23. Nikos
    18 Jul 12
    12:06 am

    Yes, his dick looks small, but its also because the guy is a freaking monster!

  24. Brad
    18 Jul 12
    1:07 pm

    Yep – we simply can’t stop commenting on that small cock. I blame our blog-host – that was the WORST of the photos you could have put at the very top. Any of the others would have been better, but in the top photo, his body doesn’t look so great, and the cock looks microscopic. The story improves greatly as one scrolls down – VERY hot guy! I’d totally do him….

  25. TonyTony
    18 Jul 12
    1:24 pm

    @Brad Do you have your own blog? I want to see it. It must be full of professionally selected photos that would put QMN out of business.

  26. andrew
    04 Aug 12
    10:59 pm

    He is an awesome looking muscular guy. Why does a hot bottom need a big dick?

  27. Sammie
    21 Nov 13
    3:23 am

    I Luv…Luv…Luv Tiny Vienna Sausages!