Today, I’m happy to introduce you to this hot new gay porn star J.R. Bronson. This stud is former gymnast, he has a great body, amazing bubble butt and he’s a bottom!

Well, actually I don’t know whether he’s a bottom or versatile because I only saw one of his sex scenes so far. J.R. Bronson bottoms for Derek Parker at MANHANDLED.COM. He also does live webcam show on Randy Blue.

And according to his Twitter @JRbronsonxxx, he worked with Adam Killian for Raging Stallion. He was shooting with Hot House a couple of days ago and now working with Genesis Luna (from Southern Stroke) for Jet Set Men. Looks like we’re gonna see plenty videos of him in coming months.

I also found 2 sexy photo set of J.R. Bronson by photographer Justin Monroe – Night Vision and Bubble Yum.


+ Night Vision featuring J.R. Bronson

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  1. mn
    28 Sep 12
    8:48 am

    Justin Monroe’s photos are heavily retouched , he makes it seem like everyone has a nice big round ass when the reality is very different .
    LOTS of enhancement…wish it was real though

  2. Herman
    28 Sep 12
    12:15 pm

    That’s what I call a muscle bottom. Can’t wait to see this man in action.

  3. Tray
    28 Sep 12
    1:17 pm

    Love bubble butt bottom. Welcome to gay porn J.R. Bronson

  4. Matias
    28 Sep 12
    1:49 pm

    JRB, very nice.

  5. redc
    28 Sep 12
    2:20 pm

    mn is right

    If you look at the 8th photo from the top (the first full view of his ass), you can see that the green structure behind him is totally warped around his ass.

    So either his ass changes the law of physics or it’s enhanced.

  6. Kevin
    28 Sep 12
    6:05 pm

    Nice bubble butt but tiny cock ….

  7. Bad
    28 Sep 12
    6:25 pm
  8. mn
    28 Sep 12
    8:30 pm

    The man is cute though , I was just pointing out a fact :)

  9. MarcoManuel
    28 Sep 12
    10:50 pm

    He doesnt look like a Raging Stallion man.

    He looks like a Falcon man.

    Is he gay?

  10. manu
    29 Sep 12
    12:29 am

    Marcomanuel i hear he is a 21 on the Kinsey scale , i hope it makes you happy? :p

  11. pacific792
    29 Sep 12
    1:29 am

    Dirty socks = turn off.

  12. sxg
    30 Sep 12
    3:15 pm

    So right pacific because that’s what we come on these blogs to do, make sure all these pornstars know how to clean their socks…

    Seriously some of these comments are just plain stupid and ridiculous.

    On that note, Manu I love your post! I lol’d :)

  13. genesis
    02 Oct 12
    1:59 am

    Umm my name is genesis Luna not Luca lol its ok though, I guess… :P

  14. Mark Botello
    08 Oct 12
    2:39 am

    I’m here to tell everyone that JR is the real deal. His ass is rock-hard muscle, and his dick is average. He constantly works on his hot body, and consistently has his underwear stolen at the gym. He’s a sweetie too.