Vance (Gage Weston) bottoms for Sebastian chasomen gay sex
Two videos, Four Muscular Men – Everybody Fucks and Gets Fucked!
Randy Blue gay porn Gage Wilson fucks Braden Charron Alex Eden sex threesome

We only saw hairy hunk GAGE bottomed twice on SEANCODY.COM (fucked by Danny and in Outdoor Fuckfest) before he left the site for Randy Blue and Chaos Men and only did videos as a top.

Well, today is a good day for all the fans of Gage Wilson! First, CHAOSMEN.COM released the video starring Sebastian & Vance Flip Fuck. Gage is called Vance here because “Gage” was already taken by other model.

Later on, RANDYBLUE.COM updated their video library with the video starring 3 muscular hunks Gage Wilson, Alex Eden and Braden Charron! All of them are versatile performers, they fucks and gets fucked in this hot threesome.

Gage as Vance on CHAOSMEN.COM

muscular Vance Gage Wilson and Sebastian flip flop fuck

muscular Vance Gage Wilson and Sebastian flip flop fuck

muscular Vance Gage Wilson and Sebastian flip flop fuck

Gage as Gage Wilson on RANDYBLUE.COM

Randy Blue model bodybuilder muscle hunk Gage Wilson Braden Charron Alex Eden

+ Watch Alex, Braden & Gage Threesome

+ Alex, Braden & Gage Threesome XXX Photo Gallery

And Check out Gage’s previous works on SEANCODY.COM

Gage Wilson Danny in fuckfest orgy

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  1. baron
    07 Mar 09
    5:40 pm

    Guage’s dick was outside when he pretend to fuck Braden.

    Fake fuck is such a turn off.

  2. Cee
    08 Mar 09
    9:26 pm

    I don’t like the camera Randy Blue uses to film. Anyone else notice the shadiness in the picture quality? It’s not the lighting either. There is a shady blur in many areas on their videos.

  3. cock fucker
    18 Jun 09
    2:31 pm

    if someone wants to add me : ; and i give him more pleasure xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Scott
    05 Sep 09
    3:20 pm

    That Gage/Alex/Braden scene for Randy Blue is pretty bad. The guys are pretty good-looking but they can’t fuck for shit. The one who tops first, the one with the 4 Asian symbols on his right shoulder, is the worst. The beefy guy with the gut is slightly better, and Gage/Vance is about like #1.