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I found this news on Denz’s blog, Men of Porn: Paul Walker revealed on his twitter that he just did a scene for MEN.COM with “top bloke” @rippedboi which is the Twitter name of Jon Saunders aka David Jones. Actually, this guy has so many porn names – Jon Saunders, David Jones, Mike Douglas, Pater Jackson, David Duke, Samuel, etc.

I first wrote about this hot guy back in 2009. He did many solo scenes with many porn studios – English Lads, UK Naked Men, Men At Play, etc. But never done any gay sex scene so far. Could he be the next Paddy O’Brian of 2014? Just like Paddy, he did a dildo scene once.

According to Paul Walker‘s tweet, it looks like Jon Saunders finally does gay sex scene and tops Paul for MEN OF UK. Who knows, he might be the next TOP TO BOTTOM at some point in 2014. :-)

For now, check out’s biggest orgy scene in “Daddy’s Club Part 5″ with Johnny Rapid, Billy Santoro, Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen, Corey Haynes, John Magnum, Justin Dean and Robbie Rivers. Johnny Rapid gets DP’d in this scene!

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For New Year 2014, Corbin Fisher sexy porn model Taylor gets his tight hole fucked for the first time, with Kent doing the honors. :-) I think this means his brother Tyler will follow and makes his bottoming debut soon.

Check out preview photos from this scene Taylor gets fucked by Kent below.

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I enjoy “All Sex December” with new hardcore sex scene released everyday at BELAMIONLINE.COM.

In the last video of 2013, Bel Ami releases the hot bottoming scene of muscular porn star Derek Raser. You’ve seen him with Manuel Rios, Kevin Warhol and Jean-Daniel Chagall. This time you can watch hottie Derek Raser gets fucked by Vadim Farrell.

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Earlier this month, I posted a Q & A video clip of porn stars Scott Hunter and Rogan Richards. Too bad some parts of the video were corrupted during recording. But I have a good news, Scott managed to recover around 80% of the material from the interview. You can now watch 22-minute video where Rogan and Scott answer questions from their fans below.

You can read more about it on Scott Hunter’s blog. Scott is also looking for hot guys to shoot sex scenes with for his new project The Hunter Diaries.

For some behind the scenes story, read this Rogan Richards’ last article. He wrote about his time shooting with Tim Tales website and working with hot guys like Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria, David Avilla, Tommy Hawk and the scene I’m looking forward to see is the one between Rogan and hottie Veles.

Don’t forget to check out Scott’s latest scene from Alpha Males, Scott Hunter bottoms for Tom Wolfe.

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This is the last day of 2013 and MEN.COM says goodbye to 2013 with this 6-stud orgy starring Rocco Reed, Tommy Defendi, Phenix Saint, John Magnum, Jake Steel and Spencer Fox in a scene called “The key Party.” I’m pretty sure his fans would be happy to see porn star Rocco Reed bottoms again.

For members of the website, don’t forget to watch the video called “Johnny XXXMas Solo” in BTS section where porn star Johnny Rapid fucks himself with a candy cane. Let’s add candy cane to my list of unconventional sex toys :-)

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Porn star Kane O’Farrell is quite a character. Have you seen these video clips he uploaded on Vine? This guy likes Vine a lot. He uploaded so many videos on it. From some random moments to the sex with his fuck buddies. These 7 clips I posted below are just examples.

Don’t forget to watch his latest sex scene from Cazzo Club, Kane O’Farrell fucks Lobo Bayard. This is his second scene after his comeback to porn last October in the scene he topped Misha Dante.

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Sean Cody just introduced another new muscle bottom, his name is Walker. This guy has amazing ripped body and Walker gets fucked by Daniel in his first sex scene. (Daniel shoots his load inside Walker’s bubble butt)

Another hot model to keep an eye on is Burton, this guy has infectious smile and I can’t wait to see whether he’s a top or a bottom in his first sex scene.

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A cute Xmas video from porn stars Tony Orion, Aleks Buldocek and Paul Steele family.

More videos in this edition of Gay Porn Stars Video Update below.

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2013 has come to an end, it’s not an easy task for one gay dude living in Asia to cover all these gay porn videos and news from American and Europe on a daily basis but I hope you can tell that I have so much fun doing it :-)

I take a look at the stat. According to Google Analytics, Queer Me Now has 9 million unique visitors with more than 45 million pageviews in 2013. I think that’s awesome for a personal blog.

Here’s my Top 15 Most Popular Porn Stories of 2013 based on pageviews. These are the stories that got the most clicks in 2013 and I can’t wait to see more hot sex and hot men coming in 2014.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, the last time we saw porn star Cooper Reed bottoming was when he went by the porn name William and got fucked by Jordan bareback at Sean Cody about a year and a half ago. After his Sean Cody phase, he changed his porn name to Cooper Reed and worked with many condom-only studios such as, Falcon, Dominic Ford, etc., but as a total top.

This week Cooper Reed returns to bareback with CHOASMEN.COM and his fans would be happy to see this muscular stud gets fucked again. It’s a threeway scene with Cooper Reed, Jet and another former Sean Cody model, Chris (aka Gavin Sevin)

The scene is part of ChaosMen’s 2013 Holiday Marathon with new scene released everyday from December 23 – January 1. Check out the preview of Cooper Reed, Gavin Seven and Jet fuckfest below.

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This sexy news has been reported on many websites like Queerty, Eonline, The Gaily Grind, etc.

Earlier this month, an incredibly sexy German man stripped down to his birthday suit and took his motorcycle for a spin through an open-air Christmas Market in the city of Münster. While I consider this homoerotic joyride a generous gift to all who saw, German authorities announced this week that they’re searching for the man in order to file charges against him.

The stunt appears to have been the result of a bet wagered on theBaller Boyzmotorcycle club Facebook page, where the man allegedly said he would perform the ride if the post received 1,000 likes.

This naked rider Baller Boyz reminds me of the character played by Bryce Colby from one of my all-time favorite porn movies, Flashpoint: Hot As Hell (Falcon Studios) In that movie, the motorcycle rider played by Bryce Colby also loses a bet and gets fucked by Trent Reed.

I have a feeling, porn studios will produce sex scenes inspired by this event for sure :-)

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Handsome porn star Dato Foland is the main star of’s hot porn series “Hotel X,” you’ve seen him fucked Jay Roberts in Part 1, flip-fucked with Abraham Al Malek in Part 2 and topped Tony Rivera in Part 3.

The series Hotel X ends with a bang in Part 4 with a hot threesome between real-life boyfriends Dato Foland and Damien Crosse with Spanish stud Donato Reyes. Damien fucks both Dato and Donato and the highlight of the scene is definitely when Donato Reyes gets double penetrated by Damien Crosse and Dato Foland!

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