Latino porn star Daniel Marvin fucks his new boyfriend Juan Blas

I think some of you already see it coming. Gay porn couple Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas didn’t update their Youtube for 3 months. They deleted their blog. And Pedro launched his own separated blog titled Andreas New Life last month.

The latest update on COLLINONEAL.COM just confirmed it. Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin are no longer together and Daniel has a new boyfriend named Juan Blas. Collin O’Neal found all this out two weeks ago when he went down to Argentina and had Daniel and his new boyfriend did a fuck scene for him.

Latino porn star Daniel Marvin fucks his new boyfriend Juan Blas

+ Daniel Marvin Fucks Juan Blas

Now, let’s take a look back at Marvin and Andreas’ porn videos.

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Who keeps this cute puppy Lucas?

So Long – Marvin & Andreas the porn couple (video from Men At Play)

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  1. Cee
    15 Mar 09
    6:00 am

    That puppy is cute. Never seen someone bathe with their dog. Kinda weird.

  2. Andreas
    15 Mar 09
    1:07 pm

    he stole the blog i wanted to register for myself… DAMN, now i have to post a disclaimer on my blog, that andreasnewlife is not my blog!!!

  3. cesar
    15 Mar 09
    5:33 pm

    :(..too sad!

    daniel is so cute!


  4. hfphot
    16 Mar 09
    9:18 pm

    not surprised.

  5. bob
    31 Jul 09
    8:33 pm

    Daniel Marvin , You made a very bad choise !!!!!!!!!!

    Pedro Andreas is so cute , but Juan Blas is so much ugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no comparison , Daniel marvin is a handsome king man

    Juan blas is a horrible man !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. javante
    17 Aug 09
    1:26 am

    daniel is sexy

  7. javante
    17 Aug 09
    1:29 am

    ow and andreas is so sexy you guys should make up and make things right call me please daniel marvin 845-522-3365

  8. Paul
    31 Aug 09
    11:15 am

    Damn, who the hell would have thought they wouldn’t last forever? But then again I was betting that..wait a minute, I don’t really care. I don’t really care about these people whatsoever. My bad!

  9. Alessandro
    31 Aug 09
    2:14 pm

    I’m sorry but this is too cruel to be true. What can I believe in if not the truth and longevity of two porn actor’s relationship? Maybe, uh, it’s not so great for a relationship if by boyfriend and I get fucked by everyone and then fuckin’ film it for the world to see? Who knew? This hurts more than when Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres broke up.

  10. joanna
    02 Sep 09
    6:14 am

    srsly sad.

  11. Isaac
    19 Sep 09
    7:57 pm

    Omg…to be honest..i havent watched this purn for ages..
    and i still remember the first time i watched it..
    even though you guys were “making love”
    Still i can see you guys are caring+loving each other
    and atm i was so happy for you guys..
    But now..all the THING JUST DOESNT GO RIGHT..!!
    Even though i am young.or.maybe too yong to understand what is love..till..i know you guys were loving each other..T.T
    Plz..dont break up..T.T..give that puppy back a lovely home..T.T

  12. Isaac
    19 Sep 09
    9:30 pm

    Andreas.i will be your forever friend^^
    +forever support for you.
    We all love you..
    but still..willing to se you and Daniel again..T.T

  13. Isaac
    19 Sep 09
    9:38 pm

    so is anreas still alone rn?

  14. lena8078
    02 Nov 09
    11:41 am

    two wonderfull guy
    perfect chemical
    so sad!!!!

  15. waheed
    16 Jan 10
    6:56 am

    breaking up not good for them but good for me because i want have sex with pedro ifeel that he is sensitive person &having big dick is great option >>>>pedro i will make you forget your mother’s name if you fuck me i’m waheed from Egypt >>>>>>iwish u fuck me

  16. northen
    28 Feb 10
    6:49 am

    I love to watch it

  17. Stef
    13 Oct 10
    9:29 pm

    Juan Blas is a great bottom with an amazing ass ! Pedro Andreas is cute but Juan Blas is much more arousing to penetrate !

  18. Yash
    10 Jul 11
    10:16 pm

    Hi!!!marvin.plz fuck me once nd promiss u forget everyone.even ur new boyfrnd also.i am the right person 4 u nd my ass is perfect destination for ur dick.gv me ur dick once u never forget me nd i will be ur boyfrnd!!!!love u!!!!!

  19. Yash
    10 Jul 11
    10:19 pm

    I can satishfy pedro andreas also.i like his dick nd his sexy ass…

  20. mj
    02 Aug 11
    7:06 pm

    i want Daniel Marvin. such a sexy man. beautiful muscular body, deep sexy eyes, lushes lips, wonderful bubble butt, piercings and tattoos make you think he’s so bad, and yet such a wonderful personality makes him so good. i hope he’s okay and this is selfish of me but i would at least want him inside for one night. my heart goes out to you you beautiful amazing man

  21. Gary23
    02 Jan 12
    11:10 pm

    When did they break up

  22. Robin
    06 Jan 12
    9:14 am

    Daniel you are extremely wrong.what is wrong with you guys?Dont brake up you two.It is like that you two break the hearts of your biggest know,you two break our heart.who is wrong or who is right between you two i dont know.but you two are like very harmony.if you are a song Pedro must be your lyric.If you are a moon,Pedro must be your nearest star.Havent you two dreamt about to live together till to the end.Staying and helping each other,you two must be happily ever after.Dont think so far and just dicuss if you two have problems.Come on guys you two are very very couple.Dont make your funs unhappy.

  23. Robin
    06 Jan 12
    9:20 am

    Daniel yo te aconsejo que busca le a Pedro y volveis a hacer una pareja buena.vale?Sabes que las parejas siempre tienen sus problemas.Pero podeis auyantar los peligros y problemas entre vosotros.No piense mucho sobre sexo.Lo mas importante es amor que te vas a llevar hasta que te entiendes?
    recuerda te yo voy a comentar siempre hasta que vos volveis a hacer pareja romantica.por favor…………………………….

  24. boordy
    20 Mar 15
    7:47 pm

    DAnial is awesome and mindblowing. By his looks and sex appeal.pedro is equally hot.i love watching them making love.its not just fuck its a really pleasurable sex scene.danial reminds me actor oscar isac..he also looks same..but doesnt have a great body like danial’s.