Zeb Atlas Fucks Adam Killian

The Sword broke the story in their column “The Great Zeb Atlas Mystery Fuck: Who Got Lucky?Zeb Atlas finally took the plunge — literally — and drove his thickness up a pair of warm and firm buns during the final scene of Falcon’s upcoming movie, Best Men.

Adam Killian

They didn’t reveal who’s the lucky bottom. But from his tattoo and one hint: though the playboy’s posed nude before, it’s his debut scene for anyone. Well, on-screen at least: he’s been connected romantically with some of the hottest performers in the business. My best guess is Adam Killian who recently posed nude for Playgirl and worked behind the scenes in many porn production. The closest thing to sex we got from him was his appearance in Jet Set’s award winning The Hole.

Adam is dating hot bodybuilder Mitchell Rock from ManifestMen.com. Check out his Bigmuscle profile (which linked together with Mitchell’s) and Dudesnude profile to see he got more tattoo on his right chest as in The Sword’s picture.

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  1. Killian is a great guy and also has shot some of our best video. Always knew he as as good in front of the camera as he is behind the lens. Congrats to Killian and our buddy Zeb.

  2. JAS
    16 Aug 08
    10:14 pm

    The big question is…..was Zeb any good? Getting head from Jake Cruise is one thing (and how anyone can keep a straight face during THAT I will never know), but actually being naked and insertive with someone truly attractive is a whole different ballgame.

  3. mike
    17 Aug 08
    2:11 pm

    I’m kind of over the whole Zeb-thing….14 minutes and counting……

  4. […] Wedding Party? I guess that’s the title of Best Men, Part2 (check out Best Men, Part1 – The Bachelor Party) I hope Falcon and Jet Set pair him up with the […]

  5. Justin Heng
    30 Oct 08
    1:24 pm

    Adam Killain is very hot bottom! yummy!

  6. Sevak Hakobyan
    21 Nov 08
    12:51 pm

    Oh my God. Zeb Atlas… he is so cute and manly!
    I’d give my all to be his slave.

  7. Sasha Isakov
    21 Nov 08
    12:57 pm

    I want Falcon to make a scene where Zeb Atlas tops Matthew Rush…. It would be cool…..

  8. Henning
    20 Dec 08
    6:17 am

    Check out the photo book ALPHA MALES. Adam Killian ist the cover boy. And inside the 160-page large-format monography book you will find 10 more sizzling hot images of that hung hunk…!

  9. Henning
    20 Dec 08
    6:18 am

    Check out the photo book ALPHA MALES (www.BookAlphaMales.com). Adam Killian ist the cover boy. And inside the 160-page large-format monography book you will find 10 more sizzling hot images of that hung hunk…!

    27 Jun 09
    6:26 am


  11. Jimmy Vazquez
    08 Jan 10
    9:11 am


  12. ardi
    10 Apr 10
    12:34 pm

    Good Afternoon. Adam Killian
    My name is Ardi, I come from Indonesia. My hobby is watching porn movie, and Iam still bachelor…
    I love you forever. Soft kiss for you and I want to making love with you. I have been looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

  13. daniel
    15 May 10
    8:49 pm

    adam killian es el hombre mas guapo y sexy sta buenisimo adam te amo

  14. alex
    20 May 10
    2:28 pm

    me encanto adam eres huapo te amo mucho

  15. adam killian………….wowwwwwww funtastic…your botommmm very bigggg……….i want

  16. jazz
    27 Aug 10
    1:31 am

    adam killian your so fuccking hot….

  17. XXX
    20 Nov 10
    2:02 pm

    I WiSH i CaN

  18. robin
    01 Feb 11
    2:22 pm

    Adam dating Mitchell Rock, that’s a good choice and a good looking couple. Must be hot to see you two guys in action, lots of muscle worship and wild and exciting man sex!!

  19. Jayson Baladjay
    27 Jul 11
    4:26 pm

    so delicious the pennis of adam killiam……

  20. brian
    02 Nov 11
    3:29 am

    2 porn stars dating how original

  21. corey babine
    20 Feb 12
    5:53 pm

    there so hot id love 2 fuck them in a threesome.
    i’d love 2 be ganged up by them 2.
    there hunks in my book