FALCON STUDIOS is releasing scenes from its 3 new porn flicks – HOT PROPERTY, MAN UP and SHANE’S POOL PARTY.

Porn star Rafael Alencar tops Roman Heart (Is he still Falcon Exclusive?) in the second scene from HOT PROPERTY. Alencar has worked with many porn studios but looks like this is just his second time working with Falcon. The first time, Rafael Alencar fucked Tyler Gunn and Josh Weston in Getting It Straight.

I remember that scene very well, it was one of my all-time favorites and Getting It Straight is where I got the name of this blog. “Can you Queer Me Now?” Josh Weston said this line at the beginning of this movie.

For Roman Heart‘s fans, after watching him bottom for Rafael Alencar, don’t forget to watch him fuck his boyfriend Benjamin Bradley at ROMANANDBENJAMIN.COM

+ Rafael Alencar Fucks Roman Heart


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  1. manu
    21 Jan 11
    9:27 am

    Does Rafael Alencar have butt implants? His ass looks really weird even when he sits on it.
    He should be bottoming anyway ;)

    I like Roman but this hairless pretty boy look has done its time , I wish he let his body hairs grow now.

  2. RandyN
    21 Jan 11
    9:41 am

    Rafael’s ass is perfection. I got to appreciate it’s beauty at the London Hustlaball. House of XY made a video that documents among other things his perfect ass in it’s natural habitat! Click here (hope tags work, if not, just go to http://www.houseofxy.com and give the boys that made the video some love)

  3. filipe
    21 Jan 11
    1:15 pm

    i hope roman doesn’t let the hair grow back!

  4. TheInsider
    21 Jan 11
    4:20 pm

    Roman Heart still takes it like a champ woof

  5. brian
    21 Jan 11
    5:19 pm

    Wow, it’s so cool that you got the name of the blog from a porn scene. Now, I understand better the meaning of the name. I think that scene touched you a lot!!!

  6. leev
    21 Jan 11
    6:28 pm

    Rafael’s butt implants are just…no dude no…

  7. Dimitri
    21 Jan 11
    8:09 pm

    @Manu: Perfectly implanted!

  8. D.C.
    22 Jan 11
    12:44 am

    “Can you Queer Me Now”….just precious!

  9. Ben
    22 Jan 11
    1:11 am

    Why does Rafael annoy me?

  10. Billy Blue
    22 Jan 11
    1:47 am

    Rafael: Hot, Hot !!

  11. chuck
    22 Jan 11
    4:47 pm


  12. Scott
    22 Jan 11
    6:57 pm

    I always like watching Rafael unless he talks to much (suck my deek!) or does that faux rough-stuff shit. He needs to start bottoming in scenes again.
    Roman, I am long over, but obviously he still has his fans.

  13. Psr
    23 Jan 11
    8:10 am

    Yet another lifeless performance from Roman. What ever happened to the very vocal Roman fro
    Dripping Wet & Heaven and Hell? Dylan Roberts and John Magnum definitely shine in Hot Properties.

  14. mel
    24 Jan 11
    3:47 am

    Rafael’s body is very odd. Not only does his ass have shape not seen in nature but his chest also looks strange. Roman still showing us that he can take a dick as good as any guy around.

  15. Wic
    23 Feb 12
    1:02 pm

    Rafael Alencar has a baby face , a man’s body , a hot round bubble ass and one of the biggest dick in the porn movies.
    I love him , and no matter what bitchy people says, he still makes me shoot a big load.

  16. J.G.
    03 Aug 12
    7:48 pm

    Roman Heart here looks amazing but it’s still not doing it for me. I mean he needs something but I just don’t think he is getting it from any of these amazing stars. Roman needs more passion in his scenes. More TLC and I just don’t think he is happy or in the moment when he performers which is very sad.