Last October, the scene called My Bride’s Hot Brother from MEN.COM was the scene everyone in gay porn was talking about because it’s the first time former straight porn star Rocco Reed got fucked on camera (by lucky Landon Conrad).

This week MEN.COM released the sequel to that popular, “My Brides Hot Brother Honeymoon.” Following the event in My Bride’s Hot Brother, this time it’s a hot threesome starring Rocco Reed, Landon Conrad and Micah Brandt.

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+ My Brides Hot Brother Honeymoon: Rocco Reed, Landon Conrad & Micah Brandt



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  1. Chris Redfield
    15 Feb 13
    12:30 am

    WOoooooooooooww QMN I thought that you woudnt say anything about the HONEYMOON! :)
    SO hot! Well well I know that I´m a Rocco´s BIG FAN but we have to agree that he´s getting better each scene! I really became so fucking horny watching his bottoming scenes but I liked a lot he fucking Landon….and Mr. Reed is fucking with more “soul”!! I can´t wait to see the tales Of Jhon…there a fucking hot scenes with a perfect close in his ass taking that Andrew Stark´s big cock, man! Well… I´ve been jerking of so many nights watching Rocco´s scenes…and he get show that he is really liking to fuck guys and gets fucked by them…so real and convincing… I WANT TO SEE HIS INTERVIEW QMN!! I´m freaking out here! \o/

  2. Tony
    15 Feb 13
    12:41 am

    Happy Valentines Day, Rocco Reed. You are an attractive man.

  3. ricky
    15 Feb 13
    3:31 am

    there is one word for rocco reed BORING

  4. Aquaman2011
    15 Feb 13
    3:56 am

    @ Ricky, I agree with you 100%! I don’t understand why most people are making such a huge deal of Rocco. Yes, he did straight porn and cause a stir when he switched to gay porn, but that’s it! Big splash is over where I’m concerned. His scenes are lackluster in comparison to other actors on

    I think Micah Brandt is one of the best bottoms in gay porn today. He is just drop dead gorgeous! I’ll watch this scene just for Micah. Hell I’ll even throw Conrad in their just to mix it up.

    Rocco (thumbs down) I’m sorry, he should go back to straight porn.

  5. Chris Redfield
    15 Feb 13
    8:47 am

    Well, well @rick and Aquaman2011 at least I respect your opinion but the same thought about DON´T understant why WE make a HUGE DEAL of Rocco is the same thought about we trying understand why do you think he´s boring or his scenes is lackluster…C’mon and you are thinking that we like him ause his did straight porn? Don´t be fool guys… I like Rocco in straight porn cause he is the one of the of the performers who never scream a lot and didn´t need fucking hard to make us excited… The same in the gay porn… Butheis just begining in a different way and considering that he never did it a gay porn he is getting great each scene and maybe throught his limits or trying give his best performer…maybe we´ll see him soon in best hard scene acting better than Jhonny rapid, or marcus Rhul, or Spncer Reed, or Adam killian…It have been great see Rocco´s carrer in gay porn and how much he is gettng better and trying to give some “fun” guys…..whatever…If to both of you he is boring…don´t watch! I like him, too many guys like him and it´s a pitty if he is not a kind of porn performer that you like… Micah is great but who told you that he is the one of best bottoms in gay porn today!???????????????? Ahh that´s your opinion?? Ok…I´ll respect…

  6. Herman
    15 Feb 13
    12:28 pm

    Landon lots good no matter but Id like to see him clean up his image a bit. Shave. Get a regular haircut. You dont need all that let your natural handsomeness show and dont cover it up w gimmicks some lesser lights need that. You do not.

  7. JJ
    15 Feb 13
    2:48 pm

    As much as I like Rocco,I have to agree with Aquaman. In his scenes,he is more like ermm okay this…then that….next that….He seems somewhat inhibited to me.And kind of distant too.
    I just get the impression that he doesn’t get gay sex. I wonder what goes on in his head while doing these scenes.
    Try comparing Rocco to Karlo Karrera.The one gay scene I’ve seen him in,it looks like he knows gay sex.
    I always wonder how Rocco got his BI on.I wonder how he his first “fooling around with guys” came about.I also wonder if Rocco has always been like this or became like this after working at that gay bar.
    I’m still looking forward to this scene!!!

  8. JJ
    15 Feb 13
    2:50 pm

    Now this is funny! I just looked at those pictures in this post and I think Rocco looks very gay in that picture where the three of them look at the camera. LOL!

  9. Stefan
    15 Feb 13
    2:52 pm

    Landon Conrad is bloody hot ….

  10. andrew
    15 Feb 13
    4:55 pm

    Rocco Reed is one big beautiful and muscular guy. His face is stunningly beautiful. And his eyes: WOW!

  11. whatthefuck
    15 Feb 13
    11:05 pm

    I think Landon has loses his muscle… Agree with Herman, I think Landon need to clean up and get back his muscle like his first appearance in porn industry…

  12. Jim
    16 Feb 13
    3:02 am

    LOVE Rocco! I just wish the guys at would rim him. The gals in straight porn ate him out all the time.

  13. freddy
    17 Feb 13
    1:45 pm

    micah is the one who gets my attention and porn money