This is a great week for fans of Rocco Reed, you got the scene he bottomed for Trevor Knight just a few days ago, and today MEN.COM releases the second of Rocco’s six new sex scenes (in which he gets fucked in five scenes!).

In this scene called “Touchy Boss,” former straight porn star Rocco Reed gets fucked by Colby Jansen.

+ Touchy Boss: Colby Jansen Fucks Rocco Reed



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  1. DD
    24 Dec 12
    4:08 am

    Wow, I didn’t know Colby had such a beefy ass. Does he ever bottom?

  2. Marc Dylan
    24 Dec 12
    4:23 am

    I recognize that office lol. I think ive been there a time or two. Rocco certainly gives gay for pay guys a good name. He does everything, even bottoms . Im starting to enjoy his scenes more and more .

  3. Bernardo
    24 Dec 12
    4:34 am

    Marc, do you think that rocco likes bottoming more then topping? would you do a scene with rocco?

  4. Marc Dylan
    24 Dec 12
    4:41 am

    @Bernardo The answer to question two is YES , YES , SI, and Oui . As far as which he likes better, Im not sure but i enjoy watching him do both.

  5. Alex
    24 Dec 12
    4:53 am

    A so called straight porn star who can’t stop getting his ass pounded ,,,, ha ha ha ….

  6. striderforce
    24 Dec 12
    5:00 am

    That what I call a rugby ass. This why guys who play rugby like Colby have big beefy asses. HMMM!!!

  7. extremej
    24 Dec 12
    5:33 am

    @marc dylan i want to see you do a flip fuck with rocco reed i am sure that will be so hot!

  8. David
    24 Dec 12
    5:44 am

    Wish you guys realized that these gay for pay guys dont “like” bottoming but they prefer it because it means they don’t have to stay hard for 2-6 hours.

  9. manu
    24 Dec 12
    8:22 am

    Colby Jansen’s ass :-D:-D:-D !!

  10. panther
    24 Dec 12
    8:40 am

    Love Rocco, but why is there no rimming at Anybody ever seen it?
    and P.S.: many gay performers have wood problems too – ever notice how many cock rings there are on supposed studs?

  11. manu
    24 Dec 12
    9:25 am

    More rimming at , yes please! Actually a 69 rimming scene between these two would have been the best way to start the scene :-D

  12. Chris Redfield
    24 Dec 12
    10:29 am

    Yeasss I agree with Manu and panther..MORE RIMMING…
    Rocco gettng fucked again OMG the best Christmans gift! LOVE IT! :)

  13. gaysammy
    24 Dec 12
    11:51 am

    rocco really does seem to like getting fucked…and he even looks like he enjoys sucking dick…I mean for a “straight guy” lol

  14. Chris Redfield
    24 Dec 12
    1:06 pm

    HEY WMN…. I think is time to Rocco say Hello to his fans! ^^
    C´mon make any contact to him (email, phone, wahterver) just to say that we love him and say CONGRATULATIONS for PRETTY GOOD work in gay porn industry! too much porn formers just say “hello” and interviews to QMN… why Rocco don´t? Could you do it for us??! *_*
    I hope so…. Well.. MERRY CHRISTMANS 4 ALL of you dudes! Peace, dreams coming true and health…always!! S2

    @Marc Dylan you´re so fuckin hot and good performer too man! Love Ur movies… :)

  15. ricky
    24 Dec 12
    1:08 pm

    i seem to recall this colby as a guy named kelly on amateur straight guys years ago. as for rocco, seen his scenes and think he’s a boring fuck.

  16. jeremy
    24 Dec 12
    1:37 pm

    i will love to see Rocco Reed getting fuck by Spencer Reed

  17. FrenchFlair
    24 Dec 12
    1:38 pm

    Rocco is becoming the nex b*tch in the industry : nice!
    Everyone is gonna do him like a whore, no? Expecting the DP, a huge dick or… the gang bang!

  18. jeremy
    24 Dec 12
    1:59 pm

    I love when rocco reed bottom

  19. Chris Redfield
    24 Dec 12
    2:34 pm

    Yeah #FrenchFlair! DP and an gangbanged! :)

  20. Bull
    24 Dec 12
    4:26 pm

    @David, sexuality has nothing to do with enjoying anal play. It’s purely a physical thing that decides whether or not having your prostate massaged is pleasurable.

    There are several reasons a model, str8 or gay, would prefer to bottom. Not having to keep a hardon for most of the scene, usually less work, fans prefer it, and for many it just feels good!

    Interesting to note the changes in the comments regarding Rocco. Started out great, then got negative, now back to great again since he has bottomed in so many scenes.

  21. andrew
    24 Dec 12
    10:14 pm

    Everything about Rocco Reed is SO FINE! Handsome masculine face with beautiful eyes, big muscular body, big cock and beautiful plump butt. He definitely has the WOW factor!

  22. Chris Redfield
    24 Dec 12
    10:18 pm



  23. @Andrew I agree with you. Ive become a fan of his. I was a bit skeptical when i heard a str8 porn star was going to start gayporn . I thought he would be of NDS studio variety , you know not willin to do much. Boy was i wrong , he does everything and looks like he is getting pretty good at bottoming . Im certainly enjoying getting to watch him practice :)

  24. bucko0710
    25 Dec 12
    1:45 am

    Adding to the chorus of Rocco’s fans who just LOVE to see him get his big juicy butt fucked real good! And I agree that Men.Com scenes lack rimming…why is that? Guys with juicy butts and holes need to have them highlighted with rimming, fingering and then fucking…like hello…it’s called foreplay!! Anyways this is fantastic Xmas treat to see once again Rocco getting banged…Hope to see him in more bottoming scenes!! Thanks Men.Com!!

  25. Chris Redfield
    25 Dec 12
    3:44 am

    Yeah…. #Bucko0710 ROCCO COULD BE RIMMED a lot! It´d be sooo hot dude! I HOPE MEN.COM show us more rimming and ROCCO getting rimmed and rimming some hot ass! Let´s wait!

  26. alex
    25 Dec 12
    4:53 am

    Colby was rimmed once at — when he fucked his boss. Now that he’s the boss, it’s time he got fucked as well. Honestly, he has the type of ass you want to see invaded.

  27. Chris Redfield
    25 Dec 12
    1:12 pm

    I agree Alex…. Colby getting fucked would awsome! Let´s wait….at least Rocco’s ass is getting fuckied a LOT… OMFG hahhaa nice and hot man.I can´t stop to watch Rocco’s 2 last scenes! *-*

  28. JJ
    26 Dec 12
    4:37 pm

    Rocco’s contract with is 6 months. News of his signing came out in June 2012. So I’m guessing these last few scenes are his final ones? That he’s done with

  29. Chris Redfield
    27 Dec 12
    4:20 am

    Anybody knows about Rocco´s RE-contract! ?


  30. manu
    27 Dec 12
    11:08 am

    No, because his first contract consisted in only 5 scenes so he must have signed another one.

  31. JJ
    28 Dec 12
    9:09 pm

    What? His first contract was only for five scenes? Where did you get that? I have only read articles which said it was for SIX MONTHS.

    Oh! By the way,Rocco is currently in Paris,France,probably for some Crossfit thing he’s obsessed with!

  32. Jake Gyllenhaal
    28 Apr 13
    5:30 am

    Rocco Reed is not gay for pay that is a myth. Why are some gay men so dumb? Rocco Reed is sucking cock and getting fucked up his ass multiple times by other men. He clearly is enjoying himself. I wouldn’t have sex with a woman for money because I’m not sexually attracted to them. This guy is not heterosexual he’s at least bisexual.

  33. Aaron
    25 Mar 14
    12:47 am

    Lol at gay for pay. Dude is gayer than honey on candy. Too many hard up for a straight guy dudes need to open their eyes.