It’s the gay porn rumor that everyone is talking about – Weho Confidential, Tabloid Heat, Gay Porn Dirt:

WeHo Confidential reports 46-year-old X-Men and upcoming Superman reboot director Bryan Singer, who is openly gay, is smushing body parts with Sean Cody porn star Jess.

Hey Calvin Klein’s boyfriend was also a former Sean Cody model too! Nick Gruber was Sean Cody model Zeke (aka Aaron Skyline).

Because We Can: Bryan Singer’s New Boy Toy [via Weho Confidential]

Sean Cody gay porn star JESS

And it goes on and on and on!
We throw our cox up in the air sometimes!
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  1. Paul
    07 Nov 11
    11:28 am

    I’ll believe it when I see a pic of them together…

  2. QMN
    07 Nov 11
    11:31 am

    Me too. Tell me if you spot one.

  3. Denz
    07 Nov 11
    12:04 pm

    Could it be just a joke? The first comment came from Weho Confidential that said jk. It could mean just kidding.

  4. QMN
    07 Nov 11
    12:30 pm

    You’re right Denz. I didn’t notice that :P

  5. Mike
    07 Nov 11
    1:19 pm

    You mean a skinny TWINK Hooker in WEHO is fucking a Rich Hollywood Director….SHUT UP. I mean NO WAY RIGHT?! SAY IT ISN’T SO!! LMFAO

    PLEASE next thing you’re gonna suggest (or worse print) is that it lasted 72 days!

    Who the FUCK CARES

  6. Critic
    07 Nov 11
    1:33 pm

    Lucky director, if true.

  7. Doodlebug
    07 Nov 11
    1:57 pm

    Singer directed the earlier Superman reboot with Brandon Routh. Zack Snyder is directing the current one (with muscle stud Henry Cavill). Makes me doubt the veracity of the entire item.

  8. Anderson
    07 Nov 11
    2:25 pm

    That’s I call gossip! WOW

  9. Mike
    07 Nov 11
    3:06 pm

    Actually Singer is REALLY Lindsay Lohan but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone.

    Must be a slow day even in the D list porn world if you guys need to print this shit.

    Almost as good as CHI CHI’s Weight loss diet! LOL

  10. sxg
    07 Nov 11
    5:39 pm

    of all the models at Sean Cody why couldn’t he have picked a hotter one? most of the bottoms in the pics look better than Jess.

  11. charlie_jack
    07 Nov 11
    7:25 pm

    Jess is fucking hot -really nice cock good smile. I’d pick him if I could

  12. joethehobo
    07 Nov 11
    9:39 pm

    My, aren’t we just a breath of fresh air? Why so cynical?

  13. Oat
    07 Nov 11
    11:52 pm

    well, i mean Jess is well worth it

  14. Bee
    08 Nov 11
    3:57 am

    He’s profile on SC says he’s str8 and had a gf when the vid was shot, so what’s going on here?

    Anyways Jess was one of SC’s really good actors who always looked like he was into the sex, so good for Bryan Singer.

  15. Bee
    08 Nov 11
    3:58 am


  16. Chris
    08 Nov 11
    7:05 am

    Wait what? a guy having a steady sexual relationship with another man for financial gain? how uncommon.

  17. Some one need 2 give these ( Gossip-bloggers ) dose of reality. They should provide proof first before they print this shit and in case it is true and I say { If } according to Bryan-S is also having bi-sex+parties with his girl-friend.Who is also with child and is Bi and not gay as for Jess his Sean-Cody profile says is str8 with girl-friend and not gay either. If he has been lying about his sexuality and Sean_Cody wenth along with it porno-fans should hold them both accountable for lying.That also goes for gossip websites that help spin lies they need 2 get their facts right before they print it.

  18. Matt
    09 Nov 11
    2:54 am

    Jess is friggin’ hot – I’d love to have him for the evening…does he escort?

  19. Sheik
    09 Nov 11
    12:25 pm

    Never was a fan of Jess. The pot tattoo is an instant turn off … Nothing’s wrong with a little pot…. but to get a tattoo about it? Real winner there…

  20. DARWIN
    12 Nov 11
    12:15 am

    Thats not Jess in the pic next to him thats a kid name Elijah he is a model from la and a escort.

  21. Jay
    21 Nov 11
    8:26 am

    no wonder Jess hasn’t been back on SC for awhile.
    Always was a fan of Jess, except for his stupid tattoo. lol.
    love that .gif of him doing the helicopter. haha.

  22. symbolisttarot
    27 Sep 12
    6:02 pm

    He is definitely too young for Bryan. Since he’s used to raping his underage stars i.e. Brad Renfro