supersoaker xtube video

Long-time readers know I’m a big fan of SuperSoaker on Xtube. He always posts unique and surprisingly hot videos on Xtube. I don’t know why he deleted all his videos. But, yesterday, He started posting his fountain-cumshot video again! Sweet!


+ Check out his Xtube profile

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  1. RJ
    06 Jul 08
    7:52 pm

    Oh my god. . . I want that!!!

  2. Derick
    07 Jul 08
    3:00 am

    Fuck yea!!! you and me both!!!!!!!!!

  3. QMN
    07 Jul 08
    5:03 am

    That make three of us *WINK*

  4. […] of SuperSoaker Thanks to QueerMeNow for informing us that SuperSoaker (now known as xraveboi) has returned, and shooting bigger loads […]

  5. Dimitri
    15 May 10
    7:32 pm

    Puts Jeremy Lory to shame!

    Peter North would be proud of his cumshot volume!