Sean Zevran Adam Ramzi Nick Foxx Falcon Edge

This past week, director Nick Foxx and his team at FALCON STUDIOS were filming a new porn movie for the new Falcon Edge line (The first movie was Ready To Fuck). I’ve already published some behind the scenes photos from this shoot with porn stars Paul Walker, Billy Santoro, Colt Rivers and Andrew Stark a couple of days ago.

I’m so excited that photographer Kent Taylor sent me some exclusive photos from this porn shoots! They were filming a sex scene between hot and muscular gay porn star Sean Zevran and sexy Adam Ramzi. They look great together. They also record a very sexy shout out video to Queer Me Now. Thank you so much guys!

I also have some behind the scenes pictures from the scene between Sean Zevran and fellow former Randy Blue model Josh Conners. Falcon also worked with a hot new porn model named Nikko Russo in a scene with Mike De Marko.

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Landon Conrad Ludo Sander Gay Porn Stars Falcon

I mentioned in my previous blog post a couple of days ago that Bruno Bond, Kent Taylor and Nick Foxx of FALCON STUDIOS is in Las Vegas shooting new movie “Intensity.” I have more sexy photos of porn stars Landon Conrad, Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdynand, Adam Ramzi, Adrian Hart and Luco Sander from this porn shoot.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from Falcon Studios, Chi Chi LaRue, Club Inferno Dungeon, Corbin Fisher and Paragon Men.

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Seth Santoro Connor Maguire Kink Men Bound Gods

Unlike Jake Cruise and Gay Room who complied to Michael Lucas’ claim that Seth Treston (aka Seth Treston) is still his exclusive model, KINK MEN seems doesn’t care and continues working with Seth. He just shot a sex scene with Connor Maguire for Bound Gods.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from Dirk Yates, Raging Stallion, Lucas Kazan, Chi Chi LaRue, Circle Jerk Boys, and Randy Blue.

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Brock Avery JR Bronson Ranch Hand Fuck Down

Sneak peek of the upcoming episode of SENTENCED called “Ranch Hand Fuck Down” starring Brock Avery, Adam Russo, Kieron Ryan and JR Bronson.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” some sexy photos from the set of Chi Chi LaRue,, Guys In Sweatpants, Raging Stallion, Menatplay, Dominic Ford, Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue.

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Seven Dixon Jimmy Durano Man Power

HARDFRICTION.COM just released their latest fuck flick called MAN POWER directed by Bruno Bonds and Steve Cruz.

This movie is full of hot gay porn stars. I’m glad to see bubble butt porn stars Seven Dixon gets fucked by Jimmy Durano, Damien Crosse power-fucks Shawn Wolfe, UK stud Tyson Tyler bottoms for Landon Conrad and Adam Ramzi tops Sam Barclay.

Watch the movie trailer of MAN POWER below.

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I think this latest Raging Stallion exclusive model Seven Dixon has one of the most amazing bubble butt in gay porn at the moment and he put it in good use in this sex scene from the movie OPEN ROAD Part 1.

In his porn debut, Seven Dixon gets fucked by Adam Ramzi outdoor.

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Falcon and Raging Stallion just released 3 hot sex scenes from their new movies, Bucks County 2 – Road To Temptation and OPEN ROAD Part 1 online.

Porn stars Liam Magnuson and Ryan Rose shot this scene together back in June. (Behind the scenes photos here and here) Now you can watch this scene from Buck County 2 online, Liam Magnuson fucks Ryan Rose.

Raging Stallion released 2 scenes from the movie Open Road Part 1: A threesome with Aleks Buldocek, James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs and the scene Aleks Buldocek fucks Adam Ramzi.

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You’ve watched the exclusive interview with gay porn star Tommy Defendi, now you can watch the action. Raging Stallion Studios just released the movies OPEN ROAD Part 1 and OPEN ROAD Part 2. Check out the preview pics below.

Raging Stallion’s newest exclusive model Seven Dixon makes his porn debut in OPEN ROAD Part 1, this hunky guy bottoms for Adam Ramzi outdoor. You will also see a threesome with James Ryder, Marcus Isaacs and Aleks Buldocek, Adam Ramzi gets pounded by Aleks Buldocek, and Tony Orion shows his bottoming skills but getting fucked by Boomer Banks’ huge dick.

In OPEN ROAD Part 2, Mike Dozer stars in two scenes, he bottoms for Boomer Banks and Tommy Defendi, Christian Wilde fucks Jimmy Fanz and Esteban Del Toro tops Donnie Dean.

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Hey guys. I have this exclusive video interview with porn star Tommy Defendi from the set of Raging Stallion’s upcoming movie OPEN ROAD for you.

Tommy is as cute and charming as usual. He chats about having sex outdoor and about his hot scene partners Mike Dozer and Donnie Dean.

OPEN ROAD Part 1 and Part 2, directed by Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz feature 13 hot gay porn stars Tommy Defendi, Mike Dozer, Seven Dixon, Tony Orion, Boomer Banks, Donnie Dean, Christian Wilde, Jimmy Fanz, Esteban Del Toro, James Ryder, Marcus Isaacs, Adam Ramzi and Aleks Buldocek. The movie will be available on Raging Stallion Store tomorrow, November 27th and don’t forget to download FREE iBook on iTune.

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Hard Friction just released the new movie called TIGHT starring Adam Ramzi, Christian Wilde, Jeremy Stevens, Jimmy Durano, Max Cameron, Seth Fisher, Trelino, and Tommy Defendi. The movie is directed by duo directors Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz.

Check out XXX preview pics from the movie TIGHT below.

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It’s Friday 13th and Raging Stallion Studios has just released its new mystery / supernatural theme porn movie called TIMBERWOLVES. Raging Stallion has been bragging about the new big dick exclusive model Boomer Banks for months now and finally, you can watch Boomer tops Marcus Isaacs in this movie.

The cast of TIMBERWOLVES is full of hot and hairy porn stars – Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Jimmy Fanz, Tommy Defendi, Adam Ramzi, Marcus Isaacs, Aleks Buldocek and James Jamesson (as the Mountain Man.)

You can also check out some behind the scenes photos from the set of Timberwolves here and here.

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Raging Stallion Studios revealed their new exclusive model with gigantic dick, Boomer Banks last month. He’s filming a new movie “Open Road” this week and he fucks two talented bottoms – Mike Dozer and Tony Orion. This movie also stars Seven Dixon, Adam Ramzi, Jimmy Fanz, Donnie Dean and Tommy Defendi.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” behind the scenes photos from Ray Dragon Media, Dominic Pacifico, Men of Montreal, Randy Blue, Jake Cruise, and Breed Me Raw.

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