Angel Rock Fucks Landon Conrad NakedSword

In this fourth episode of NAKEDSWORD‘s porn series CHEATERS has two popular gay porn stars Landon Conrad and Angel Rock.

Landon Conrad gets fucked by Angel Rock in this scene. It would be a lot better if it’s a flip-fuck scene. What should we do to get Angel Rock to bottom on camera?

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Ryan Rose Lancon Conrad Gay Porn California Dreamin 2

Falcon Studios just released its latest porn movie CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 2 starring Ryan Rose, Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad, Liam Magnuson, Donnie Dean, Lance Luciano, Ray Han, and Angel Rock.

You can watch the XXX movie trailer of CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 2 below and check out behind the scenes pictures here, here and here.

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Colt Rivers Andrew Justice Gay Room

I posted a couple of pictures of Colt Rivers and Seth Santoro (aka Seth Treston) on set of MAN ROYALE the other day. This time I have photos from the scene Colt Rivers getting fucked by Andrew Justice directed by Ben Damon.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” behind the scenes photos from Naked Sword, Hot House, Guys In Sweatpants, Falcon Studios, Randy Blue, and Kink Men.

Hot newcomers to keep an eye on: Gabriel Bossa and Joseph Rough.

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Christian Wilde Connor Maguire Connor Patricks Alex Adams Roman Gladiators Porn

KINK MEN just filmed a “Roman Gladiators” orgy scene with Christian Wilde, Connor Maguire, Connor Patricks and Alex Adams for their porn site Bound Gods.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out behind the scenes photos and video clips from the set of Falcon Studios, Gay Hoopla, Club Inferno Dungeon, Randy Blue and Lucio Saints.

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I posted some photos of newcomer Ricky Decker (Sean Cody model Arthur) along with the cast of Falcon Studios upcoming movie filming at Lake Tahoe. Today I found some more pictures and my favorite is the one above. Nick Sterling and Angel Rock are cute together. Look at Nick’s bubble butt! I’m pretty Angel had a great time fucking it for sure.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out behind the scenes photos from Naked Sword, Ray Dragon, Men of Montreal, Extra Big Dicks, and Randy Blue.

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As I reported yesterday, Falcon Studios is shooting a new porn movie at Lake Tahoe. I’ve already published some behind the scenes photos of porn stars Landon Conrad and Brandon Jones.

Thanks to one of my readers, Jesse Santana Fan, he alerted me that director Bruno Bonds and photographer Kent Taylor is working with this hot muscular porn stud Ricky Decker. Some of you might recognize him as Arthur from Sean Cody!

Ricky Decker aka Arthur is a muscle bottom who shot 3 scenes with Sean Cody – 1 solo and 2 sex scenes where he got fucked by Tanner and Liev. Who will be his scene partner in this Falcon movie?

More info about this Falcon’s Lake Tahoe project: They filmed a scene Landon Conrad tops Brandon Jones. Brandon Jones is shooting a scene he tops former Randy Blue model Chris Bines. Angel Rock just arrived on the set at Lake Tahoe while another former Randy Blue alumni Nick Sterling is on his way there. Andrew Justice and Leo Sweetwood are on set as well.

[UPDATE] According to Jon Royce, muscle bottom Ricky Decker has already got fucked by Landon Conrad for Raging Stallion and he will bottom for Jimmy Durano tomorrow.

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Tonight, the 14th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards is beling held at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood.

Here is the first batch of sexy photos and video clips of gay porn stars I found on the Internet. The Randy Blue team represented by Austin Wolf, Abele Place, Kurtis Wolfe and Jay Landford look great in picture above.

I would like to congratulate Johnny Rapid who won Best Porn Star, Levi Karter won Best New Pornstar, Bravo Delta won Best Webcam Performer, won Best Mobile Site, NakedSword won Best VOD Site, Lucas Entertainment won Best Content Producer, Steve Pena won Best Personality, MachoFucker won Best Ethnic-Themed Site, Raw Fuck Club won Best Fetish Site, Give Me Gay Porn beat Queer Me Now this year and won Best Porn Review Site. I still can not find the complete winner list. I’ll publish the official list later.

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Phillip T, the lucky guy who brought us the In-Depth Report from Corbin Fisher 10th Anniversary Party, also sent me these awesome pictures he took from HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014. Thank you so much!

Don’t forget to check out my HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014 Photo / Video Roundup and Pre-Party Roundup and follow Phillip T on Twitter and Tumblr.

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I published photos and videos from HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014 Pre-Party yesterday. Today I have pictures and videos from the main HustlaBall event at Share Nightclub.

Thanks to Trenton Ducati for sending me some pictures he took after Brent Corrigan after their show. Special thanks to Jake Jaxson for tons of videos of CockyBoys he uploaded on Vine and @CoolTomPix for his pictures.

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It’s that time of year. Gay porn stars from around United States flock to Las Vegas for the HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014. The main event is about to start in a few hours at Share Nightclub. As always, porn stars have shared tons of pictures and videos from many “Pre-Party” events including some VIP live shows. I compile everything I found so far into this post to make it easy for my readers.

Porn stars Brent Corrigan and Ray Han did a sex performance together at one of the pre-party shows. Too bad, no camera allowed. So I don’t have pictures from the show for your. But my blog buddy Chronicles of Pornia reported that it’s a “no-holds barred raunchy sex performance.” Thanks to Ray Han. He sent me some pictures he took with Brent after their show.

CockyBoys models Ricky Roman and Levi Karter also performed a live sex show. They did it at the VIP Suite and thanks to director Jake Jaxson, he uploaded many video clips from this sex show!

Men of Montreal models Marko Lebeau, Felix Brazeau and Ivan Lenko traveled all the way from Canada to perform in front of audience at Share Nightclub.

Porn stars Trenton Ducati took this opportunity to do a photo shoot with his hot boyfriend.

Check out pictures of so many porn stars at HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014 Pre-Party below.

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Director Tony Dimarco shared even more photos from his latest Raging Stallion Studios porn shoot “San Francisco Meat Packers.” Landon Conrad and Adam Wirthmore look great together.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out behind the scenes photos from Raging Stallion Studios, Hot House, Gay Hoopla, Corbin Fisher, Raw Fuck Club, Men of Montreal, Men Over 30, Randy Blue, and Kink Men.

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BAREBACK is a big topic being widely discussed among gay porn blogs and forums with more and more porn companies turned from condom to bareback porn last year. I just found this story on Gay Porn Blog that might be the solution some of you have been looking for.

Falcon Studios just released the new movie CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 1 starring Ryan Rose, Liam Magnuson, Ray Han, Lance Luciano, Angel Rock, Ray Diaz, Adam Wirthmore and Donnie Dean. It’s kind of Falcon’s bareback movie with a twist. Why? Director Tony Dimarco filmed this movie with 8 porn stars fucking each other with condoms. Then post-production, they have digitally removed condoms from the movie!

Director Tony Dimarco and Falcon’s post-production team have digitally removed condoms from the video to create “a completely safe sex movie that mostly appears to be a bareback release.”

What do you think about Falcon’s effort to create this “Safe” bareback movie? This is Chris Ward’s second attempt with this issue. He used to try the “invisible condom” technology in his 2007 movie Mirage. You can watch behind the scenes photos from this movie here, here and here.

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