Theo Ford Axel Brooks Jonan Wolff

We’ve already watched handsome porn star Theo Ford fuck hunk Axel Brooks. Now you can watch Theo fuck Axel’s hot boyfriend Jonan Wolff. You will find more pictures of this cute couple on their Facebook and Twitter.

Jonan Wolff makes his first appearance on MENATPLAY.COM this week. But if he looks familiar to you, he was called Jonan Garcia and he got fucked by Lucio Saints in his porn debut last year.

Check out this latest scene from Menatplay called Dr. Ford Examines Jonan Wolff.

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Theo Ford Fucks Axel Brooks Menatplay Gay Porn

This French porn star Theo Ford is one of the most handsome models in the industry for me. He’s gorgeous. And did you know that he directed too? You can watch the first short movie Theo directed, produced and edited called THROUGH THE LENSE below. I like it and now I have that song “The Only Thing To Do” stuck in my head.

Don’t forget to check out Theo’s latest sex scene with hot co-star Axel Brooks in the video from Menatplay called Mañana where Theo Ford fuck Axel Brooks.

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Gay Porn BTS Bruno Bernal Theo Ford Sebastian Kross Logan Milano

In this edition of PORN SNEAK PEEK, check out behind the scenes pictures and videos from Raging Stallion, Alpha Males, Men of Montreal, Menatplay, Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue, Pride Studios, and Raw Fuck Club.

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Flex Xtremmo Axel Brooks Gay Porn Menatplay

Two hot European gay porn stars: bodybuilder FLEX and super stud Axel Brooks is back to MENATPLAY.COM. Both of them look great and in this new sex scene called FIRED UP, Flex gets his beefy butt slammed by Axel Brooks on a motorbike.

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Dato Foland Fucks Axel Brooks

It’s always nice to see hot porn star Axel Brooks in action and it’s nicer when he’s paired up with another hot porn star like Dato Foland. Let’s consider this a re-match from their flip-fuck scene together at released last month. In this new scene from MENATPLAY.COM called “Tub Rub,” you can watch suited Axel Brooks gets fucked by Dato Foland.

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Dato Foland Fucks Axel Brooks

I’m glad that MEN.COM is releasing more sex scene starring porn star Jay Roberts. (He’s freakin’ hot in person, by the way.) In this new scene called “In The Dog House,” you can watch Jay Roberts fucks Harley Everett.

Today, is about to release another hot sex scene starring two of the hottest porn stars from Europe, Dato Foland and Axel Brooks. The scene is called “Memories” and it’s nice to watch Dato Foland and Axel Brooks take turns fucking each other.

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Paddy OBrian Fucks Axel Brooks

“The End” is one of the porn series I’m most excited about this year. We saw a hot flip-fuck between Paddy O’Brian and Dato Foland in Part 1 and Dato gets tag-teamed by Paddy and Rogan in Part 2.

This time in The End Part 3, you will see hot and masculine porn stud Axel Brooks gets fucked by Paddy O’Brian.

Don’t forget to watch the new bottom boy Jack Radley gets fucked by Tom Faulk in “Personal Porno” and Johnny Rapid fucks Andy Taylor in “Yoga Pants.”

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Check out this latest pics of porn star Axel Brooks, I think he looks great. Too bad we didn’t see much of his sex scene this year. But the scene from SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2 where Axel Brooks topped Adrian Toledo was pretty hot.

I also found some photos from Axel Brooks and Jonathan Agassi live show at BEEF Jerky Men @ Work Party in Tel Aviv on December 6th.

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I reported this news last April (Thanks to the help of Marc Dylan) that porn star Axel Brooks has returned to porn after a year hiatus. He filmed this scene with Raging Stallion Studios as part of the movie SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2.

The scene just went online today, Axel Brooks fucks one of the hottest bottoms Adrian Toledo. (Check out some behind the scenes photos here.)

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Raging Stallion Studios has released the very hot movie SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1 last month (Check out some behind the scenes tidbits by Marc Dylan.)

Today, they just released SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2. These two movies mark the return of two porn stars Axel Brooks and Aybars. Axel tops hottie Adrian Toledo (I have some photos from the set here.) while Aybars fucks muscle bottom Donato Reyes. Porn star Marc Dylan appears in two scenes. Marc and Damien Crosse take turns fucking each other in one scene and Marc bottoms for Goran in another.

You can watch the XXX movie trailer of SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2 below.
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DOMINIC FORD just wrapped the shooting of his new top secret project. I published some behind the scenes pictures from the double penetration scene starring Tate Ryder, Jeremy Stevens and Sean Duran on Wednesday.

Top-secret project is done filming. And what a way to end it. People Will be talking about this last scene we shot for a long time. – Dominic Ford

Can’t wait to see that last scene Dominic was talking about :-) And looks like the star of this porn project is Dominic Ford exclusive Bryce Evans. Check out the sneak preview picture above, musclebound Bryce Evans bottoms for Jeremy Stevens!

I’m shooting a new top-secret project for Dominic Ford all this week. Very excited. I think I’m starring in this movie!

Really hard shoot today. Dominic Ford taught me how to do the piledriver. I almost passed out! But it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see it – Bryce Evans

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” behind the scenes photos from the set of Raging Stallion (via Marc Dylan’s blog), Man Royale, Stag Homme Studios, Hot House and Rock Candy Films.

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Last week I reported that muscle bottom Marc Dylan has returned to porn and he’s shooting in Barcelona with Raging Stallion. I just got a green light from Raging Stallion to reveal more info about this porn project.

They are filming for 2 Raging Stallion movies in Barcelona, Spain, directed by Tony Dimarco and the return of porn star Marc Dylan in front of the camera. [Tidbit: Actually Marc Dylan had a plan to work with earlier but the shoot was cancelled :-(]

Marc Dylan and Francesco D’Macho took a time out of their busy schedule to send some love to all the readers of Queer Me Now Blog! They talk about their impromptu sex scene and Marc’s new nickname :-) Don’t forget to check out their websites, MARCDYLAN.XXX and Stag Homme Studios.

Raging Stallion filmed a scene with Damien Crosse and Antonio Aguilera two days ago and yesterday they shot with Francesco D’Macho and a hot newcomer who’s never done porn before (I think his name is Frederique Duris), the sex was so hot Marc Dylan decided to join the action!!!

Beside Marc Dylan, this movie also mark the return of hairy porn star Aybars (Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Arab Heat, Giants, Cowboys) and Axel Brooks after a year hiatus.

Here’s the list of all the hot guys Raging Stallion planning to work with in Barcelona (It is subject to change) – Marc Dylan, Martin Mazza, Damien Crosse, Antonio Aguilera, Francesco D’Macho, Aybars, Adrian Toledo, Axel Brooks, Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes, Goran and Frederique Duris.

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