BelAmi Addicted Budapest Mark Ruffalo Jack Harrer Jean-Daniel

Check out the New ADDICTED Underwear fall/winter 2015 Campaign called “SINFULLY ADDICTED,” produced in collaboration with BELAMIONLINE.COM and its gay porn stars. Their previous campaign “Wet Me Up!” was produced in Cape Town.

This time, in SINFULLY ADDICTED, check out beautiful pictures and video of Bel Ami gay porn stars Jack Harrer, Marc Ruffalo, Jean-Daniel, Brian Jovovich and Andrei Karenin shot on location in Budapest, Hungary. For hi-res photos, visit my Facebook.

Don’t forget to watch one of the models, Andrei Karenin fucks Gary Danton in the latest sex scene!

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BelAmi Jim Kerouac Colin Hewitt Phillipe Gaudin

BELAMIONLINE.COM just released a new sex scene filmed when American models Mick Lovell, Austin Merrick, and Alex Waters were over from the US. In this video, lucky top Jim Kerouac fuck hot bottoms Phillipe Gaudin and Colin Hewitt.

They also released these hot sex scenes – Florian Nemec fucks Harris Hilton and Tony Conrad bottoms for Ronny Lamarr.

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Jack Harrer Fucks Brian Jovovich BelAmi Bareback

I was lucky I got a chance to meet these two hot Bel Ami models Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich on the set of Nakedsword & Bel Ami Dirty Rascals in Czech Republis last July. Both of them are so hot in real life.

This week you can watch these two take big cocks up their ass – Marcel Gassion gets fucked by Marco Bill and Brian Jovovich bottoms for Jack Harrer.

BELAMIONLINE.COM also just introduces hot new muscular model named Clint. Check out all the pictures below.

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Marcel Gassion Dirty Rascals BelAmi Nakedsword

Finally, NAKEDSWORD.COM and BELAMIONLINE.COM just released the XXX trailer of the upcoming big budget gay porn movie DIRTY RASCALS online. You can watch it below.

And in case you missed it, I was in Prague last July on set of this movie to do the Dirty Rascals Exclusive Reports: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5. :-)

Dirty Rascals features gay porn stars Connor Maguire, Tommy Defendi, Dato Foland, Darius Ferdynand with Bel Ami models Gino Mosca, Rick Lautner, Phillipe Gaudin, Marcel Gassion, Brian Jovovich, and Tim Campbell.

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Robin Michaux BelAmi Addicted

I think Robin Michaux is one of the hottest bottoms at BELAMIONLINE.COM. He looks gorgeous in his photo shoot for Addicted Swimwear Campaign. Don’t you think he could easily be Abercrombie & Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger model?

Lucky for us, this week Bel Ami released a 2-part sex scene where this hot model Robin Michaux gets tag-teamed by Adam Archuleta and Tim Campbell condom-free.

This scene requires the I explain a little about our production process. Firstly GD decides who will be filming with who and conveys this information to the production manager, Phillipe. Next Phillipe organizes the boys and makes sure they all turn up on set at the correct time. Today however Milan Sharpe decides to take advantage of the having 2 big dicked guys together and tricks them into believing that they are filming with him, instead of their intended screen partner Robin Michaux. He almost gets away with it too until Robin turns up and unceremoniously evicts him from the set and takes over right from where they left off.

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Bel Ami Marcel Gassion Gay Porn Star Nude

BELAMIONLINE.COM sent me these exclusive pictures of porn stars Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Marc Ruffalo, and Marcel Gassion during their recent trip to South Africa. I hope you will like this sexy photo set.

For the sex scene, check out this newest scene Jim Kerouac fucks Juliean Hussey.

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Kris Evans BelAmi Bottoms Adam Archuleta Jean-Daniel

The long awaited FUCKING KRIS (Kris Evans Bareback Bottoming Series) has finally begun. Part 1 of the 3-way fuckfest is now playing exclusively at BELAMIONLINE.COM and features superstar Kris Evans topping both Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel bareback.

Part 2 goes live tomorrow Saturday, September 27th and is where the action really happens when Kris Evans BOTTOMS BAREBACK FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Jean Daniel and Adam take turns topping Kris and his perfect ass with no condoms in Kris’s bareback bottoming debut.

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Marcel Gassion Kevin Warhol BelAmi Bareback

Powerbottom Marcel Gassion is definitely one of my favorite models at the moment and I was lucky I got a chance to meet this charming young man on set of Dirty Rascals.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM released a new scene Marcel Gassion gets fucked by Kevin Warhol. And don’t miss the scene handsome model Marc Ruffalo fucks Jack Harrer.

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Kris Evans Bottom Debut Bareback BelAmi Jean Daniel Adam Archuleta GayPorn

As I reported last week, muscular porn star Kris Evans is making his condom-free bottoming debut next week on September 27th. But BELAMIONLINE.COM has just released a 57-picture photo set from this upcoming video along with some detail.

This is a 2-part video. It begins with hunky Kris Evans fucking Adam Archuleta and Jean Daniel condom-free. And in Part 2, Kris Evans makes his bareback bottoming debut when Adam and Jean-Daniel take turns topping his muscular butt! Check out some preview pictures below. It’s gonna be hot watching big and hunky Kris Evans gets tag-teamed by Adam and Jean. ;-)

This week Bel Ami also released this 2-part video where Dario Dolce and hottie Dylan Maguire take turns fucking each other.

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Joel Birkin Gigantic Dick Gay Porn Star BelAmi

Back in 2012, BELAMIONLINE.COM teased viewers with a video of mysterious model with gigantic cock named Joel Birkin. In that video, they showed 4 Kinky Angels porn stars sucking Joel’s big dick without revealing his identity. Earlier this year, I reported that Joel Birkin along with Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca were filming Scandal In The Vatican 2 in Rome. And they finally revealed what Joel Birkin looks like as he was one of Bel Ami models featured in Addicted Swimwear Campaign. Yes, this guy has an underwear model look and great body and he definitely has one of the biggest dicks in porn right now!

Now it’s time to watch Joel Birkin and his huge cock in action! The September issue of KINKYANGELS.COM featured two new videos called “Joel’s Private Show” and “…Gone Wild!” where porn stars Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, and Jack Harrer servicing Joel’s gigantic dick!

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Kris Evans BelAmi Gay Porn Star Bottom

Hey guys! Mark this date, September 27th. It’s the date that gay porn star Kris Evans is making his bareback bottoming debut! Yes, at the end of this month, you can watch Kris Evans gets fucked condom-free in a 3-way fuckfest with Jean Daniel and Adam Archuleta on BELAMIONLINE.COM. That date also marks the beginning of the Kris Evans’ Bottoming Series his fans have been waiting for.

For now, check out this hot sex scenes released this week: Jim Kerouac fucks Misha Akunin, Scott Reeves fucks Tom Pollock, and Gaelan Binoche fucks Gino Mosca.

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Dato Foland Marcel Gassion Bel Ami Gay Porn Stars Dirty Rascals

Dato Foland is one of the hottest porn stars I’ve ever met! (Even his haters admit that the guy is beautiful.) The behind the scenes clip below proves that Dato is sexually irresistible to these Bel Ami models while he was on set of DIRTY RASCALS in Czech Republic.

DIRTY RASCALS is the upcoming big budget porn movie from NAKEDSWORD.COM featuring hot porn stars from the U.S., Europe and lots of hot models from BELAMIONLINE.COM. Check out my Dirty Rascals Exclusive Reports: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5.

I took this video clip below on the same day as that funny clip of Mr. Pam and Leo Forte. Dato didn’t have shooting schedule that day but I guess he was curious why they set up a bed in front of the chateau (to film the orgy, of course). While Dato was walking around shirtless (woof!), Marcel Gassion, one of the Bel Ami models, can’t resist Dato’s hotness and… you watch the cute video clip below to find out.

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