BelAmi Rhys Jagger Andrei Karenin Gay Porn Bareback

During the weekend, BELAMIONLINE.COM released this hot 2-part sex scene starring hunky Rhys Jagger and ripped model Andrei Karenin. Rhys is one of my favorite muscle bottoms at the moment and Andrei looks great in all of ADDICTED underwear campaigns.

Check out preview pics from this scene Rhys Jagger and Andrei Karenin fuck each other raw.

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BelAmi Gay Porn Kris Evans Kevin Warho Zac DeHaan

Many hot videos from BELAMIONLINE.COM this weekend. They release a bareback documentary showing two hot porn stars Kris Evans and Brian Jovovich during their photo shoot for Bravo! Addicted Sportswear 2015 in Budapest.

For the condom-free sex scenes, you can watch newcomer Zac DeHaan fuck Gary Danton and gay porn star Kevin Warhol bottoms for Vadim Farrell.

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Bel Ami Gay Porn Marcel Gassion Paul Mekas

I recorded this video clip while I was on the set of Dirty Rascals in Czech Republic. During the break from filming the orgy finale sex scene, BelAmi porn star Marcel Gassion decided to show off some of his skill (other than swallowing and getting fucked by the biggest cocks), he did a back flip naked. :-) Check out the video clip below.

And don’t forget to watch this latest sex scene, Marcel Gassion bottoms for Paul Mekas.

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BelAmi Addicted Soaked Loaded Kris Evans Jean Daniel Brian Jovovich

If you like the Bravo! Addicted Sportswear 2015 campaign which featured hot Bel Ami models. Check out this latest photo set of gorgeous porn stars Kris Evans, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich, Jack Harrer, Jean Daniel, and Marc Ruffalo in Soaked & Loaded Addicted Swimwear 2015.

These models have amazing bodies, especially Kris Evans and you can watch them fuck each other on BELAMIONLINE.COM.

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BelAmi Gay Porn Jerome Exupery Rocco Alfieri

Cuite Jereome Exupery made his porn debut last month as a bottom boy in the scene he got fucked by Kevin Warhol. As any good BelAmi boys, he shows his versatility in his second sex scene from KINKYANGELS.COM. His scene partner in this 2-part videos is Rocco Alfieri.

In Part 1, Jerome Exupery bottoms for Rocco Alfieri and you can watch Jerome fucks Rocco in Part 2.

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BelAmi KinkyAngels Naked Exercise Gay Porn

The February issue of KINKYANGELS.COM contains many hot videos. I’ve already posted pictures from the scenes Jerome Exupery get fucked by Kevin Warhol and Marcel Gassion bottom for Jack Harrer.

Today, let’s take a look at this bonus video: Naked Exercise with Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Joel Birkin, Adam Archuleta, Claude Sorel, Scott Bennet, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley.

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BelAmi Gay Porn Rhys Jagger Tom Pollock Sandro Filipi Adam Archuleta Chris Hoyt

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM introduces hot new model named Sandro Filipi. This 27-year-old model has masculine good looks and hot body.

Don’t forget to check out two condom-free sex scenes: Rhys Jagger fucks Tom Pollock and Adam Archuleta fucks Chris Hoyt.

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Hoyt Kogan Adam Archuleta BelAmi Gay Porn

Back in 2013, BELAMIONLINE.COM released AN AMERICAN IN PRAGUE 3D, a remake of its classic porn movie An American In Prague. It looks like BelAmi will remake another classic with their current generation of models, this time it’s Greek Holiday.

In case you are not familiar with it, Greek Holiday is a 2-part movie directed by George Duroy himself. Greek Holiday 1: Cruising the Aegean and Greek Holiday 2: Cruising Mykonos were released in 2004 and featured many popular porn stars at the time like Tommy Hansen, Tim Hamilton, Brandon Manillow, Julian Armanis, Jason Paradis, Gilles Marais, etc.

They tease the fans with this video starring hottie Hoyt Kogan and Adam Archuleta.

During our last trip to Africa, Hoyt and Adam shared a room together and became “very close”. This day we were supposed to film a full scene with them. However, neither were in shape for bottoming so we filmed it as a blow-job teaser for a full scene. That scene is already finished and will be released as part of the Greek Holiday remake.

I’m so excited. Greek Holiday is one of my all-time favorite porn movies. You can watch this Hoyt Kogan and Adam Archuleta video on KINKYANGELS.COM.

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BelAmi Brian Jovovich Steve Russell Gay Porn

Brian Jovovich is one hot and stunning BelAmi porn model. He looks amazing in Bravo! Addicted Sportswear 2015 campaign, he also works as a production manager in BelAmi’s Bratislava office and he’s very cute in person. Check out my behind the scenes video and pictures from the set of Dirty Rascals in Czech Republic.

This week, he shows his versatility again in this 2-part videos Brian Jovovich and Steve Russell take turns fucking each other.

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BelAmi Jack Harrer Fucks Ramon Macchio Gay Porn

We watched this cute model Ramon Macchio in a hot threeway with Tony Conrad & Yannick Modine. Now it’s time for him to get fucked by one of the biggest cocks at Bel Ami, Jack Harrer.

Check out preview pics from this scene Ramon Macchio gets fucked by Jack Harrer condom-free below.

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BelAmi Gay Porn Kris Evans Marcel Gassion Zac DeHaan

Marcel Gassion is like the luckiest bottom ever in this new video for Valentine’s Day from Bel Ami. Marcel Gassion gets fucked by 2 hunks Kris Evans and Zac DeHaan.

This week Bel Ami also introduced hot newcomer Miguel Estevez and another hot sex scene Marc Ruffalo fucks Claude Sorel.

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Marcel Gassion Jack Harrer Gay Porn BelAmi Huge Cock

The February issue of KINKYANGELS.COM has many hot scenes to talk about. I posted pictures from Jerome Exupery 1st Sex Scene, Bottoming For Kevin Warhol last week.

You guys know that I’m a fan of Marcel Gassion (check out this video) and he is featured in this “Jack’s Video Selfies Part 1.” It is one of Jack Harrer’s first directorial efforts. I like this home video / sex tape style. Marcel Gassion gets fucked by Jack Harrer’s huge cock while Marcel was bending over to look for bread in the cabinet.

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