Kris Evans Kristof Esterhazy Bel Ami

I’m a fan of hot gay porn star Kris Evans. He made his bottoming debut in 2010 where he got fucked by Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell and there was a photo set of Kris Evans getting fucked by Brandon Manilow released in 2011.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM released this hot sex scene Kris Evans bottoms for Hungarian model Kristof Esterhazy. It’s always nice to watch big and muscular stud like Kris Evans with his muscled legs in the air and getting his butt fucked!

Apparently, this scene IS the first time Kris Evans get fucked ever. George Duroy archived this scene at the time in case it was the only time that Kris agreed to bottom. Lucky for us, you will see more of his bottoming scenes because BELAMIONLINE.COM is showing this to you now as a precursor to KRIS EVANS’ BOTTOMING SERIES coming your way in Fall this year. This is THE best news of the year 2014 for me! Can’t wait.

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Dolph Lambert Colin Hewitt BelAmi Bareback

April is the month of DIRTY BLONDS at BELAMIONLINE.COM. It’s nice to see hottie Dolph Lambert again in this latest update. He shows his versatility in this 2-part sex scene where Dolph Lambert and Colin Hewitt take turns fucking each other.

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BelAmi Hoyt Kogan Florian Nemec ES Collection Addicted 2014 Swimwear

ES Collection just released this sexy video called WET ME UP!, the new Addicted Swimwear 2014 Campaign starring by the gorgeous BEL AMI boys.

WET ME UP! Is the first installment of a wonderfull trilogy in which the Addicted 2014 Spring/Summer Collection will be presented – swimwear, underwear, sportswear/streetswear.

Check out this sexy video starring hot Bel Ami models Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Robin Michaux, Hoyt Kogan and Joel Birkim.

The Addicted production team went to Cape Town for 6 days to work together with the gorgeous BelAmi boys on the WET ME UP! Swimwear Campaign, as well as other campaigns which will be released in the near future. Heavenly locations, steamy photoshoots and videos as well as plenty of eroticism will be the main ingredients that will keep you glued to your screens.

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Brian Jovovich Tim Campbell BelAmi Bareback

I think Brian Jovovich is another hot bottom to keep an eye on. We first saw him in 24 Bel Ami Boys Orgy last November. And I like the scene he bottoms for Jim Kerouac in December. I like his boyish look and muscle jock body.

This time, you can watch Brian Jovovich getting fucked by Tim Campbell condom-free and shooting a huge load while he is still being fucked in this latest video from Bel Ami.

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BelAmi KinkyAngels Jack Harrer Kevin Warhol Andre Boleyn Adam Archuleta

45 minutes into the new BELAMI movie called REBELS, contains a scene where porn star Jack Harrer is sick and his KinkyAngels friends (Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta) decide to take Jack’s temperature the old fashioned way by sticking a thermometer up his butt.

BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) demand this scene to be cut from the movie REBELS. BelAmi refuses and pulls the movie release from the UK. I think it’s very weird… you can read more detail about this issue below.

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Phillipe Gaudin Jack Harrer Bel Ami Bareback

Continue with the theme “XTRA BIG DICK CLUB” for the entire month of March, BELAMIONLINE.COM just released this 2-part sex scene starring huge-dick model Jack Harrer and Phillipe Guadin.

You can watch Jack Harrer fucks Phillipe Guadin in Part 1 and then Phillipe returns the favor in Part 2.

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Vadim Farrell Ennio Guardi Bel Ami Bareback Gay Porn

This is the second time BELAMIONLINE.COM put hot and muscular models Vadim Farrell and Ennio Guardi together. They fucked in the movie called Too Big to Fail (that time with condoms).

Their fans enjoyed the scene, now you can watch Vadam Farrell fucks Ennio Guardi condom-free.

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Phil Affleck Liam Ondra Matej Gay Porn Stars

Hot porn newcomers to keep an eye on this week: Phil Affleck from Bel Ami, Liam from Corbin Fisher (aka Dolph from Fratmen) and Ondra Matej from William Higgins.

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Bel Ami Jack Harrer Marcel Gassion Paul Valery Bareback

March is a month of extra big uncut dicks at BELAMIONLINE.COM. They present Bel Ami’s XTRA BIG DICK CLUB all month long featuring porn stars Kris Evans, Jack Harrer, Marcel Gassion, Austin Merrick, Andre Boleyn, Phil Affleck, Ryan Kutcher, Paul Valery, Zac Dehaan, Phillipe Gaudin, Lance Thurber, Ennio Gaurdi, Vadim Farrell, etc.

Check out the XXX preview video below.

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Dario Dolce Julio Bardem Bel Ami

We’ve seen newcomer Julio Bardem topped Phillipe Gaudin in his porn debut last January. This week he’s back and this time he was paired with talented bottom Dario Dolce. Julio’s cock must feel really good because Dario Dolce cums twice while getting fucked by Julio Bardem.

Don’t forget to check out these hot scenes from BELAMIONLINE.COM – Rick Lautner Bottoms For Alec Rothko, Adam Archuleta Fucks Rocco Alfieri and Misha Akunin gets fucked by Dylan Maguire.

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Marco Bill Fucks Sascha Chaykin Bel Ami

Check out these hot scenes from BELAMIONLINE.COM: Hot bottom Sascha Chaykin gets fucked by Marco Bill, Scott Reeves fucks Eric Flynn and Jason Clark fucks Claude Sorel.

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BelAmi Luke Hamill Fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall Bareback

February is BELAMIONLINE.COM’s “Month of Romance.” They released a romantic sex scene between Rick Lautner and Tim Campbell today.

I’m glad to see more video from Rick Lautner. He’s among the friendliest guys I met at Bel Ami 20th Anniversary Party in Prague last September.

Don’t forget to check out other hot scenes: Luke Hamill fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall and Paul Mekas fucks Julien Hussey and Erik Bouna.

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