Kris Evans Rhys Jagger BelAmi Muscle Gay Porn Stars

BELAMIONLINE.COM just released this hot photo set of porn star Kris Evans and Rhys Jagger as a “warm up” to Kris’ bottoming for Rhys next month. Yes, Kris Evans’ Bottoming Series I talked about is coming! These pictures were photographed in late 2012 in Hungary.

I was lucky I met this muscular porn star Kris Evans twice, at Bel Ami 20th Anniversary Party last year and on set of Bel Ami / NakedSword last month. He’s much hotter and bigger in person.

Speaking of which, I think I should clarify something of the Bel Ami / Nakedsword production I covered last month (Dirty Rascals Exclusive Reports: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5) The word “co-production” I used might lead to some confusion. Let put it this way.

Dirty Rascals is a Nakedsword movie, story by Tim Valenti, script by Jack Shamama and directed by Mr. Pam. They flew in 4 porn stars – Connor Maguire, Tommy Defendi, Dato Foland and Darius Ferdynand. And they cast many Bel Ami models in this movie. They filmed on location in and around beautiful chateau outside Prague. In this same chateau, Bel Ami also shot their own sex scenes simultaneously. (They both filmed their own orgy scene on the same day!) And Bel Ami filmed Connor, Tommy, Darius having sex with Bel Ami models as well. Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell were there that day to film for Bel Ami. So… Sorry, you are not going to see them in Nakedsword’s Dirty Rascals.

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BelAmi Tom Pollock Scott Bennet Claude Sorel

Check out these three-way actions from BELAMIONLINE.COM. They just released these 2-part new video starring Tom Pollock, Scott Bennet and Claude Sorel. In part one of this scene you see Claude getting fucked by both Tom and Scott. And in part two it’s Tom Pollock’s turn to get fucked by Scott and Claude.

Don’t forget to check out another 2-part scene where lucky bottom Julien Hussey gets fucked by hot tops Jim Kerouac and Julio Bardem.

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BelAmi Vadim Farrell Scott Reeves Bareback Gay Porn

BELAMIONLINE.COM presents two hot sex scenes starring two hot muscle bottoms this week. I’m talking about hot porn stars Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios.

You can watch Hungarian muscle jock Vadim Farrell bottom Scott Reeves condom-free in the new scene from Bel Ami Night Scene series.

And Manuel Rios looks great getting fucked by Paul Mekas in the Condom Archive scene.

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Marc Ruffalo BelAmi Gay Porn Star Selfie cat

Check out this hot newcomer named Marc Ruffalo. He has received a strongly positive reaction from BELAMIONLINE.COM members lately and it looks like Bel Ami just has another rising porn star. This hot guy is a pro athlete, his favorite sex position is 69, and he prefers top but he’s a total versatile in his sex scenes. In his first sex scene, you can watch Marc Ruffalo and Billy Montague flip-fuck.

Check out these 3 sexy selfies of Marc Ruffalo Queer Me Now Blog got for you.

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BelAmi Rhys Jagger Adam Archuleta Bareback

I think BELAMIONLINE.COM just got another hot muscle bottom. He is Rhys Jagger. This guy has a sexy muscled body, he flip-fucked with Jean Daniel in his first sex scene released last month. Today this muscular jock shows that he’s a good bottom. Check out this new video Rhys Jagger gets fucked by Adam Archuleta and cums while getting pounded.

If you are in a mood for acrobatic sex, watch the scene Dario Dolce fucks Julien Hussey in multiple acrobatic positions. And if you like muscle men (like me), Bel Ami also released a sexy photo session between Jim Kerouac and Vadim Farrell which ends with two cumshots.

I recently met Vadim Farrell in person while I was in Prague. Don’t forget to watch this video clip of me on my way to the porn shoot with Vadim Farrell, Kris Evans and Marcel Gassion.

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Jim Kerouac Colin Hewitt BelAmi Gay Porn

In case you haven’t already seen it, here are my daily report on set of NakedSword / Bel Ami co-production movie Dirty Rascals: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5. You are going to hear a lot more about this movie because I have many pictures and video clips I took from the set that I can’t wait share with you guys. I’m on my way back home from Europe today after a trip to Prague and Madrid (with I just need time to sort through all the pictures and edit the videos. (And co-ordinate things with, NakedSword and Bel Ami before I release anything.)

For now, check out this latest update from BELAMIONLINE.COM. Porn star Jim Kerouac has one of the best muscled bodies at Bel Ami and you can watch Jim Kerouac fucks Colin Hewitt in this new video.

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Marcel Gassion Brian Jovovich BelAmi Sexual Workout

I think Marcel Gassion is one of BELAMIONLINE.COM hottest bottoms. This guy is handsome, has a great body, and he got fucked by 3 big cocks in his porn debut. ;-)

I was lucky that I got a chance to hang out with Marcel in Prague during the filming of Dirty Rascals, a co-production between Bel Ami and Nakedsword. Now I can assure you that this guy has a nice personality to match his good look. He’s very sweet and funny. During the shoot, Marcel was the guy who picked me up from my hotel in Prague and drove me to the chateau where they filmed the movie every morning. It was a great experience for me.

For Brian Jovovich, I only met him on my last day on set. Too bad he doesn’t speak English so I didn’t talk to him. But OMG! This Brian has amazing body and nice ass.

And in this latest video from Bel Ami, you can watch Marcel Gassion gets fucked by Brian Jovovich.

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Kris Evans Bel Ami Explosive Cumshot

Kris Evans is one of the most popular porn stars at BELAMIONLINE.COM at the moment. This guy has amazing muscular body, huge cock and hot as hell. (Trust me, I met the guy in person. Check out my exclusive pictures and video.) Kris is also famous for his explosive cumshots and he delivers it again in this 2-part video where Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell tag-team Kevin Warhol.

Bel Ami also released another hot 3-way scene where hottie Peter Fleming gets fucked by Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli.

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Kris Evans BelAmi Gay Porn Star 2014

Yesterday was my last day on set of Dirty Rascals in Czech Republic, a co-production between BELAMIONLINE.COM and NAKEDSWORD.COM. That’s so sad but I tried to make the most out of my last day on set. Oh, and as response to some readers. This movie is not a bareback movie, all models use condom.

It was also a hectic day at the chateau because Bel Ami also filmed its own orgy scene there. That’s right, Nakedsword and Bel Ami filmed two orgy scenes simultaneously yesterday. The property was filled with moaning sounds all day. It’s quite a surreal experience for me. It’s amazing to hang out with all these gay porn stars: Kris Evans, Connor Maguire, Gino Mosca, Kevin Warhol, Marcel Gassion, Rick Lautner, Dato Foland, Phillipe Gaudin, Vadim Farrell, Darius Ferdynand, Brian Jovovich, Tim Campbell and Lukas Ridgeston.

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Lukas Ridgeston Bel Ami Gay Porn Star 2014

Today is a BIG day of filming Dirty Rascals. As you can see in the behind the scenes photos I took from the set. Mr. Pam and Leo Forte filmed with the entire cast today. From Connor Maguire, Tommy Defendi, Dato Foland, Darius Ferdynand to Bel Ami boys Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Marcel Gassion, Tom Pollock, Claude Sorel, Rocco Alfieri, Tim Campbell, and Phillipe Gaudin. The chateau was packed with so many gay porn stars today. There were two legendary porn stars working behind the camera; Lukas Ridgeston filming behind the scenes documentary and Johan Paulik also shooting sex scenes in the chateau for Bel Ami website with a couple of models I’ve never seen before. (Too bad I was not allowed to take photos of those models.)

Tomorrow is going to be my last night here in Prague. That’s so sad. NAKEDSWORD.COM and BELAMIONLINE.COM will continue filming Dirty Rascals until Wednesday but I will travel from Prague to Madrid this Monday to do on-set reports with (similar to this one) there. Wish me luck!

For now, check out these photos from the set of Dirty Rascals “funeral” scene.

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Dato Foland Tommy Defendi Lukas Ridgeston Rick Lautner

Today is the 3rd day of filming “Dirty Rascals,” a co-production between NAKEDSWORD.COM and BELAMIONLINE.COM. Director Mr. Pam filmed a scene between porn star Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland today, with Lukas Ridgeston shooting behind the scenes documentary and Bel Ami Rick Lautner as a production assistant.

They were filming outdoor in a garden near the chateau. The weather was quite hot today. Needless to say, the shirts start to come off and I’m not talking about only what happened in front of the camera.

Seriously, I can’t decide which side of the camera is hotter with hot porn stars like Dato Foland (This guy is funny, friendly and has a gorgeous body of Greek god. He’s a pleasant guy to hang out with on set.) and Tommy Defendi in front of the camera. And porn legend like Lukas Ridgeston and Bel Ami model Rick Lautner working behind the scenes. This is definitely the hottest porn set I’ve ever been to for sure.

Check out the photos I took from the set today along with a funny video clip of Mr. Pam, Phillipe Gaudin and Lukas Ridgeston on set. (Hint: I got pictures and video of Lukas shirtless. This guy still looks gorgeous after all these years.)

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Darius Ferdynand Gino Mosca

Today is the second day of filming “Dirty Rascals,” an upcoming porn movie from NAKEDSWORD.COM and BELAMIONLINE.COM. You can check out my previous reports from the set here and here.

Just like yesterday, legendary porn star Lucas Ridgeston was on set filming the behind the scenes documentary about the movie. Too bad that Leo Forte felt sick today so Tim Valenti, the president and CEO of Nakedsword himself, stepped in to help director Mr. Pam with lighting and behind the scenes works.

Check out photos of Darius Ferdynand, Dato Foland with Bel Ami porn stars Gino Mosca, Rick Lautner and Marcel Gassion below.

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