Porn stars Connor Kline and Colby Jansen play rugby in real life. I posted some photos of them with their rugby teams last October and suggested that they should make a rugby-theme gay porn together. Well, this week MEN.COM made my porn fantasy comes true! (And Thank you Jeremy for remembering that!) They just released the first scene from the new rugby-theme porn series “Scrum” with Connor Kline gets fucked by Colby Jansen!

Don’t forget to check out Billy Santoro gets gang-banged in “Proverbs Of Porn” and Johnny Rapid in porn series “There’s Something About Johnny” (a porn parody to the hit comedy There’s Something About Mary)

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Last October, I covered the story about the upcoming documentary called I’M A PORN STAR. (Watch the trailer here) I just found out that the gay dating app GuySpy has been releasing this 13-episode webseries / documentary on its website since November. They just released the fourth episode a few days ago.

I’M A PORN STAR focuses on 4 popular porn stars – Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, Rocco Reed and Brent Everett with cameo appearances by tons of other gay porn stars. In episode 3, you will learn more about Colby Jansen and his wife Gia Darling including a behind the scenes look on the set of MEN.COM while they were shooting the orgy scene Rod’s Fantasy.

Fans of Johnny Rapid must watch the fourth episode, this episode shines a spotlight on your favorite porn star. You will see how Johnny prepares for his sex scenes, what he thinks about the industry and how he feels about his co-star Rafael Alencar and their famous Prison Shower sex scene :-) Episode 5 will focus on gay porn star Rocco Reed. Can’t wait to see his story.

For now, you can watch Johnny Rapid getting fucked by Jaxton Wheeler in the new porn series “There’s Something About Johnny.”

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I found this news on Denz’s blog, Men of Porn: Paul Walker revealed on his twitter that he just did a scene for MEN.COM with “top bloke” @rippedboi which is the Twitter name of Jon Saunders aka David Jones. Actually, this guy has so many porn names – Jon Saunders, David Jones, Mike Douglas, Pater Jackson, David Duke, Samuel, etc.

I first wrote about this hot guy back in 2009. He did many solo scenes with many porn studios – English Lads, UK Naked Men, Men At Play, etc. But never done any gay sex scene so far. Could he be the next Paddy O’Brian of 2014? Just like Paddy, he did a dildo scene once.

According to Paul Walker‘s tweet, it looks like Jon Saunders finally does gay sex scene and tops Paul for MEN OF UK. Who knows, he might be the next TOP TO BOTTOM at some point in 2014. :-)

For now, check out’s biggest orgy scene in “Daddy’s Club Part 5″ with Johnny Rapid, Billy Santoro, Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen, Corey Haynes, John Magnum, Justin Dean and Robbie Rivers. Johnny Rapid gets DP’d in this scene!

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It’s that time of year, Christmas spirit is in the air as porn sites release their XMas theme sex scenes. For MEN.COM, it’s the orgy scene called “XXXMAS” where porn stars Johnny Rapid and Tom Faulk get fucked by Colby Jansen and Topher DiMaggio.

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You’ve seen Dato Foland topped Abraham Al Malek at Stag Homme last month. Today, Abraham returns the favor in this latest video from MEN.COM “Hotel X Part 2″ where you can watch hot porn star Dato Foland get fucked by Abraham Al Malek! This is Dato’s second time getting pounded on screen after his bottoming debut last October (Dato Foland got fucked by Leo Domenico.) also just made an announcement that they have signed Dato Foland to exclusive contract.

Don’t forget to check out this scenes: Tom Faulk fucks Jimmy Fanz in “Kept Man” and Colby Jansen fucks Corey Haynes in “Daddy’s Club Part 2.”

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This is nice, I just blogged about Richard Pierce returning to porn a couple of days ago. Now another former Randy Blue model also comes back to porn. I’m talking about versatile porn star Travis James whose last scene was released back in April.

His fans can watch Travis’ newest scene on MEN.COM in a video called “Sperm Bank” where Travis James gets fucked by Colby Jansen.
Thanks to Chris, my enthusiastic reader, who alerted me about the update in member section of They added preview videos of 4 upcoming scenes and I’m glad to see hot porn stars Dato Foland and Jake Wilder bottom again!

You can watch Jake Wilder (former Sean Cody model Campbell) gets fucked by Connor Maguire in a scene called “Bromance 2″ releasing this Friday.

Dato Foland made his bottoming debut with last October where he got fucked by Leo Domenico. Dato is the star of the upcoming porn seires “Hotel X” you will see him bottoms for Abraham Al Malek, fucks Tony Rivera, gets fucked by Damien Crosse and DP Donato Reyes. WOW! So many hot scenes to look forward to :-)

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Muscular bottom Robin Sanchez is one of my favorite porn stars. We have seen him got fucked at Kristen Bjorn, Menatplay and Tim Tales. Today, you can watch his first scene with MEN.COM. The scene is called “Surrender” and Robin Sanchez bottoms for Paul Walker.

Check out these hot scenes recently released from – Connor Kline gets fucked by Bryce Evans in “The Go See” and Colby Jansen fucks Johnny Rapid in “Experimenting With Pleasures.” Don’t forget to watch my exclusive video interview with Connor and Byrce.

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MEN.COM is about to release the scene called “Trying Out The Goods” today and it’s produced from the runner-up script from Script Writing Contest #3 written by one of the readers of Queer Me Now Blog, Don. I’m so jealous of Don. :-) He is able watch his porn fantasy performed by porn stars John Magnum, Mike De Marko, Tommy Defendi and Colby Jansen in this upcoming orgy scene.

Check out the preview pics and video below, you can read the original script here.

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The wait is almost over, in a few hours, MEN.COM will release “Top To Bottom 5” where you can watch top-only (not anymore) porn star Charlie Harding gets his butt fucked for the first time by Colby Jansen. (Colby Jasen himself just got fucked for the first time in Top To Bottom 4 last month.)

Now the question is, who is gonna be the next top-only porn star who will get his butt fucked in “Top To Bottom 6″ next month? Hint: Some of you have already guessed it correctly. This porn series TOP TO BOTTOM is definitely the most popular series for, they create the whole website around it :-)

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MEN.COM has just released the trailer for the scene Top To Bottom 5 where muscle daddy Charlie Harding gets fucked for the first time (by Colby Jansen.) The scene will be released November 22 but you can watch the trailer on MEN.COM now.

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MEN.COM revealed muscle daddy Charlie Harding as the next TOP TO BOTTOM a couple of days ago. But who’s the top? The lucky top who fucks Charlie Harding in Top To Bottom 5 is none other than Colby Jansen who got fucked for the first time himself in Top To Bottom 4 last month.

Top To Bottom 5 will be available on November 22 with the trailer to be released this weekend. Now, can you guess who is the top-only porn star who will get fucked for the first time on camera for your pleasure next month in Top To Bottom 6??? also sent out pictures of one of its exclusive models, Tom Faulk, in his new look. He has traded in his trademark surfer/skater hair for something shorter. What do you think? Speaking of new look, MEN.COM also launched a new design of the website today.

Later today, will release the new scene “The Analyst” where you can watch porn star Paddy O’Brian fucking Theo Reid.

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Today is the day! The scene many of you have been waiting for, Top To Bottom 4 where top porn star Colby Jansen finally gets his bubble butt fucked for the first time by Tommy Defendi is online today.

And that’s not the only great news from MEN.COM today. There are TWO scenes being released today, not just one. They guarantee that both scenes are very hot. This second scene which is about to be released later today is part of the BIG announcement from MEN.COM. Stay tuned!

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