MEN.COM has just released the teaser trailer of Top To Bottom 4 which reveals the identity of the top gay porn star who gets fucked for the very first time. Check it out!

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Last July, I blogged about “Straight Guys” an upcoming documentary on “Gay For Pay.” Now there’s another interesting documentary about gay porn to keep an eye on. It’s called I’M A PORN STAR and it follows the lives of gay porn stars Rocco Reed, Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid and Brent Everett.

This documentary should be released in about six months and you can see it at many film festivals around the world. I can’t wait to see it and learn more about the real lives of these porn stars! I believe many of you guys who are fans of Johnny Rapid, Colby Jansen, former exclusive Rocco Reed, and Brent Everett will looking forward to see this documentary as well.

Check out the trailer of “I’m A Porn Star” below.

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Meritocracy was the winner of Script Writing Contest #3 and the script had been made into a porn video starring Paddy O’Brian, Jonny Kingdom and Theo Reid. And as I told you last July, the producers at MEN.COM really like the script called “Trying Out the Goods” submitted by Don and decided to make it into a porn video.

Today I have these exclusive sneak preview photos of this scene “Trying Out the Goods” for you. The full video should be out around November. It’s the orgy scene starring John Magnum, Mike De Marko, Tommy Defendi and Colby Jansen. Congratulation Don! :-)

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Check out these 3 sex scenes MEN.COM released this past weekend: If you are a fan of orgy, watch “Sex Traveler Part 3″ power bottom JD Phoenix gets gang-banged by Colby Keller, Landon Conrad, Colby Jansen and Adam Hurst.

“Fooling The Newbie” the new sex scene directed by Alter Sin and starring two of my favorite porn stars Jessy Ares and Donato Reyes. And in case you missed it, you can see behind the scenes photos here and here.

As you guys have already known, flew Topher DiMaggio to UK to fuck Paddy O’Brian. It’s one of the most talked about sex scene of 2013 for sure. On this trip, Topher also filmed this scene “The Night After” Topher DiMaggio fucks Kayden Gray.

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MEN.COM just updated its upcoming scenes in the member area with all the hot videos coming in August. There are so many hot sex scenes to keep an eye on! :-)

Sci-Fi nerd in me is excited with many “sci-fi” theme gay porn videos – Paddy O’Brian fucks Riley coxx in “24 Hours To Fuck.” It’s a gay porn parody of Hollywood movie “In Time” starring Justin Timberlake. Colby Keller stars in “Sex Traveler” a time-traveling 3-part sci-fi series where Colby travels to past and future to fuck hot men. Johnny Rapid reprises his role as the sex doll again, this time he gets gang-banged in “Johnny In A Box: The Escape.”

Paul Walker bottoms again, this time by newcomer Theo Reid in “Barbershop.” Fans of Rocco Reed can watch him bottoms for Tony Paradise in “Awkward Run-In.” Tom Faulk fucks Austin Merrick in “School’s Out Part 1.”

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Brian’s Meritocracy porn script won the Queer Me Now’s Script Writing Contest #3, he got a one-year membership to MEN.COM and his script is being made into the real porn video.

But today I have good news for everyone who voted for “Trying Out the Goods” the porn script submitted by Don. One of producers really like Don’s script and wanted to bring his idea to life. Congratulation Don! will begin production on both “Meritocracy” and “Trying Out The Goods” and Don got 3-month subscription to :-)

Within a few hours, MEN.COM will release the scene called “Pay Up” where porn star Jay Roberts gets fucked by Damien Crosse rough and hard.

Don’t miss these hot scenes – Duncan Black gets gang-banged in “Brother Husbands,” Jack King fucks Caleb Colton in “Boat Safety” and Colby Jansen fucks Lance Luciano in “100 Percent Straight.”

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Today is a special day for both Paul Walker himself and his fans :-D Within a few hours, MEN.COM will release his bottoming debut, Paul Walker getting fucked for the first time by his best friend Paddy O’Brian in the video called “Mates Part 4.”

Everyone knows that, it’s on every porn blogs. But do you know that today, Paul Walker just finished another scene to add to his “bottom list”? As I reported earlier, Colby Jansen is in UK at the moment shooting scenes from Paul Walker just tweeted that he finished a scene where Paul Walker bottoms for Colby Jansen! That’s another scene to keep an eye on in coming months :-)

I also hope that will give me a greenlight soon so I can reveal the identity of the power top who will get fucked for the first time in Top To Bottom Part 2

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Four hot porn stars Lucio Saints, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria and Cutler X do a live sex show at Sexyvores Party, ADDIKT Club in Paris.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out sexy photos from the set of, Stag Homme Studios, Gay Room, Men of Montreal, Alpha Males, UK Naked Men, Fraternity X and Corbin Fisher.

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You might have heard about porn star Johnny Rapid‘s 21st Birthday Bash in Atlanta. They are working on the final details (actually they told me about this since The Phoenix Forum) and the date has been changed to September 6th – 8th. They also planning on broadcasting it online for those, like me, who can’t go to the event. But I’m not sure about the details yet.

For more info, keep an eye on Johnny Rapid’s official website, Twitter @JohnnyRapidATL and his manager Tee Gates.

This weekend, you can enjoy this scene Johnny Rapid gets tag-teamed by Ryan Rockford and Colby Jansen. It’s part 1 of the new porn series “Football Fuckdown.”

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MEN.COM is about to release the scene Top To Bottom Part 1 where Tony Paradise makes a bottoming debut today. But two of my eagle-eyed readers, Ropper08 and Zwight has discovered some more hot scenes coming soon from MEN.COM.

It’s Paul Walker getting fucked by his best buddy Paddy O’Brian! The scene is called “Mates Part 4.” And Tony Paradise bottoms again. This time Tony gets fucked by Tyler Hunt in a scene called “Lawful Entry,” all coming next month!

Great job Ropper08 and Zwight! I’m sure his fans would be delight to watch Paul Walker‘s bottoming debut and it’s by his best friend Paddy O’Brian. :-) You can prepare yourself by watching Mates Part 1 / Mates Part 2 / Mates Part 3. Can’t wait to tell you guys who’s the famous “top only” porn star getting fucked for the first time in “Top To Bottom Part 2″ this July.

For now, check out this scene Top To Bottom Part 1, Tony Paradise gets fucked by Colby Jansen.

[UPDATE] You can watch the preview video of the scene Paddy O’Brian fucks Paul Walker here.

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Many news update from MEN.COM – They are about to release the new scene called “Passion” for Men of UK. “It’s an experiment with the popular “honeymoon sex” style made popular by X-Art.” Two hot porn stars D.O. and Donato Reyes take turns fucking each other in this scene! It’s nice to see D.O. bottoms again and Donato Reyes is so hot :-)

On Thursday, they have a scene I told you last month, It’s called “Top to Bottom Part 1″ where top-only porn star (not anymore) Tony Paradise gets fucked for the first time! Tony bottoms for Colby Jansen.

Another great news, Top To Bottom Part 2 comes out in July and I can’t wait to tell you guys who’s the even more famous “top only” porn star getting fucked for the first time in that scene, you’re gonna love it!

Last but definitely not least, Alter Sin studio in Spain just filmed a scene for MEN.COM today with hot newcomer Tony Rivera (This handsome stud make the porn debut two weeks ago getting fucked by Tony Gys for Men At Play) and porn star Tomas Brand. This is gonna be a great scene for sure, both guys are extremely sexy!

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Earlier this month, we saw porn star Paddy O’Brian fuck muscular Tomas Brand in Secret Agent Part 1 by MEN.COM. Paddy fucked Troy Daniels in Part 2.

And today you can watch Paddy fucks Tomas Brand’s real-life boyfriend Logan Rogue in Secret Agent Part 3!

And in case you missed it, check out some preview pics from the scene called Rod’s Fantasy, it’s the orgy scene with Rod Daily, Bobby Clark, Colby Jansen, Andrew Stark and Duncan Black.

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