Connor Maguire Mike De Marko Hosed Down Hole Searched

C1R.COM has released all 4 episodes from the first chapter of 12 porn webisodes, SENTENCED. Now the story continues in chapter two called PUNISHED. This fifth episode is called “Hosed Down and Hole Searched” and you can watch Connor Maguire fucks Mike De Marko.

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Connor Maguire Mike De Marko Hosed Down Hole Searched

Check out this hot scene Connor Maguire fucks Mike De Marko in the first episode of Punished called “Hosed Down & Hole Searched” from Chi Chi LaRue.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out behind the scenes photos from Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, CockyBoys, High Performance Men, Staxus, Hard Brit Lads, Men of Montreal and Kink Men.

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Bubble Butts Orgy Connor Maguire Jake Wilder John Magnum Luke Adams Sebastian Young

These two latest videos from MEN.COM is all about group sex. You can watch hot European porn star Dato Foland gets tag-teamed by Paddy O’Brian and Leo Domenico in “Voyeur Part 4.”

The porn series “Bubble Butts” ends with a 5-stud orgy starring Luke Adams, Jake Wilder, Connor Maguire, John Magnum and Sebastian Young.

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Ryan Rose Nick Sterling Ready To Fuck Falcon Edge

Falcon Studios has just announced the launch of its new line of movies called Falcon Edge by director Nick Foxx.

The first movie for his new line Falcon Edge is READY TO FUCK. It features the flip-fuck between Ryan Rose and Nick Sterling, Landon Conrad tops Adrian Hart, Jimmy Durano fucks Rey Luis and Joseph Rough bottoms for Connor Maguire.

Learn more about Falcon Edge line and watch the XXX movie trailer of READY TO FUCK below.

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Mark Sanz Valentino Medici Fabio Lopez Lucas Ent

Porn star Adam Killian has traveled to Europe this week to shoot new sex scenes for Lucas Entertainment. In the picture below, he’s shooting with Valentino Medici, Fabio Lopez and hot newcomer Mark Sanz (far left).

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from Lucas Entertainment, Gay Hoopla, Channel 1 Releasing, and Raw Fuck Club.

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Landon Conrad Ludo Sander Gay Porn Stars Falcon

I mentioned in my previous blog post a couple of days ago that Bruno Bond, Kent Taylor and Nick Foxx of FALCON STUDIOS is in Las Vegas shooting new movie “Intensity.” I have more sexy photos of porn stars Landon Conrad, Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdynand, Adam Ramzi, Adrian Hart and Luco Sander from this porn shoot.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from Falcon Studios, Chi Chi LaRue, Club Inferno Dungeon, Corbin Fisher and Paragon Men.

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Connor Maguire Fucks Sebastian Young Bubble Butts

MEN.COM is about to release another porn series called “Bubble Butts” and in this first episode, you can watch comeback porn star Sebastian Young gets his bubble butt fucked by Connor Maguire.

Speaking of bubble butts, you can also watch Jake Wilder bottoms for Cliff Jensen in the scene called “The Next Bottom Part 2.”
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Corbin Fisher Pete Zeb Black Dildo

Director Pete and Zeb goofing around on set of CORBIN FISHER.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from Falcon Studios (They are filming porn in Las Vegas), Man Royale, Men Over 30, Hot Dads Hot Lads, Staxus, Randy Blue and Tyler Reed.

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Gabriel Clark Dan Broughton Gay Sex

MEN.COM has released a new sex scene on a daily basis ever since the launch of this mega porn site back in September, 2011 and its 1000th sex scene is set to be released on March 23th. The scene is top secret for now, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a scene people will be talking about.

I have a sneak peek of some hot sex scenes to be released on MEN.COM this month. Fans of Paddy O’Brian will be delight to know that you can watch him bottoming again, Paddy and Leo Domenico take turns fucking each other in “Voyeur Part 2″ coming March 13.

Other hot scenes to keep an eye on: Sebastian Young bottoms for Connor Maguire in “Bubble Butts Part 1,” Wagner Vittoria bottoms for Paddy O’Brian in “Voyeur Part 3,” and Johnny Rapid gets tag-teamed in College John Part 2 and College John Part 3.

Today, you can watch Dan Broughton gets fucked by Gabriel Clark in “Cruising Episode 5.”

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Gladiator Gay Sex Orgy Bound In Public

Unlike Jake Cruise and Gay Room who agreed with Michael Lucas to not release their sex scenes they filmed with porn star Seth Santoro, Fetish porn website KINKMEN.COM doesn’t care with Lucas’ claim that Seth Santoro is his exclusive model and keeps releasing Seth’s sex scenes.

How can any blame Seth stars in a big Gladiator Gang-Bang scene with porn stars Trenton Ducati, Connor Maguire, Kip Johnson and a bunch of extras. A group sex like this surely cost lots of money to produce and just released this video today.

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Connor Maguire Cyd St Vincent Bonus Hole Boys

Take a look at the behind the scenes picture I just found. It might look like a usual photo of gay porn star Connor Maguire and his twink co-star on a bdsm porn set, right? I posted this kind of pictures all the time in my “Porn Sneak Peek” column.

Trust me, this is not your typical run-of-the-mill gay porn. Well, I’m not even sure if I could call it gay porn. The model on the right is Cyd St. Vincent, he’s a FTM porn model and the porn studio Connor was working with is called “Bonus Hole Boys.”

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Seth Santoro Connor Maguire Kink Men Bound Gods

Unlike Jake Cruise and Gay Room who complied to Michael Lucas’ claim that Seth Treston (aka Seth Treston) is still his exclusive model, KINK MEN seems doesn’t care and continues working with Seth. He just shot a sex scene with Connor Maguire for Bound Gods.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from Dirk Yates, Raging Stallion, Lucas Kazan, Chi Chi LaRue, Circle Jerk Boys, and Randy Blue.

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