Connor Fucks Emerson CorbinFisher Bareback Gay Porn

This muscle jock newcomer Emerson made gay porn debut last month on CORBINFISHER.COM in the oral sex scene he got sucked by Brant.

Naturally, I thought that in his next scene, this big guy will fuck some CF models. I’m so happy that I was wrong because Emerson is a muscle bottom. And today you can watch Emerson gets fucked by Connor bareback.

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CFS Coming Of Age in Tampa Gay Porn

CORBINFISHER.COM released the porn collection Born & Bred In Kansas City last July where the team took the current models back to the city Corbin Fisher started the website a decade ago. This week they just released the follow-up called COMING OF AGE IN TAMPA.

Tampa was home to CF longer than anywhere else, and while we got our start in Kansas City and found our way to Vegas it’s really in Tampa that we made a name for ourselves and became the site and brand we are today. As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we took a bunch of CF studs back to our old Florida home to see how the city’s changed, hang out, visit some old friends, and film some insanely hot action! Connor, Quinn, Rowan, Zeb, Brayden, and Kenny join us on this journey back to Tampa to get it on with one another, relive some old memories, and make some incredible new ones!

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Brayden Kenny CorbinFisher Gay Sex

CORBIN FISHER has been doing a lot of traveling this year to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. From Lake Tahoe, Costa Rica to the last project Born & Bred In Kansas in which the models got back to the town where Corbin Fisher started 10 years ago.

This week Corbin Fisher released a new sex scene shot in Tampa, Florida. Another town the company used to call home before moved to Las Vegas. In this video, Brayden and Kenny take turns fucking each other bareback.

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Marc Pounds Truman Ass CorbinFisher

Two of my favorite CORBIN FISHER models. Truman and Marc, together in this latest video. It would be perfect, if it was a flip-fuck. But hey, I think this scene Marc fucks Truman’s bubble butt is pretty hot.

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Corbin Fisher Porn Models San Diego Beach

Last month, on August 23th, CORBINFISHER.COM flew a bunch of CF studs to San Diego for a meet and greet event with fans at Rich’s Night Club. They also had a location shoot there as well. Check out these sexy pictures from their blog post, Surf, Sand, Sun and CF Studs showing 4 hot CF models Marc, Kellan, Ellis, and Jacob having fun on the beach.

As you know, a bunch of the guys went down to San Diego to meet fans and make an appearance at Rich’s (a club in Hillcrest). While there, they were also sure to get some quality time in down on the beach! Of course, we have loads of sand and sun here in Vegas but for some reason shirtless football out in the desert isn’t that popular? Either way, not only did the guys have a ton of fun down in San Diego but we were smart enough to have a camera around to capture their beach antics.

While we’re waiting for their sex scenes filmed in San Diego, check out these hot videos they released this week: Rhett Piledrives Truman and Harper Breaks In Lance.

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Jacob Kellan Fuck Brayden Bareback CorbinFisher

Labor Day weekend is the first big holiday weekend of the post back-to-school time of year, and CORBINFISHER.COM is celebrating it with this 3-way scene starring three hot models Brayden, Jacob and Kellan.

Brayden is the lucky guy here because in this video you can watch Brayden gets tag-teamed by Kellan and Jacob.

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Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Behind The Scenes

Corbin Fisher released this porn movie BORN & BRED IN KANSAS CITY last month. It features 4 hot sex scenes starring 5 CF models Connor, Colt, Brayden, Zeb and Kennedy.

Director Pete just shared these sexy and funny behind the scenes pictures of the models in Kansas on his Twitter. Check it out.

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As I reported last May, CORBIN FISHER has brought 5 CF models Connor, Colt, Brayden, Zeb and Kennedy back to Kansas City, the town where Corbin Fisher started the website 10 years ago. They have released many sex scenes shot in Kansas City on their main website. And this week, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they just released BORN & BRED IN KANSAS CITY porn collection on CF Select.

For Corbin Fisher, Kansas City is where it all began. CF started out in KC over 10 years ago, no shortage of our early material was filmed there, and a lot of our early models were recruited there.

When we knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate our #CF10 anniversary, we knew that had to involve getting back to Kansas City with a new crop of guys and letting them get in to some hot action where it all began!

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Evan Blasts Marc CorbinFisher

CORBINFISHER.COM introduced hot newcomer named Evan in his first gay sex scene this week. Evan is a hot jock with muscular body and you can watch Evan fucks another muscle jock Marc in this latest scene.

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CorbinFisher Truman Zeb Bareback Gay Porn

Truman is one of my favorite models at CORBINFISHER.COM. I like watching this blond hunk gets fucked. I was lucky I got a chance to meet this hot guy in Las Vegas months ago.

This week you can watch Truman gets fucked and swallows Zeb’s load.

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Liam Bottoms Bareback Marc Corbin Fisher

The latest CORBIN FISHER porn models who bottoms today is Liam or some of you might recognize him as Fratmen Dolph, that I blogged about last year.

In this video, Liam gets fucked for the first time by Marc.

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Connor Zeb Brayden Bareback Kansas City Corbin Fisher

I reported last week that CORBINFISHER.COM took 5 of their porn models back to Kansas City where they started the website in 2004, a decade ago.

Actually, CF began even before that – we started recruiting guys and filming material in 2003, and it was January 2004 that the site actually launched. Imagine how tough it was back in those days to recruit and film guys when we didn’t even have a website to show them! “Uh… trust me! This is for a website. I promise. What website? Erm… it’s not online and doesn’t exist yet but it will, I swear. Now… get naked and jerk off please!”

Today I have more blast-from-the-past photos, with their modern equivalents along with the latest video, a hot threesome starring Connor, Zeb and Brayden with a “train fuck” position as a highlight.

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