Ellis Fucks Truman Ass Corbin Fisher

I was lucky I got a chance to meet this hot porn model Truman along with 4 others at CORBIN FISHER office in Las Vegas last week. Today, we all can watch him in action again. This time he worked with a new model named Ellis. It’s Ellis’s first gay sex scene. And you can watch Truman bottoms for Ellis.

Don’t forget to watch another hot scene filmed in Costa Rica where Josh gets fucked by Kennedy.

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Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Stars Connor Truman Colt Harper Jacob

After attending The 2014 Phoenix Forum in Arizona (good time), my vacation continues and right now I’m in Las Vegas. You have no idea how excited I was when Pete from CORBINFISHER.COM contacted me and offered me a tour of CF headquarter!

So this is how I spent my afternoon in Las Vegas. ;-) Pete picked me up from my hotel and drove me to their office. It’s the same place they had the Corbin Fisher Anniversary Party earlier this year. I got a chance to meet 5 sexy models there – Connor, Truman, Colt, Harper and Jacob. They are all super HOT in person. Pete showed me around the office. It’s pretty big. I also saw how Truman and Colt prepared for their live webcam show.

Thank you so much Pete and everyone at CF for this opportunity!

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Tyler Jacob Tom Corbin Fisher Costa Rica

Corbin Fisher just released another hot episode the team filmed in Costa Rica. This time, the center of attention is on Tyler who gets tag-teamed by Jacob and Tom.

In case you missed it, Jacob himself got his butt fucked for the first time during this trip by Tom.

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Braxton Zeb Corbin Fisher Bareback

Good news for his fans, Zeb is back. :-) (His last scene where he topped Smith was released 6 months ago) and I published a behind the scenes photo of him on set of CORBINFISHER.COM a couple of weeks ago.

In this latest sex scene, you can watch Zeb’s first scene in 6 months AND it’s also Braxton’s first scene with a guy. Oh and Braxton is a bottom!

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Smith Kellan Corbin Fisher Bareback

It’s nice to see CORBIN FISHER turning this hot and masculine model Smith into a submissive bottom in his recent sex scenes. We have watched Smith got fucked by Zeb, Easton and Tom in his previous videos.

As I reported a couple of days ago, today you can watch Smith gets fucked by Kellan! Oh, if you want to see Smith tops Kellan, Corbin Fisher has already released that scene last September.

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Phil Affleck Liam Ondra Matej Gay Porn Stars

Hot porn newcomers to keep an eye on this week: Phil Affleck from Bel Ami, Liam from Corbin Fisher (aka Dolph from Fratmen) and Ondra Matej from William Higgins.

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Jacob Tom Bareback Corbin Fisher Gay Sex

You don’t have to wait long for this one. Director Pete just shared this behind the scenes picture from their on-location porn shoot in Costa Rica yesterday. Yes, CORBIN FISHER team has returned to Costa Rica.

Our trademark on-location, overseas shoot has to be the original Pura Vida – we had a ton of our guys down in what really must be one of the most gorgeous countries on the planet, and they had a blast all over this tropical paradise and with one another. With Costa Rica having made for such incredible experiences and memories for all of us, how could we not want to return?

In this first sex scene from their recent trip, you can watch Jacob gets fucked for the first time. The lucky top is Tom.

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Corbin Fisher Truman Kenny Bareback Gay Sex

We’ve seen hot Corbin Fisher model Truman at CF Anniversary Party and in his first sex scene fucking Brayden. Naturally, now it’s time to watch him get fucked!

Truman knew this day was coming when he first agreed to do any guy/guy action for us. As with all of the guys bottoming for the first time, there were some nerves and he was a bit anxious. Truman’s easygoing attitude helped out, though, as he’s just the kind of guy who eagerly leaps in to new things feet first and is always up for an adventure. As things got started here, I think the way Kenny goes about getting Truman’s hole prepped really helped make the experience a pleasurable one.

Check out the preview photos from this scene Truman gets fucked by Kenny bareback in his bottoming debut.

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Kellan Quinn Bareback Corbin Fisher

I mentioned it in my Porn Sneak Peek last week that Corbin Fisher models took a road trip to Tahoe a few months ago.

CORBINFISHER.COM just released the first sex scene from their adventure in Tahoe. You can watch Kellan fucks Quinn bareback in this one. (Quinn just won 2013 Best Bottom title voted by CF members)

Tahoe must be quite a scenic place. Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion shot their movies there multiple times.

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Marc Kent Bareback Corbin Fisher

We don’t have to wait long for this one. :-) As I reported last week, hot Corbin Fisher model Marc was among a dozen CF hunks who greeted their fans at Corbin Fisher 10th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas and he filmed a sex scene with Kent.

I’m sure we’re all pretty excited to see Marc back in action and Corbin Fisher just released this new video Marc gets fucked by Kent bareback.

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Truman is a new young, blond, hot, and buff Corbin Fisher model who first appeared on the website last December in a solo video. He looked great at the Corbin Fisher 10th Anniversary Party last Sunday.

Today CORBIN FISHER released Truman’s first gay sex scene. Who better to break in a new model than hottie Brayden? Check out XXX preview from the scene Truman fucks Brayden below.

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I published many photos of Hot Corbin Fisher Porn Models at 10-Year Anniversary Party last Sunday and today I would like to introduce my special guest blogger, Phillip T. You might familiar with him from his website NIGHTSINWEHO.COM. I’m a fan of his website where he shares his sexy photos of hot guys in West Hollywood.

Phillip was one of the lucky guys who attended Corbin Fisher’s party in Las Vegas last Sunday and mingled with all those hot CF models. As a VIP guest at the party, I’m so glad he shared more photos with Queer Me Now readers along with the in-depth report of his experience at CF anniversary party and production facility tour. :-)


Phillip T: I was one of the lucky few who got to attend Corbin Fisher’s 10th anniv events in Las Vegas this past weekend. I’ve long been a fan of the site, but like most, I’ve never really known much about them or their team. They’ve long been notoriously tight lipped. The hospitality, friendliness, openness shown to us this past weekend is just unmatched.

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