Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Behind The Scenes

Corbin Fisher released this porn movie BORN & BRED IN KANSAS CITY last month. It features 4 hot sex scenes starring 5 CF models Connor, Colt, Brayden, Zeb and Kennedy.

Director Pete just shared these sexy and funny behind the scenes pictures of the models in Kansas on his Twitter. Check it out.

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As I reported last May, CORBIN FISHER has brought 5 CF models Connor, Colt, Brayden, Zeb and Kennedy back to Kansas City, the town where Corbin Fisher started the website 10 years ago. They have released many sex scenes shot in Kansas City on their main website. And this week, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they just released BORN & BRED IN KANSAS CITY porn collection on CF Select.

For Corbin Fisher, Kansas City is where it all began. CF started out in KC over 10 years ago, no shortage of our early material was filmed there, and a lot of our early models were recruited there.

When we knew we wanted to do something special to celebrate our #CF10 anniversary, we knew that had to involve getting back to Kansas City with a new crop of guys and letting them get in to some hot action where it all began!

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Evan Blasts Marc CorbinFisher

CORBINFISHER.COM introduced hot newcomer named Evan in his first gay sex scene this week. Evan is a hot jock with muscular body and you can watch Evan fucks another muscle jock Marc in this latest scene.

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CorbinFisher Truman Zeb Bareback Gay Porn

Truman is one of my favorite models at CORBINFISHER.COM. I like watching this blond hunk gets fucked. I was lucky I got a chance to meet this hot guy in Las Vegas months ago.

This week you can watch Truman gets fucked and swallows Zeb’s load.

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Liam Bottoms Bareback Marc Corbin Fisher

The latest CORBIN FISHER porn models who bottoms today is Liam or some of you might recognize him as Fratmen Dolph, that I blogged about last year.

In this video, Liam gets fucked for the first time by Marc.

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Connor Zeb Brayden Bareback Kansas City Corbin Fisher

I reported last week that CORBINFISHER.COM took 5 of their porn models back to Kansas City where they started the website in 2004, a decade ago.

Actually, CF began even before that – we started recruiting guys and filming material in 2003, and it was January 2004 that the site actually launched. Imagine how tough it was back in those days to recruit and film guys when we didn’t even have a website to show them! “Uh… trust me! This is for a website. I promise. What website? Erm… it’s not online and doesn’t exist yet but it will, I swear. Now… get naked and jerk off please!”

Today I have more blast-from-the-past photos, with their modern equivalents along with the latest video, a hot threesome starring Connor, Zeb and Brayden with a “train fuck” position as a highlight.

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Corbin Fisher Kansas City Gay Porn

Back in January, CORBINFISHER.COM celebrated 10 years in the business in Las Vegas by inviting fans and hot porn models to their Corbin Fisher Anniversary Party.

Today Corbin Fisher released a new porn series where they took 5 porn models Connor, Colt, Brayden, Zeb and Kennedy back to Kansas City, the town where Corbin Fisher started the website 10 years ago. It’s cool to see new CF models in the same locations; the bridge, the building where they filmed those classic CF models.

Many CF fans would be surprised to know we got our start in, of all places, Kansas City! I suppose it’s fitting that with our focusing on all-American college guys, we began smack dab in the middle of the country. With 2014 being our 10th year online, we wanted to make it back to the town where everything began and bring some guys in our current roster to our old home.

We’ll be releasing a number of sizzling hot updates from this on-location shoot in Kansas City, and if you’ve been a fan of CF for awhile you’ll surely see some familiar sights. It was quite a trip filming guys in action in these old locations, and it all brought back a ton of memories.

The first scene of “Kansas City” porn series is a flip-fuck scene between Zeb and Kennedy.

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Sean Cody Brandon Fucks Dean Bareback

We have two hot new porn models get fucked for the first time on camera from SEAN CODY and CORBIN FISHER this week.

At Sean Cody, you can watch Dean gets fucked by Brandon bareback. Dean is so lucky. This is his first sex scene and he was paired with one of the hottest tops like Brandon!

At Corbin Fisher, after watching newcomer Ellis fucks muscle jock Truman last month. Now it’s Ellis’s turn to bottom. In his bottoming debut, Ellis gets fucked by Zeb.

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Colt Jacob Corbin Fisher Bareback Gay Sex

Another hot CORBIN FISHER model has just made his bottoming debut this week. He is Colt!

I got a chance to met Colt in person along with 4 other Corbin Fisher models weeks ago when I dropped by their office in Las Vegas. Colt and Truman are best friends on set. They also did a webcam show together when I was there. Now that Truman has become a “go to” bottom for Corbin Fisher. It’s just a matter of time before Colt makes his bottoming debut.

In his bottoming debut, Colt gets fucked by Jacob.

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Rowan Fucks Truman Corbin Fisher Bareback Gay Sex

I’m so happy that buff and blond stud Truman has turned into one of the “go to” bottoms at CORBIN FISHER. I enjoy watching him his muscled butt fucked a lot. He’s also very sexy in person when I met him weeks ago in Las Vegas.

In this latest bareback sex scene from Corbin Fisher, Truman gets fucked by Rowan. Rowan was Sean Cody model Sheridan who did two sex scenes where he got fucked by Jarek and Dan.

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Ellis Fucks Truman Ass Corbin Fisher

I was lucky I got a chance to meet this hot porn model Truman along with 4 others at CORBIN FISHER office in Las Vegas last week. Today, we all can watch him in action again. This time he worked with a new model named Ellis. It’s Ellis’s first gay sex scene. And you can watch Truman bottoms for Ellis.

Don’t forget to watch another hot scene filmed in Costa Rica where Josh gets fucked by Kennedy.

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Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Stars Connor Truman Colt Harper Jacob

After attending The 2014 Phoenix Forum in Arizona (good time), my vacation continues and right now I’m in Las Vegas. You have no idea how excited I was when Pete from CORBINFISHER.COM contacted me and offered me a tour of CF headquarter!

So this is how I spent my afternoon in Las Vegas. ;-) Pete picked me up from my hotel and drove me to their office. It’s the same place they had the Corbin Fisher Anniversary Party earlier this year. I got a chance to meet 5 sexy models there – Connor, Truman, Colt, Harper and Jacob. They are all super HOT in person. Pete showed me around the office. It’s pretty big. I also saw how Truman and Colt prepared for their live webcam show.

Thank you so much Pete and everyone at CF for this opportunity!

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