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Thank you so much Eric from Sweden for pointing me to this awesome photo set on the website Burbujas de Desco. It’s from the Bravo! Addicted Sportswear 2015 campaign featuring hot gay porn stars from BELAMIONLINE.COM.

Check out pictures of sexy and muscular porn stars Kris Evans, Jack Harrer, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jokovich, and Jean-Daniel below. I think these guys are hotter than some mainstream fitness models!

This weekend, Bel Ami also debut the new porn series BELAMI LEGENDS. Every Saturday throughout November, Bel Ami will release a never-before-seen video of their legendary porn stars. Starting today with the scene Dolph Lambert fucks Claude Sorel condom free.

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Bel Ami Lukas Marcel Bareback Gay Sex

2 weeks ago, BELAMIONLINE.COM released a casting video featuring 3 models and asked their members which one they want to see more. Today we have the result, members like Lukas and Marcel. Both guys have already worked before for other studios. I think Lukas is so cute.

Bel Ami just released this hot new video where Lukas and Marcel take turns fucking each other condom-free.

Also check out some recent hot videos from Bel Ami – Dolph Lambert fucks Dario Dolce, Marco Bill and Scott Reeves tag-team Chris Hoyt, and Todd Rosset fucks Jacob Salinger.

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Dolph Lambert Colin Hewitt BelAmi Bareback

April is the month of DIRTY BLONDS at BELAMIONLINE.COM. It’s nice to see hottie Dolph Lambert again in this latest update. He shows his versatility in this 2-part sex scene where Dolph Lambert and Colin Hewitt take turns fucking each other.

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BELAMIONLINE.COM has released many hot new scenes this weekend. You have the scene they teamed up more experienced models with recent models, the result is this hot Johnny Bloom getting fucked by Dolph Lambert. They tell members that Paul Valery came back to Bel Ami looking for some more work and you got this scene Paul Valery fucks Claude Sorel. They also released the scene from the movie “The Boy with the Tiger Tattoo” where Phillipe Gaudin fucks Kevin Warhol.

Let’s consider these scenes a warm-up for the upcoming Lukas Ridgeston’s return in Forever Lukas.

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This weekend, BELAMIONLINE.COM released another 3 scenes from An American In Prague 3D Remake. You got the scene Kris Evans fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall (with condom), behind the scenes footage with porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Mick Lovell, Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert and the sex scene Mick Lovell bottoms for Luke Hamill (condom-free).

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Bel Ami calls this latest scene the “Athletic Threeway” starring hot gay porn stars Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert and Jean-Daniel Chagall.

This scene has a bit of a history to go with it. Originally filmed as a 2 part update during the height of Kris’ vocal period, we re-edited it into a 1 part scene choosing just the very best from both parts. The resulting clip is a fast and intense clip filled with some of the best cum shots ever.

Each guys cum twice and you can always count on hottie Kris Evans to deliver explosive cumshots every time!

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Last week I reported that Youtube star Davey Wavey was in Czech Republic and did a photo shoot with BELAMIONLINE.COM. Lucky guy!

He just released this funny and naughty video on Youtube featuring Bel Ami models Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn, Jack Harrer, Adam Archuleta and the cute new model Gino Mosca (who speaks superb English).

Bel Ami members also get a preview of Gino Mosca in action from the photo set released today. And don’t miss the new 2-part scene featuring a hot three-way with Dolph Lambert, Florian Nemec and Phillip Gaudin.

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Continue with the Adventure in 3D theme from last month (Mick Lovell and Phillipe Gaudin paragliding and fucking), this month we join Bel Ami stars Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt, Florian Nemec and Luke Hamill s they go for a sand boarding adventure in the dunes around Capetown. It’s a 3 part series with oral action in second part and ends with Luke Hamill fucking Colin Hewitt.

George Duroy notes that this could be one of our most expensive scenes made in a long time owing to the fact that during the filming of the opening sequence and despite all the protective gear they had on the cameras, sand still found it’s way into the moving parts of the camera and as a result they had to be sent off to be cleaned and repaired afterwards.

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Last year, I reported that Bel Ami flew gay porn stars Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill and Sascha Chaykin to Brazil. Kris, Dolph and Sascha gave an appearance at a big party in Salvador, Brazil. Check out some behind the scenes pictures and video here.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM release the documentary summary of that trip and a hot sex scene between two of the most muscled porn stars Kris Evans and Sascha Chaykin filmed in Brazil

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What’s coming to BELAMIONLINE.COM in 2013? Here’s what George Duroy posted on Bel Ami forum. I really want to see the 3D remake of An American in Prague!

New Kinky Angels series will start in February. KINKY ANGELS video-magazine will be released on monthly basis as a subscription site for $14.95. Format is similar to pilot series. First issue was finished today and introduces Gino Mosca as a new member of KA team. (You’ll get also Matthew McEwan later on – and many others)

Starting January we’ll be gradually releasing new generation of models on BelAmiOnline. There will be 30 new boys coming in next two years (I am speaking about hardcore scenes) and about 80-100 new models in solo-scenes.

Special 20th anniversary programming is starting in June and will last till Christmas 2013. So you’ll have very long Christmas period next year. Main part of summer programming will be 3D remake of An American in Prague starring Kevin Warhol and Mick Lovell (12 scenes, 6 docus and vintage version in Flashback section.)

And don’t forget to watch this hot scene Dolph Lambert fucks Roger Lambert.

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Guys! It’s less than 2 hours until Bel Ami’s first live chat show with Mick Lovell at 8pm Central European Time / 2PM EST, free for members of BELAMIONLINE.COM.

And I just found this very special treat for you – some behind the scenes pictures of Bel Ami porn stars Mick Lovell, Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Dolph Lambert and Phillipe Gaudin.

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Bel Ami owner George Duroy was in a chatty mood and gave his members a sneak peek at what’s to come at BELAMIONLINE.COM (along with his sense of humor).

I guess we traveled more than enough lately. Summer program is mostly in Central Europe – Luke and Johan are shooting 16 part travelogue for Kinky Angels. We are shooting An American in Prague 2 (after 15 years) with Mick and Kevin. As for the twins there are still several scenes left unreleased. There are 4 more American boys coming in May (two of them twinks for KA). Eliot is right now shooting castings in Madrid, Spain. He’s just send me pics of cute Cuban boy with huge dick. ( I told him to kick him out – you prefer smaller ones). What else ? Ah – Mick decided to have a sex change, so he can take part in Miss America pageant – but that’s a minor news. GD

I wish that my porn crush Chad Logan would be one of those new American models.

For now, check out this sexy “Heaven and Hell” photo shoot and behind the scenes videos of Bel Ami gay porn stars Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill and Sascha Chaykin in Brazil.

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