Topher DiMaggio Fucks Donato Reyes

Check out some hot updates from MEN.COM – Hot gay porn stars Topher DiMaggio and Donato Reyes star in the first episode of a new porn series called “Suite 33.” In this Part 1, you can watch Donato Reyes gets fucked by Topher DiMaggio. Both guys look great!

For fans of Colby Jansen, after watching him get fucked for the second time on screen in Scrum Part 4. He’s back in “Scrum Part 5.” this time Colby Jansen fucks UK stud Dan Broughton.

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Lucas Entertainment just released the first scene from its new movie GENTLEMEN 10: ELITE CLASS and this video features two hot European gay porn stars Marco Rubi and Donato Reyes. Both guys have amazing bodies and they show their versatility in this scene Marco Rubi and Donato Reyes take turns fucking each other.

GENTLEMEN 10: ELITE CLASS is full of hot international porn star cast – Adam Killian, Adriano Carrasco, Donato Reyes, Edji Da Silva, Fabio Lopez, Fernando Torres, Goran, Marco Rubi and Valentino Medici. I’ve already published exclusive behind the scenes photos of this movie here and here. Lucas team shot this movie in UK and France back in September and October 2013.

Marco Rubi stars in two scenes of Gentle Men 10: Elite Class, you will see him get fucked by Goran in his second scene. Another highlight of the movie is surely when porn star Adam Killian gets DOUBLE-FUCKED by Fernando Torres and Valentino Medici!

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Handsome porn star Dato Foland is the main star of’s hot porn series “Hotel X,” you’ve seen him fucked Jay Roberts in Part 1, flip-fucked with Abraham Al Malek in Part 2 and topped Tony Rivera in Part 3.

The series Hotel X ends with a bang in Part 4 with a hot threesome between real-life boyfriends Dato Foland and Damien Crosse with Spanish stud Donato Reyes. Damien fucks both Dato and Donato and the highlight of the scene is definitely when Donato Reyes gets double penetrated by Damien Crosse and Dato Foland!

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Director Christian Owen shared these hot behind the scenes photos of Armond Rizzo and Jimmy Roman on set of HOT HOUSE.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out sexy photos from the set of Men of Montreal, Dallas Reeves, Hard Brit Lads, Colt Studio, Falcon Studios, Tim Tales, Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue.

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If you are a fan of Russian porn star Dato Foland, don’t miss this new porn series from MEN.COM called Hotel X. Dato Foland stars in all 4 episodes of the series with his boyfriend Damien Crosse acts as a narrator.

In this first episode, Dato Foland fucks hot porn star Jay Roberts. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series where Dato Foland bottoms for Abraham Al Malek, fucks Tony Rivera and has a 3-way with Damien Crosse and Donato Reyes.

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This is nice, I just blogged about Richard Pierce returning to porn a couple of days ago. Now another former Randy Blue model also comes back to porn. I’m talking about versatile porn star Travis James whose last scene was released back in April.

His fans can watch Travis’ newest scene on MEN.COM in a video called “Sperm Bank” where Travis James gets fucked by Colby Jansen.
Thanks to Chris, my enthusiastic reader, who alerted me about the update in member section of They added preview videos of 4 upcoming scenes and I’m glad to see hot porn stars Dato Foland and Jake Wilder bottom again!

You can watch Jake Wilder (former Sean Cody model Campbell) gets fucked by Connor Maguire in a scene called “Bromance 2″ releasing this Friday.

Dato Foland made his bottoming debut with last October where he got fucked by Leo Domenico. Dato is the star of the upcoming porn seires “Hotel X” you will see him bottoms for Abraham Al Malek, fucks Tony Rivera, gets fucked by Damien Crosse and DP Donato Reyes. WOW! So many hot scenes to look forward to :-)

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Porn star Martin Mazza sent me these photos of himself and Damien Crosse doing a live show at the Supermartxe Party. It intrigues me, I’ve never been to this kind of party in Europe although I blogged about it for quite sometimes. I wonder what it’s like. Have you ever been to the live sex show / party in Europe?

I also found some pictures of Donato Reyes and Goran fucking on stage in Helnsinki and Hans Berlin in a group sex show in Antwerp.

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Last week, I had a great time on set of Lucas Entertainment in Paris with Adam Killian, Edji Da Silva, Fabio Lopez (exclusive photos of Misha Dante and newcomer Timo Dylan coming very soon.) But as I mentioned in my previous post, Lucas Entertainment team had already filmed 9 scenes in Birmingham, UK before they moved to Paris. I didn’t go to UK with them because I was attending the Bel Ami 20th Anniversary Party in Prague (and because I didn’t know they would be in London and Paris back then LOL)

But Chris Crisco, the production manager at Lucas Entertainment was very generous to me, he sent me some behind the scenes photos of porn stars Marco Rubi, Fernando Torres, Goran, Adriano Carrasco, Adam Killian, Valentino Medici, Kayden Gray, Donato Reyes and Damien Crosse exclusively for readers of Queer Me Now Blog!

Don’t forget to watch this hot scene from new movie Deep Dicking where Armando De Armas fucks Jed Athens.

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Hot porn stars Scott Hunter and Lucio Saints look great on the set of TIM TALES with Tim Kruger. This is gonna be a hot scene!

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” behind the scenes photos from the set of UK NAKED MEN, Lucas Entertainment, Titan Men, Naked Sword, Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue.

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Last month I had “Battle of The Orgies” How about Battle of The Threesomes?

Raging Stallion just released the first scene from their movie SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1 starring muscular porn stars Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo and Donato Reyes.

Men At Play also released the threesome scene today with hunky Tomas Brand and Dirk Caber tag-team Darius Ferdynand.

Both scenes are full of porn stars with amazing bodies and big dicks, which scene do you like?

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Check out these 3 sex scenes MEN.COM released this past weekend: If you are a fan of orgy, watch “Sex Traveler Part 3″ power bottom JD Phoenix gets gang-banged by Colby Keller, Landon Conrad, Colby Jansen and Adam Hurst.

“Fooling The Newbie” the new sex scene directed by Alter Sin and starring two of my favorite porn stars Jessy Ares and Donato Reyes. And in case you missed it, you can see behind the scenes photos here and here.

As you guys have already known, flew Topher DiMaggio to UK to fuck Paddy O’Brian. It’s one of the most talked about sex scene of 2013 for sure. On this trip, Topher also filmed this scene “The Night After” Topher DiMaggio fucks Kayden Gray.

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Raging Stallion Studios has released the very hot movie SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1 last month (Check out some behind the scenes tidbits by Marc Dylan.)

Today, they just released SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2. These two movies mark the return of two porn stars Axel Brooks and Aybars. Axel tops hottie Adrian Toledo (I have some photos from the set here.) while Aybars fucks muscle bottom Donato Reyes. Porn star Marc Dylan appears in two scenes. Marc and Damien Crosse take turns fucking each other in one scene and Marc bottoms for Goran in another.

You can watch the XXX movie trailer of SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2 below.
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