You’ve watched the XXX movie trailer of Lucas Entertainment’s new bareback orgy movie BAREBACK SEX FEST. They just released the first scene starring Jed Athens, Shane Frost, Marcus Isaacs and Draven Torres in this Four-Way Fuck Fest where Jed’s Birthday Retreat Turns into a Wild Bareback Sex Party. Check out XXX preview below, including some 4-guy train-fuck action.

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I haven’t blogged about Gay Porn Flash Games for quite a while. Cruising Room is still my personal favorite, followed by Doug’s Night Out.

And thanks to Ken, he introduced me to this new Gay Porn Flash Game called Fantasy Football Locker Stalker:

Have you seen this game? It involves you taking photos of a American Football players in certain states of undress. It quite fun and the most complex gay game I’ve seen and quite involves some skill. Best thing is the creator has made it free to download and I think he deserve some credit for making it and he even did a video on how to play.

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Today I want to introduce you guys to JAKBOT. He’s the creator of The Man Whore, a gay porn flash games I blogged about in my Gay Porn Flash Games Compilation 4 years ago.

Jakbot just released another hot gay porn flash game called DOUG’S NIGHT OUT. If you’re a fan of Cruising Room by GayRomeo, you will definitely like this game!

In DOUG’S NIGHT OUT, you play Doug, a muscle party boy who cruises gay bar, have sex with many guys to gain “special moves.” Your goal is to bang the hot go-go dancer.

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I didn’t blog about Gay Porn Flash Games for quite sometime. Cruising Room is still my top favorite.

I recent found these 2 flash games by Dudedle Studio via Ministry of PleasureRugby Guy Bukkake and Dick Gumshoe Night Attack. Enjoy!

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Some geeky news today, did you know that Google has introduced a new feature that allows you to put your favorite porn stars or porn scene to your Google homepage? I can now have my favorite gay porn stars like Cayden Ross, Mitchell Rock and Vince Ferelli on homepage when I search Google :P

Just go to and click “Change background image” at the bottom left of the screen then click “From my computer” menu to upload the background image of your choice.

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You know I’m a sucker for gay porn flash game and Falcon Studios has just come up with this flash game featuring some vintage / classic footage from Falcon porn library!

It’s way too short but I like it and want to play more. You will also receive A Free One Week Trial Membership to FALCON XXX when you finish.

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Falcon Undie Swap flash game

Ever since I play popular Adidas jersey Swap flash game, I always want someone to make the PORN version of it. Now my wish just come true with Falcon Studios and /baskit/ underwear’s new marketing campaign at Undie Swap!

In this neat gay porn flash game, you can choose two porn stars from the cast of Falcon new movie Dripping Wet 2 and watch them exchange their undies! Porn studios definitely should create more flash games like this.

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Keric Komplex gay porn flash game oral sex

There’s one more Gay Porn Flash Game to add to my collection. It’s been a long wait since Keric’s Komplex Chapter 2 but I just received email from The Humplex notice me the release of Keric’s Komplex Chapter 3. I like that pizza-delivery elf!

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Pirates Booty cgi animated gay porn

Remember my previous post “CGI Animated Gay Porn Is On The Rise?” I have a brief rundown of news from the world of digital gay porn for you.

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Chris Redfield naked

Who is Chris Redfield? He’s the hunky hero in Resident Evil / Biohazard game series. At least 2 gay porn stars praised this new game Resident Evil 5 on their blog, Mason Wyler and RJ Danvers. I haven’t played it yet, I’m more into J-RPG like Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean. [OK, I admit it, this kind of horror games scare the shit out of me]

Today, I got this email from inform me he got a new Gay Flash Game titled RE5 Chris Redfield Masturbates. I really enjoy it! And I think Mason and RJ should love it too.

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Bunny Boys Flash Game

It keeps coming! Thank you readers. And Special THANK to Nathan who sent me this French gay porn flash game. Thank you for sharing me this so I can share it with my readers. I will let Nathan introduce you to this HOT flash game in his own words.

The game is in French but isn’t sex multilingual or whatever? Anyways, here is the link.

Once the game is loaded click on the showers area (called douches in French [I know, “douche”…]). Once there, after the introduction bit, you can control the action by clicking on the images on the right. The orange bar raises to indicate hotness level and when a certain level is reached, the guys all cum.

Love You Nathan, Hunkyhunk and everybody. Oh, and the Bunny Boys website itself is worth checking out. Have fun!

+ Play Gay Porn Flash Game from Bunny Boys

Hunkcraft Muscle Flash Game

Thank you hunkyhunk, the reader of Queer Me Now Blog, who alert me to this gay porn flash games he found. In HUNKCRAFT volume 1 (Where’s volume 2?) you play a painter who try to persuade this beefy dude, Dorcas, to help with your work (read strip naked and wank off for you ;-) )


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