Fratmen Muscle Hunks Phoenix Forum 2015 Pool

Today, Fratmen Zane from Fratpad introduced me to these 6 hunky gentlemen at The Phoenix Forum 2015. These guys Fratmen Maddox, Fratmen Benji, Fratmen Trent, Fratmen Gage, and Fratmen Sterling are so hot in person and their bodies are insane. Needless to say they are the focus of attention of everyone here at the event. Thanks Fratpad for providing eye candy.

I also got you the first ever pictures of their latest cast member to Fratpad, he is Fratmen Knox. You see this cute guy here on Queer Me Now first. His solo video is not released yet and you will see more of him on FRATPAD.COM.

Check out exclusive pictures of all these hotties below and one video clip of these Fratmen models hanging out by the pool.

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Fratmen Maddox

FRATPAD.COM releases these sexy screencaps of Fratmen Maddox and Fratmen Benji during their live webcam shows. These guys are hot and muscular. Check out Fratmen Maddox shows his great body in a shower and Fratmen Benji breaks in his new DJ table in nude.

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Fratmen Sterling Handsome Jock

I posted pictures of this hottie Fratmen Sterling in Nude Sports, Homoerotic Initiation, Pole Dancing, and Celebrating Xmas Naked with buddies at FRATPAD.COM.

Today I have some screencaps from Fratmen Sterling’s Webcam Shows. Don’t forget that you can watch full videos in the Fratpad Archives.

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Fratmen Trent Benji Sterling Maddox Gage Fratpad Shirtless Muscle Jocks

FRATPAD.COM just released these 3 sexy video clips: Fratmen Gage Birthday, Fratmen Benji’s favorite clip, and a slow-motion spanking with Fratmen Maddox and Benji.

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Fratmen Fratpad Muscle Jocks Shirtless

Fratmen Maddox, Fratmen Benji, Fratmen Sterling, Fratmen Gage, and Fratmen Trent. Here is the current cast on FRATPAD.COM. Check out screen caps from their live webcam shows below and a farewell video to Fratmen Lance who just left the pad.

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Fratmen Fratpad Gay Porn Webcam

FRATPAD.COM currently is running a 14-hour/day scheduled webcam shows featuring hot Fratmen models like Maddox, Benji, and Sterling. But if you miss those shows, you can re-watch them in Fratpad Archives including the Fratpad Friday events.

They’ve produced over 50,000 hours of Fratpad shows. Check out some examples of Original FratmenTV LIVE Archives available now.

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Fratmen Maddox Benji Butt Sex Porn Fratpad

Hot and muscular hunks Fratmen Maddox and Fratmen Benji recently did a duo live show together in a bathtub on FRATPAD.COM.

During the live show, Fratmen Maddox fucks himself with a butt plug. But his buddy Fratmen Benji is a little bit kinkier, he sticks a Shower Head up his big butt! Check out the screen caps below. Looks like I have to add a shower head to my list of “Unconventional Sex Toys Gay Porn Stars Stuck Up Their Asses.”

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Fratmen Naked PoleDance Fratpad

The hunky Fratmen just moved into the new FRATPAD house. And for the first Fratpad Friday event in the new house, the guys broke-in the new stripper pole.

We beefed up the new pole so it wouldn’t end up going through the ceiling again… in return, the guys beefed up the pole for all of you! Special props to Benji for letting Enzo do the splits on his face!

Go to FRATPAD.COM for more muscle jocks live webcam shows.

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Fratmen Xmas Fratpad

It’s nice to see this hot and muscular jocks at FRATPAD.COM celebrate their Christmas Party naked on webcam. But it looks like their Fratpad Christmas Show had turned into an All-Out Food Fight!

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Fratmen Enzo Benji Nude Dance

FRATPAD.COM recently introduced this muscular new model Fratmen Enzo last week. This guy has amazing body. Check out these screen caps from his dance off with Fratmen Benji.

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Fratmen ENZO Porn Model

Check out this hot and muscular jock, he is Fratmen Enzo and he just did his first naked webcam show on the FRADPAD.COM.

I also have some screen caps from Fratmen Maddox, Fratmen Reid, Fratmen Luca Live Shows.

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Fratmen Benji Maddox Jerk off 1

Last Friday, Fratmen Maddox celebrated his 21st birthday with his Fratmen gang at FRATPAD.COM. Check out pictures from this special birthday edition of Fratpad Friday (full of Unicorns, Twerking, Jello, and Enemas!) below.

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