Fratmen Enzo Benji Nude Dance

FRATPAD.COM recently introduced this muscular new model Fratmen Enzo last week. This guy has amazing body. Check out these screen caps from his dance off with Fratmen Benji.

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Fratmen ENZO Porn Model

Check out this hot and muscular jock, he is Fratmen Enzo and he just did his first naked webcam show on the FRADPAD.COM.

I also have some screen caps from Fratmen Maddox, Fratmen Reid, Fratmen Luca Live Shows.

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Fratmen Benji Maddox Jerk off 1

Last Friday, Fratmen Maddox celebrated his 21st birthday with his Fratmen gang at FRATPAD.COM. Check out pictures from this special birthday edition of Fratpad Friday (full of Unicorns, Twerking, Jello, and Enemas!) below.

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Fratmen Maddox Fratpad Kim Kardashian Nude

I’m pretty sure everyone with the Internet has seen the Kim Kardashian’s nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine by now. FRATPAD.COM just released the picture above of one of their hot models, Fratmen Maddox, Does he do it better than Kim Kardashian?

Fratmen Maddox and Fratmen Micky recently did a live duo show together. It’s available for replay at FRATPAD.COM.

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Fratmen Sterling Jerking Off Muscle Jock

Check out pictures and screen caps of 3 of my favorite Fratmen models – Sterling, Maddox, and Benji and their live shows on FRATPAD.COM.

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Fratmen Maddox Fratmen Sterling

I think Fratmen Sterling and Fratmen Maddox are two of the hottest FRATMEN models at FRATPAD.COM at the moment. That’s why I like this sexy photoshoot featuring this two models. I also found some screen caps from their live shows where Sterling and Maddox exchange nude massages.

Fratpad also recently brought back their “Buddy Shows” and the first show after 6-month hiatus was between Sterling and Maddox. ;-)

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Fratmen Porn Model Hunk 1

The Halloween season is approaching. FRATPAD.COM took their hot Fratmen models to an abandoned building for a photo shoot for Halloween. I’m glad that they leave the blood and gore and those Halloween theme stuffs out of this photo shoot and let their models’ hotness shine.

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Fratmen Fratpad Angelo Homoerotic Initiation

After their Naked Sport Event and a Trip To Hawaii, this part Friday, there was another big event at FRATPAD.COM. It’s the initiation of a new FRATMEN named Angelo to Fratpad. Angelo gets initiated Fratpad style – testosterone-filled and homoerotic at the same time.

Full video is available in the Fratpad Archives (and don’t forget to use their $9.95 Promo).

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Fratmen Fratpad Hawaii Porn Models

Last Friday, August 29th, FRATMEN.COM / FRATPAD.COM flew 6 of their hot models to Hawaii for a vacation in the sun. Check out these sexy pictures and two livestream video clips of Fratmen models showing off their beach bodies on the Fratpad Hawaii Trip (and don’t forget to use their $9.95 Promo).

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Fratpad Fratmen Naked Nude Sport

Check out these pictures of hot, muscular and naked FRATMEN models from their recent NUDE Sport Events at FRATPAD.COM.

Their “Naked Frats Mud Wrestling” is my favorite sport ;-) And I agree with some readers, they should sell tickets to these Naked sport events.

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muscular hunk frat men at fratpad homoerotic

Over at the FRATPAD.COM they have their Encore Week for your viewing pleasure. Encore Week will be ending May 23rd and the new season will begin on the 24th, but there are still a few surprises during Encore Week so be sure to check it out.

After this great week they are starting the New Season which will be called Best Buddies at FRATPAD.COM with members’ favorite Hot Guys from FRATMEN.TV.

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The latest model who gets fucked for the first time on Sean Cody website is Jason. It’s his first anal sex experience flip flop fuck with Trey. But it’s NOT the first time this “bi-curious” model Jason gets load of CUM blown all over him by another dude!

Jason’s porn career started last year with a jerk off video on FRATMEN.TV, he was called Gavin on that site. Later on, Gavin joined FRATPAD.COM. I used to posted Fratmen Max vs. Gavin Jack Off Video on this blog last September. Gavin lost that battle. Muscular Max blew his load all over Gavin thrice in a roll! That’s kind of prepared him for the full-on gay sex he did for Sean Cody.

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