Paddy OBrian Jessy Ares Dato Foland Gabriel Clark Colby Keller

For me, the Halloween Gay Porn 2014 has reach its climax today with the release of this new scene from MEN.COM called “HOWL Part 4.” It’s a 5-stud orgy scene starring gay porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares, and Colby Keller.

This scene marks the second time porn star Paddy O’Brian gets GANGBANGED! Paddy’s first gangbang scene “Prisoner of War Part 4” was released last July.

This time, you can watch Paddy O’Brian gets gang-fucked by Jessy Ares, Gabriel Clark, Dato Foland, and Colby Keller!!!

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Gay Porn Halloween 2014

The Halloween Gay Porn 2014 continues. And the MUST WATCH sex scene today is “HOWL Part 2″ where gay porn star Paddy O’Brian gets TAG-TEAMED by Jessy Ares and Gabriel Clark!

Pride Studios released a scene called “The Demon Inside” where Phenix Saint and Jake Jennings take turns fucking each other.

Don’t forget to check out Men On Edge (Kink Men)’s new video called Halloween Hell at the Armory.

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Gay Porn Halloween 2014

With the Halloween just around the corner, gay porn studios MEN.COM, PRIDE STUDIOS, and CHAOSMEN.COM released the preview photos and video clips of their upcoming Halloween-theme gay porn.

To tell you the truth, my experience with Halloween is very limited. We don’t celebrate Halloween in my country. And I don’t understand why porn studios would want to dress and makeup their hot models and turn them into something… scary.

BUT I really look forward to the porn series called HOWL from MEN.COM. Thanks Alter Sin for keeping makeup to minimum. And I think this werewolf theme is pretty sexy. Paddy O’Brian is the main star of this series. Paddy gets fucked in 2 scenes of this 4-part series. Staring October 29 and ending on November 1 with a 5-stud orgy.

For some hardcore Halloween porn, PRIDE STUDIOS is releasing 4 horror theme sex scenes from October 27 to 31. And it’s a “Monster Cock Week” at CHAOSMEN.COM from October 27 to November 2.

Check out the preview videos of each scenes by clicking the pictures below.

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Tayte Hanson Timoteo

4 days ago, CockyBoys model Levi Michaels told his fans that he will not do his daily vlog any more. Another CockyBoys model Tayte Hanson has stepped in and now he’s releasing a daily vlog on Youtube called “TayteTV Shorts.” Tayte also releases a new Workout Series on his Youtube channel – “TayteTV Training.” You can watch the first two episodes below.

Don’t miss these sex scenes from COCKYBOYS.COMGabriel Clark fucks Jaxon Radoc and Pierre Fitch fucks Max Carter.

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Paddy OBrain Gay Porn Star Read Mean Tweets

MEN.COM just released this hilarious video on Youtube Model Read Mean Tweets where gay porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Tom Faulk, Jimmy Fanz, Dirk Caber, Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark read mean tweets on Twitter about themselves. It’s quite funny. It’s a gay porn version of the popular Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

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Gabriel Clark Gay Porn Star IM A STRIPPER

Versatile gay porn star Gabriel Clark stars in I’m a Stripper Too! premiering on LOGO TV network in the USA and digital platforms internationally July 8th, 10pm.

Gabriel’s life is anything but dull. He maintains an open relationship with his fiancé Laila, who approves of him dating other women and men. Practicing Tai Chi and Wicca allow him to find balance in his life of extremes. But will he be able to keep a clear head when his father Lucas reveals he’s kept a few secrets of his own. Turns out Lucas, the construction foreman, also likes to be called Lulu Belle while at home.

I’m pretty sure my readers are familiar with bisexual porn star Gabriel Clark from his porn videos on, CockyBoys, Men of Montreal, etc. But this is the first time he is open about his personal life in documentary which also features his fiancé and his father. You can watch the trailer of this new documentary I’m a Stripper Too! below.

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Gabriel Clark Levi Michaels CockyBoys

In case you haven’t already known, porn star Levi Michaels has a show on Youtube called “Live With Levi.” He released 8 videos so far. Last week he made an appearance on another Youtube channel of Eric Angelo. The video is called “Common Gayboy Tag” and I think it’s really cute. :-)

This week his fans can watch Levi Michaels gets fucked by by porn star Gabriel Clark at CockyBoys.

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Gabriel Clark Pascal Aubry Men of Montreal Gay Sex

MEN OF MONTREAL just released a hot new fuck scene called “A Fast & Furious Fucking!” where gay porn star Gabriel Clark fucks Pascal Aubry real hard.

This scene was filmed on April 16th. How do I know that? Because I was there. :-) In case you missed it. I took a vacation in Montreal and Marko Lebeau himself invited me to this porn shoot between Gabriel Clark and Pascal Aubry. It’s like a dream comes true for me. To be in Montreal and meeting these hot MEN OF MONTREAL in person. Don’t forget to check out some behind the scenes photos I took while I was on the set.

Gabriel Clark was a sweet and funny guy to hang out with but he turned into an animal when the sex started!

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Gabriel Clark Levi Karter CockyBoys

Interesting… I met Levi Karter while I was on vacation in New York at BERLIN Party and CockyBoys Book Release Party. After that, I met Gabriel Clark on set of Men of Montreal during my short trip there. Both guys are among the most friendliest porn stars I’ve met. And today COCKYBOYS.COM just released a new video starring these two models I met during my US tour. Check out preview of the scene Gabriel Clark fucks Levi Karter below.

And in case you missed the scene released earlier this week, KISS•HUG•FUCK•LOVE episode 1 where Colby Keller and Justin Matthews Double Fuck Duncan Black, check out this “Kiss, Hug, Fuck, Love” ORIGINAL CockyBoys Music Video with music and lyrics by Justin Matthews (aka Sean Cody model Taylor).

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Gabriel Clark Pascal Aubry Men of Montreal Gay Porn BTS

I was on vacation in Montreal and had a dinner with Buddy Profits team, gay porn star Marko Lebeau and his business partner last Tuesday at Le Saloon Bistro Bar (nice restaurant!) During dinner, Marko Lebeau invited me to his porn shoot for MEN OF MONTREAL on Wednesday. Needless to say, I was so excited. It was not in the plan, I didn’t know they would be filming during my vacation in Montreal. I felt like the luckiest blogger. :-)

So here I was, on set of MEN OF MONTREAL while they were filming hot sex scene with gay porn star Gabriel Clark and Pascal Aubry. This will be the 3rd time you’ll see Pascal get fucked!

Men of Montreal’s porn set was one of the most relaxing and fun shoots I’ve visited so far. Everyone from the models and videographer were having good time. Lots of teasing and joking. And it’s super sexy when the models talked in French. Gabriel Clark is charismatic and very fun to hang out with. He just got back from a vacation in Cancun. Pascal Aubry is more quiet but cute as a button. Pascal is becoming a very good bottom after this porn shoot because Gabriel pounded him really hard. (Check out the last pic). I’ll have a video interview with Gabriel and Pascal for you soon. For now, check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos from the set of MEN OF MONTREAL.

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Chris Harder Gabriel Clark CockyBoys

This is awesome! I thought the sex scene between Darius Ferdynand and Levi Michaels was very hot. This week COCKYBOYS.COM put two more sexy porn stars together. This time it’s Chris Harder and Gabriel Clark. Both guys are so handsome and have amazing bodies.

Check out preview photos from this scene Gabriel Clark fucks Chris Harder below.

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Gabriel Clark Dan Broughton Gay Sex

MEN.COM has released a new sex scene on a daily basis ever since the launch of this mega porn site back in September, 2011 and its 1000th sex scene is set to be released on March 23th. The scene is top secret for now, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a scene people will be talking about.

I have a sneak peek of some hot sex scenes to be released on MEN.COM this month. Fans of Paddy O’Brian will be delight to know that you can watch him bottoming again, Paddy and Leo Domenico take turns fucking each other in “Voyeur Part 2″ coming March 13.

Other hot scenes to keep an eye on: Sebastian Young bottoms for Connor Maguire in “Bubble Butts Part 1,” Wagner Vittoria bottoms for Paddy O’Brian in “Voyeur Part 3,” and Johnny Rapid gets tag-teamed in College John Part 2 and College John Part 3.

Today, you can watch Dan Broughton gets fucked by Gabriel Clark in “Cruising Episode 5.”

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