The latest HOT guy making his gay sex debut is Solomon (pretty unique porn name) from CHAOSMEN.COM.

The director describes this handsome porn stud Solomon as “aggressive/passive.” And he gets fucked raw in this video.

I know I didn’t have any guys on my team that wanted to get in a smack down in the middle of a sex shoot. Micah thought he could be domineering, and Solomon wasn’t too sure he could stay hard enough to Top, so he opted to Bottom first time out.

Besides, a little (or a lot!) of pain doesn’t seem to be a problem for him. Though he stated clearly that this was a whole new sort of pain he was expecting and was very nervous.

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This is another great week for fans of bodybuilder Tyler St. James like me! MEN.COM releases 2 videos starring this beefy porn stud.

Tyler St. James tops Ridge Michaels at STR8 to GAY and the highlight is the new video from DRILL MY HOLE. It’s a punishment scene, he tops Tyr Alexander and it is really aggressive. It’s a classic big guy dominates smaller guy – by far his best scene yet with some huge slaps.

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The last Halloween porn of 2011 is from CORBINFISHER.COM. They released a new video CORBIN’S HALLOWEEN BASH. It starts at a Halloween party with lots of hot CF models. Fans should be delight to see bottom boy Josh in the bash. Josh is back to porn!

This scene is a duo between Connor and a mysterious dude wearing devil mask. Who’s the guy in mask getting fucked by Connor? My best guest is Cameron. Or is that Josh?

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I’m happy to see David Dirdam in action after almost 2 years hiatus. I assume he’s Spanish as Paco, one of the blog readers, pointed out that his last name “Dirdam” is “Madrid” backwards. David Dirdam is a versatile performer (I prefer him as a bottom). I first noticed him from 2 TITAN MEN movies. This guy always stays rock hard while getting fucked. He even got double penetrated in Kristen Bjorn‘s PRIDE and Pleasure Hunt 1.

Adrian Toledo returns to Kristen Bjorn in WILD ATTRACTION Chapter 10, this time as a top. David Dirdam fucks bottom boy Adrian Toledo in this video.

And don’t forget to check out another hot video Casting Couch #253: Tomas Friedel Fucks hottie Alex Brinsky.

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Hot and muscular Sean Cody model Immanuel has already fucked Jurek, Jeff and Jeffrey (He must like the letter J ;-) ). Now it’s time for him to get fucked! And Sean Cody paired him with equally muscular model Derek. Just like Brodie’s bottoming debut.

This is not only Immanuel’s bottom debut, it’s also Derek’s first gay sex video.

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This scene was released last week but I have to talk about it because I really like it. Jim Kerouac and Dario Dolce have two of the most ripped muscled bodies at BELAMIONLINE.COM.

Dario Dolce is definitely a pig bottom who enjoys getting fucked and Jim Kerouac is a great top with huge cock. This 2-part videos are perfect combination! Dario cums both while getting rimmed and fucked!

BELAMIONLINE.COM also released some new videos from Back In Africa porn-cumentary series.

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So far, the masculine bodybuilder Derek Atlas has topped Cayden Ross and Nick Sterling at RANDYBLUE.COM. And he did an orgy scene for Halloween called Boys Night Out (Derek Atlas, Paul Wagner and Caleb Strong gangbang Eric Pryor). I was waiting for his bottoming debut.

It turned out that Derek Atlas has already got fucked on camera! Thanks to one of my eagle-eyed readers Karl who discovered this video DVD #70 Matt Pounds Derek by The Muscle Mafia.

Derek discovers The Muscle Mafia and wishes he found us first before committing to other Adult films. Then he discovers Matt and decides that he wants what might be his first time getting fucked to be with Matt and in our safe, private controlled setting. In a hot sweaty, sexually tense scene Matt whose 8 inch curved big dick is perfectly shaped to hit anyone’s G spot makes Dereks eyes roll and toes curl.

Derek wears black mask in this video but you can tell that’s him by his voice and his tattoos.

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First, watch the very cute video by Marc Dylan below. I think he’s on the set of Bound Jocks. And I can’t help but assume that this video is a response to a “silly comment” posted on this very blog by Jon B. I’m thrilled to see that Marc himself took times to response to his fans on my blog. Very cool!

Now check out Marc Dylan’s two hot videos – a threesome with Jimmy Duranoa and Harley Everett from Game On! by TITAN MEN and Marc bottoms for Luke Haas again but this time for the website DAMN THATS BIG (also a part of GAY ROOM).

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Did you try the new feature at Randy Blue – Exclusive Live Models or 1 on 1? Members can live chat with their favorite Randy Blue models.

And their popular Randy Blue Live Show is still going strong. Here’s some preview screencaps from previous shows featuring Ash Taylor, Travis James and Jarrett Rex.

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With his boyish face and the body of Greek god, Espartaco is one of my favorite webcam models at FLIRT 4 FREE. Check out this HOT video of him riding a dildo above from BIG CAM TUBE. I think he should send a resume to Bel Ami ;-)

More videos of hot guys playing with sex toys below, including Jason Williams (former Sean Cody model Fuller) and Alvaro (aka Christian Herzog).

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Alexander Garrett replaced Trace Michaels as a masseur at RUBHIM.COM. He flip flop fucked with Mitch Vaughn in previous video. This time he satisfies a hot hunky client. I like that Alexander Garrett’s huge cock stays rock hard the whole time he gets fucked!

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In episode 6 of So You Think You Can Fuck, the judges finally give the sex scene a 10! They LOVE the creativity of the scene, and the fact that some of it takes place under water. They think Rick McCoy and Jimmy Clay have amazing chemistry, and love the athleticism both boys have as they flip-flop and fuck each other senseless. Before the sex, all the contestants have to compete in a group challenge, in which they have to make up a new sexual position and act it out. Who will win the show? It’s coming down to the wire, and the winner is up to you!

Err… and what’s Rick McCoy doing with that rubber duck?

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