HustlaBall Berlin 2014 Porn Awards

On Sunday, October 12th, I was in New York and experienced my first HustlaBall Party. Check out my coverage of that event here and here. The following Sunday October 19th, they held the HustlaBall Berlin 2014 at KitKatClub in Berlin. No, I wasn’t there. I just got back home from my vacation in the US. But thanks to Boner Magazine and many porn stars who attended the event, for sharing many pictures on the Internet.

HustlaBall Berlin 2014 is full of gay porn stars – Lucio Saints, Allen King, Robbie Rojo, Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolf, Brent Everett, Steve Pena, Carlos Caballero, Rogue Status, Hans Berlin, Adam Dacre, Alexx Desley, Jonathan Agassi, Fostter Riveira, JP Richards, Cutler X, Logan Moore, Nick Prescott, Ryan Raz, Kris Kurt, Ken Taylor, Joe Bexter, etc.

They also held the HustlaBall Porn Award 2014. Congratulations to Allen King, Lucio Saints, Armond Rizzo, Fostter Riviera, and Alejandro Alvarez who won Best Actor, Best Top, Best Bottom, Best Versatile, and Best Newcomer. Bel Ami won 3 awards for Best DVD Cover, Best Twink Film, and Best Group Film. Lucas Entertainment won 2 awards for Best Studio and Best Hunk Film. Lucio Saints website won Best Studio Website and Best Threesome.

Check out the full list of winners, along with pictures and videos of the HustlaBall Berlin 2014 party and its live sex shows below.

[UPDATE] Added pictures of Logan Moore, Jonathan Agassi, Brent Everett, and Steve Pena by Jay Fuckeries!

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HustlaBall Gay Porn Ryan Rose Colton Grey

I hope you like my previous post, Queer Me Now at HustlaBall New York 2014 (Part 1). Here’s Part 2 of my coverage of HustlaBall New York 2014. Check out pictures of your favorite porn stars having sex on stage in front of audience and backstage in the changing room. :-)

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Tayte Hanson Bravo Delta HustlaBall NYC 2014 Gay Porn Stars

OK guys… I survived my first ever HustlaBall. Last Sunday, I went to the HustlaBall New York 2014. It’s quite a surreal experience for me, after all these years covering gay porn events. I also had a great time meeting all these gay porn stars at HustlaBall. Many of which, I’ve already met during these past 3 years.

If you are a HustlaBall newbie like myself and decide to go to the HustlaBall NYC next year, be aware of the front role of the main stage. LOL If you are not into water sport / golden shower, you might want to avoid the front role during the opening act where the host Mr. Pam introduced all of the performers on stage. Why? You ask, because after the introduction, Mr. Pam told the model to piss on an audience… literally. Check out the pictures below.

And thanks to the organizers of HustlaBall for giving Queer Me Now Blog a full access to the VIP area and backstage. So I can bring you these pictures of gay porn stars from HustlaBall NYC 2014. (Part 2 coming soon)

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HustlaBall NYC 2014 Gay Porn Stars Lineup

Hey guys! Right now I’m in New York and tonight I will be at the HUSTLABALL NYC 2014. I’m so excited about this. I wrote blog posts covering these HustlaBall events for so many years. But this will be the first time ever that I will be at HustlaBall myself, instead of using pictures that porn stars post on their Twitter. Wish me luck!

Headliners for this year include Boomer Banks, Brent Corrigan, Nick Capra, Jesse Santana, Killian James, Tyson Tyler, Ryan Rose, Leo Forte, Adam Ramzi, Billy Santoro, Seth Santoro, Bravo Delta, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Brock Rustin, Christopher Daniels, Champ Robinson, Austin Wolf, Leo Sweetwood, Tommy Defendi, Duncan Black, Eli Lewis, JD Phoenix, Aleks Buldocek, Israel Oka, Nubius, Ricky Roman, Tate Hanson, Max Cameron, Rogue Status.

This afternoon, I was at Slake nightclub for the HustlaBall rehearsal leaded by Boomer Banks. Needless to say, the place was packed with all the porn star performers. I tried to take a pictures of all of them, but it comes out more like a gay porn version of Where’s Waldo? I hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, the presents the 16th Annual HustlaBall is tonight in New York at Slake 251 W 30th with VIP room hosted by Mr. Pam. This year’s theme is “Sin is In.” And I will be there. Wish me luck!!!

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Phillip T, the lucky guy who brought us the In-Depth Report from Corbin Fisher 10th Anniversary Party, also sent me these awesome pictures he took from HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014. Thank you so much!

Don’t forget to check out my HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014 Photo / Video Roundup and Pre-Party Roundup and follow Phillip T on Twitter and Tumblr.

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I published photos and videos from HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014 Pre-Party yesterday. Today I have pictures and videos from the main HustlaBall event at Share Nightclub.

Thanks to Trenton Ducati for sending me some pictures he took after Brent Corrigan after their show. Special thanks to Jake Jaxson for tons of videos of CockyBoys he uploaded on Vine and @CoolTomPix for his pictures.

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It’s that time of year. Gay porn stars from around United States flock to Las Vegas for the HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014. The main event is about to start in a few hours at Share Nightclub. As always, porn stars have shared tons of pictures and videos from many “Pre-Party” events including some VIP live shows. I compile everything I found so far into this post to make it easy for my readers.

Porn stars Brent Corrigan and Ray Han did a sex performance together at one of the pre-party shows. Too bad, no camera allowed. So I don’t have pictures from the show for your. But my blog buddy Chronicles of Pornia reported that it’s a “no-holds barred raunchy sex performance.” Thanks to Ray Han. He sent me some pictures he took with Brent after their show.

CockyBoys models Ricky Roman and Levi Karter also performed a live sex show. They did it at the VIP Suite and thanks to director Jake Jaxson, he uploaded many video clips from this sex show!

Men of Montreal models Marko Lebeau, Felix Brazeau and Ivan Lenko traveled all the way from Canada to perform in front of audience at Share Nightclub.

Porn stars Trenton Ducati took this opportunity to do a photo shoot with his hot boyfriend.

Check out pictures of so many porn stars at HustlaBall Las Vegas 2014 Pre-Party below.

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This past weekend, gay porn stars had flocked to the New York City to perform in the annual event HUSTLABALL NEW YORK 2013. This “Gay Porn On Stage” sex shows were hosted by Mr. Pam at Slake in Manhattan.

As usual, here are hot photos and videos from HUSTLABALL I’ve found on Twitter, Instagram and Vine so far featuring Rafael Alencar, JR Bronson, Jay Black, Leo Forte, Christopher Daniels, Marcus Isaacs, JD Phoenix, Austin Wolf, Tyler Wolf, Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose, Ethan Slade, Bravo Delta, Levi Karter, JP Dubois, Sam Barclay, JP Richards, Cutler X, Adam Russo, Blue Bailey, and Blake Daniels.

The highlight is the last Vine video clip below showing CockyBoys model Levi Karter shooting a big load on stage! Thanks to @Erotic_Hypno who captured this hot moment.

[UPDATE] For more even more photos from HustlaBall New York 2013, go to Queerty and Wilson Models.

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Hunky porn newcomer Jake Bolton made his porn debut in Men At Play’s video called Nasty Boys 2 with Logan Rogue, Tomas Brand and Pau Casserras.

Today I just found these 4 video clips uploaded by BUTCH DIXON. It’s a short but intimate and revealing interview that will let you know more about this sexy newcomer. Jake Bolton discusses a type of guy he like, the age he lost his virginity, his sexiest body part and more.

Also check out the backstage pass video that will show you some funny moments from the porn set when Jake Bolton worked with Lucio Saints. I can’t wait to see this scene! Both Jake and Lucio are very hot.

Oh, and joecums just uploaded the video clip he took from HustlaBall London showing the hot three-way on stage when Jake Bolton get double fucked by Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue! Watch it below.

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The HustlaBall website has just published the official photos from both HustlaBall London and Hotrods Awards events. Check it out!

Here are even more hot pictures Lionel took from “Gay Porn on Stage” event HustlaBall London 2013. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3.

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One of Queer Me Now readers Lionel, the cool guy who sent me pictures he took from HustlaBall Brussels 2013 last May, has sent me tons of hot photos from HustlaBall London 2013! I’m so jealous of him, Lionel had attended both HustlaBall Brussels and HustlaBall London this year and watched these hot porn stars having sex live on stage.

I think one of the highlights from HusltaBall London is when porn couple Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue decided to double fuck hunky Jake Bolton live on stage. In this photo set, check out the UK Hot Jocks Orgy with JP Dubois, Sam Barclay, Kayden Gray, Tyson Tyler and David Circus, the threesome with Paddy O’Brian, Paul Walker & Riley Coxx, the duo between real-life couple Austin Wolf & Tyler Wolf and the oral sex between Hans Berlin and Fabio Stallone.

These are just small parts of HustlaBall London 2013, keep an eye for Part 4, to be posted very soon.

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JoeCums (the guy who took many sexy pictures in my previous post) has uploaded 5 video clips he recorded from the HustlaBall London 2013!

Porn star Marco Sessions who were both the stage director and the performer sent me 2 video clips that one of his fans gaycluj has posted on Xtube.

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