Jessy Ares Fucks Denis Vega Menatplay

Last July, I posted some behind the scenes pictures from the set of MENATPLAY.COM in Malaga, Spain showing porn stars Jessy Ares and Denis Vega. They were in the backseat of a car heading to the shooting location. This week we find out that it’s a boat. They were filming a new sex scene called “Full Throttle.” Check out this outdoor sex scene Jessy Ares fucks hunky bottom Denis Vega.

Don’t forget another hot scene Jessy Ares gets fucked by his real-life boyfriend Ricky Ares.

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Jessy Ares Ricky Ares Savaged Menatplay

I reported last week that gay porn star Jessy Ares has returned to porn and filming with Menatplay in Spain. We don’t have to wait long because MENATPLAY.COM just released this new video called “Savaged” starring Jessy Ares.

Jessy’s scene partner is none of than his real-life boyfriend Ricky Ares. You can follow these two lovebirds on Twitter @AresJessy and @AresRicky. They posted some cute pictures from Madrid.

Check out the preview photos of this hot scene Jessy Ares gets fucked by his boyfriend Ricky Ares below.

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Jessy Ares Menatplay Gay Porn Star

Yesterday, I reported that two hot porn stars Denis Vega and Logan Moore were filming with Menatplay in Malaga, Spain this past weekend. Apparently, MENATPLAY.COM was filming with FOUR hot porn stars! And one of them is award-winning porn star Jessy Ares! The other porn star on set was Jay Roberts.

The director of Menatplay just tweeted the picture above, showing himself crammed in the back of a car with Jessy Ares and Denis Vega.

I hope MENATPLAY.COM will release the sex scenes of these hot guys Jessy Ares, Jay Roberts, Denis Vega, and Logan Moore they filmed in Malaga very soon.

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Jessy Ares Hunter Marx Double Headed Dildo Gay Sex Titan Men

Too bad gay porn star Jessy Ares is no longer in the porn industry. But he filmed this sex scene with TITAN MEN before he left.

In this first scene from the new movie CHAIN REACTION, you can watch Jessy Ares fucks hunky Hunter Marx. The highlight for me is the double headed dildo action!

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Hey guys! If you enjoy Jessy Ares‘ songs and performances like Pornstar, Striptease and Pornpop, this sexy porn star just released the Remix Collection.

You can listen to a track called Art (Radio Remix) from this Remix Collection (feat. Jessy Ares) – EP below.

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I got a chance to meet this sexy newcomer Misha Dante in Paris on set of Lucas Entertainment. He is definitely one of the sweetest and friendliest porn stars I’ve ever met in person. Misha Dante is a trained ballet dancer. That’s why he’s very flexible. He has one sex scene released so far, from CAZZO CLUB where Misha Dante bottoms for Jessy Ares.

I also got an exclusive news for you! Misha told me he did a sex scene with Kane O’Farrell for Cazzo but the scene hasn’t been released yet. Yes, gay porn star Kane O’Farrell has returned to porn!

After Paris, Misha went to London and worked with UK Naked Men and Men At Play. I’ve already published behind the scenes photos of Misha and Marco Rubi on set of Men At Play. Today, I have some photos of Misha on set of UK Naked Men for you.

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This week is about the sex between real-life lovers. You’ve seen Edji Da Silva and his husband Timo Dylan make love at Lucas Entertainment. At CAZZO CLUB, you can watch hot porn star Jessy Ares and his real-life boyfriend Ricky Ares take turns fucking each other. It’s Ricky’s first porn scene. (I’ve published one behind the scenes pictures here)

It’s so hot watching Jessy gets fucked by his boyfriend :-)

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Hottie Seth Treston revealed in his exclusive interview with Queer Me Now that he has many favorite porn stars and one of them is Rafael Alencar. Well, Seth is a lucky guy because because his porn fantasy has been fulfilled in this new movie, LOVE & DEVOTION. They paired Seth up with his favorite porn star Rafael Alencar :-)

Seth shows that he’s a talented bottom by taking Rafael’s MASSIVE dick up his ass. LOVE & DEVOTION also stars Trenton Ducati, Jessy Ares, Derek Parker, Jed Athens, Justin Cruise, Micah Brandt, Tyler Wolfe and Vito Gallo.

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Jessy Ares‘ new song, PORNPOP has been released on many internet portals. You can listen to the preview on Youtube. It will be available on Amazon September 14 and on iTune very soon. Pornpop has already been included in these compilation CDs – House Therapy Selection vol. 1 by Mofalco Recordings and Sexy House Impact 2013 by Baccara Music. The cover of PORNPOP was taken by GIGOLOS, The famous pornstar party that takes place in London and Paris.

Jessy and his friend D.O. also did a photo shoot for KARE-design, the international furniture and home decor brand. You can watch behind the scenes clip below. KARE-design is preparing to launch a new collection of furniture called “7 Deadly Sins” (Parallel to the Original Sinners production Jessy and D.O. did in Costa Rica for Lucas entertainment.)

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Check out these 3 sex scenes MEN.COM released this past weekend: If you are a fan of orgy, watch “Sex Traveler Part 3″ power bottom JD Phoenix gets gang-banged by Colby Keller, Landon Conrad, Colby Jansen and Adam Hurst.

“Fooling The Newbie” the new sex scene directed by Alter Sin and starring two of my favorite porn stars Jessy Ares and Donato Reyes. And in case you missed it, you can see behind the scenes photos here and here.

As you guys have already known, flew Topher DiMaggio to UK to fuck Paddy O’Brian. It’s one of the most talked about sex scene of 2013 for sure. On this trip, Topher also filmed this scene “The Night After” Topher DiMaggio fucks Kayden Gray.

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I can’t wait for porn star Jessy Ares to release his new single “PORNPOP” He tweeted that it’s sponsored by Kare-Design for production with Jessy’s porn buddy D.O.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” photos from the set of Cazzo Club, Gay Room,, Men of Montreal, Hot House, Rock Candy Films, Guys In Sweatpants, and Cocksure Men.

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I knew this sex scene is gonna be very hot. I met both Jay Roberts and Jessy Ares in London last year. They are best friends in real life. The chemistry between these two sexy buddies is great. You can watch Jessy Ares fucks Jay Roberts in this new video from called “Unexpected Revenge.” Check out some behind the scenes photos I published last April.

Don’t forget to watch orgy scene “Boy Ranch Part 3″ where Billy Santoro fucks 3 twinks Felix Warner, Joey Cooper & Max Leo and Sebastian Young fucks Andrew Blue in “Fire Drill.”

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