Colby Jansen Zeb Atlas Tour of Duty Gay Porn

MEN.COM has just sent out an email announcing that fans can watch Colby Jansen, their beefiest exclusive model and one of the most popular gay porn stars, in his new sex scene after a few months absence. is about to release part 1 of a three part series called “Tour of Duty” and Colby Jansen’s scene partner is bodybuilder porn star Zeb Atlas! You can check out the trailer this Monday (July 28). I like watching big guys like Colby and Zeb fucking. It’s going to be a hot scene. But who’s the top and who’s the bottom?

Hey, and since the latest’s military-theme porn series “Prisoner of War” ends with Paddy O’Brian’s first Gang-Bang scene, it would be awesome if “Tour of Duty” ends with Zeb’s bottoming debut. LOL.

For now, check out the final episode from “Gay of Thrones” porn parody, Colby Keller fucks Toby Dutch and a hot three-way with Johnny Rapid, Billy Santoro and Dirk Caber in “Houseboy Part 2.”

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Abraham Al Malek Khal Drogo Gay of Thrones

After porn stars Dato Foland and Damien Crosse, today MEN.COM has just revealed the third cast member from the upcoming porn series GAY OF THRONES. It’s Abraham Al Malek and he’s playing the role of fan-favorite Khal Drogo in this gay porn parody. What do you think about the cast of Gay of Thrones so far?

For now, check out these hot videos from – Connor Maguire fucks Johnny Rapid in “Cheating Loophole,” Valentin Petrov and David Chase fuck each other in “Measure My Unit” and Brad Kalvo fucks Tyler Morgan in “My First Fantasy.”

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Dato Foland Gay of Throens Porn Parody

I reported about MEN.COM upcoming porn parody GAY OF THRONES last week. Now has revealed the first cast member of this porn parody. It’s Russian porn star Dato Foland. Which character do you think Dato plays?

“I Will Take What Is Mine,” that’s the quote from the character Daenerys Targaryen. I think hat means Dato (or should I call him Dato Targaryen / Dato Stormborn? LOL) will play the role of “Father of Dragons” in this porn parody. I guess Dato will have sex with whoever plays the role of Khal Drogo. ;-)

In the spirit of World Cup, released 5 video clips of 5 porn stars – Dato Foland, Luke Adams, Diego Lauzen, Damien Crosse and Johnny Rapid show support to their favorite teams.

And for this occation, also release a soccer-theme porn called “SCORE.” The first scene (released last week) featured Tom Faulk Fucking Steven Stiffer. “Score Part 2″ will be released on June 29, Colt Rivers gets fucked by Phenix Saint.

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Paddy OBrian Fucks Dani Demon

I think this is another hot weekend for MEN.COM. I like this new video porn star Paddy O’Brian fucks Dani Demon in “In My Dream” and a flip-fuck between Tom Faulk and Haigan Sence in “Virgin Hunter Part 3.: (This is the second time Haigan bottoms on camera and the first time he gets fucked with condom.)

Today, is about to release another Johnny Rapid gangbang scene. This time Johnny Rapid gets gangbanged and double fucked by hunky Jaxton Wheeler, Aaron Bruiser and Haigan Sence in a scene called “Happy Hour Sex.”

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Paul Walker Dan Broughton McKensie Cross Gay Porn

Paul Walker fucks McKensie Cross in Disconnected Part 1, Dan Broughton fucks McKensie Cross in Part 2, Rick Bauer fucks Dan Broughton in Part 3

Today in “Disconnected Part 4,” it’s a threesome starring Paul Walker, Dan Broughton and McKensie Cross. I think Dan Broughton is the luckiest guy here. He fucks McKensie Cross while getting fucked by Paul Walker.

Another hot scene released yesterday is called “Service My Room” and in this scene Johnny Rapid bottoms for Trevor Tripp.

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Tom Faulk Fucks Jaxton Wheeler Virgin Hunter

I enjoyed watching Ricky Decker get fucked by Charlie Harding in “Virgin Hunter Part 1″ from MEN.COM. This time in “Virgin Hunter Part 2″ you can watch hot stud Tom Faulk fucks hunky Jaxton Wheeler. Isn’t it nice to see Jaxton’s legs in the air and getting his big butt pounded?

Today, fans of Rick can watch this muscle bottom Ricky Decker gets fucked by Haigen Sence in a new video called ” “R.O.T.C” and don’t forget to watch Aaron Bruiser tops Johnny Rapid in “Blind.”

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Ricky Decker Tom Faulk Gay Porn

This muscular porn stud Ricky Decker started his porn career as Arthur and he did a couple of bareback scenes for Sean Cody. Then he worked with Falcon, you can watch him get fucked by Landon Conrad in Alpine Wood Part 1. What I like most about Rick, this musclebound hunk gets fucked in all his scenes :-)

Today, Ricky is about to make his debut on MEN.COM in a scene called “School Trip” where Ricky Decker bottoms for hunky Tom Faulk.

Don’t forget to check out my exclusive interview with Ricky Decker. And check out these hot scenes: Damien Crosse fucks Adam Wirthmore in “Porn Date Part 2″ and Christian Wilde fucks Johnny Rapid in “Cam Play 2.”

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Johnny Rapid Bryce Evans Connor Kline Mike De Marko Phenix Saint Orgy

Today is the day MEN.COM releases its Johnny Rapid’s 100th sex scene. It’s called “Muscle Worship” and it’s an orgy scene starring Johnny Rapid, Bryce Evans, Connor Kline, Mike De Marko, and Phenix Saint. Of course, Johnny Rapid gets double penetrated in this scene.

Don’t forget to watch this hot scene called “Nervous Intern” where muscular Tom Faulk gets fucked by Connor Maguire.

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Donny Wright Fucks Johnny Rapid The Blogger

MEN.COM is about to release Johnny Rapid’s 100th scene this Friday, May 2nd. But today, they are releasing his 99th sex scene and it’s this scene called “The Blogger” where Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Donny Wright. (I wonder who is the blogger they had in mind when they shot this scene.)

Don’t forget to check out the scenes Colby Jansen fucks Trelino called “Drilling Deep” and Brian Davilla fucks Shay Michaels in “New Muscle, Pro Muscle.”

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Muscle Worship Johnny Rapid Bryce Evans Connor Kline Mike De Marko Phenix Saint Orgy

As I mentioned yesterday, MEN.COM is about to release Johnny Rapid’s 100th scene next Friday, May 2nd. And they just released the trailer of this scene. Apparently, it’s a video called “Muscle Worship” and it’s an orgy scene starring Johnny Rapid, Bryce Evans, Connor Kline, Mike De Marko and Phenix Saint where Johnny Rapid gets double penetrated by Connor Kline and Phenix Saint.

Speaking of orgy, today will release the scene called “Spring Fever Part 4″ and it’s an outdoor orgy with Johnny Forza, Asher Hawk, Dalton Pierce, Donny Forza, and Jack King.

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Dirk Caber Johnny Rapid Scott Harbor Trevor Spade Orgy

I have a good news for fans of porn star Johnny Rapid from MEN.COM. They are about to release Johnny Rapid’s 100th scene next month, May 2nd. Mark your calendar! That means we have watched Johnny Rapid having sex on camera 99 times so far. :-) I’ll have more info about this upcoming scene very soon. And I’m pretty sure Johnny’s fans around the world will enjoy it.

For now, you can watch Johnny in “Stepfather’s Secret Part 4,” the conclusion to the popular Stepfather’s Secret porn series. Part 4 brings all three of the guys Johnny Rapid, Scott Harber and Trevor Spade together with muscle daddy Dirk Caber. Everyone gets fucked. Including Dirk who gets pumped by Johnny, Trevor AND Scott.

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Johnny Forza and Jack King Fuck Asher Hawk

We’ve watched Donny Forza fucking Lane Larson in the first episode of the porn series “Spring Fever.” MEN.COM just released “Spring Fever Part 2,” this time it’s an outdoor three-way where Johnny Forza and Jack King tag-teamed Asher Hawk on a boat.

Coming up next, is about to release a scene Johnny Rapid gets fucked by John Evans called “Bros Who Fuck” and don’t forget to watch scene released yesterday called “Stepfather’s Secret Part 2,” muscle daddy Dirk Caber Fucks Trevor Spade.

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