Kris Evans Marcel Gassion Kevin Warhol Dylan Maguire BelAmi Orgy

I hope you guys enjoy the hot sex scene Kris Evans bottom for Kevin Warhol last week. Now in the 4th installment in the Fucking Kris series. Porn stars Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol are joined by Bel Ami’s power bottoms Marcel Gassion and Dylan Maguire.

The best part about this hot gay orgy starring Kris, Kevin, Marcel & Dylan is when Marcel Gassion shows that he really enjoys it so much that he cums hands free while Kevin is fucking him! “Hands Free Cumshot” (and Precum) is like a holy grail of gay porn these days. ;-)

Marcel Gassion is a very charming guy. I was lucky I met him on set of Dirty Rascals last month. Don’t forget to check out my exclusive video of Marcel and Dato Foland.

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Kris Evans Bottoms Kevin Warhol BelAmi Bareback

BELAMIONLINE.COM has just released the 3rd installment in the Fucking Kris series. And it’s the scene I’ve been waiting for.

Last month, we watch muscular porn star Kris Evans gets tag-teamed by Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel bareback.

Today we have our most popular ‘big boy’, Kris Evans with everyone’s favorite ‘little guy’, Kevin Warhol. Although the guys have been together in the past past, this is Kevin’s first time topping Kris. Even though the guys are speaking English here we decided to give you some subtitles to help you out a bit.

I love a sex scene like this, when bigger guy like Kris Evans bottoms for smaller guy like Kevin Warhol. :-) But this scene is super hot because it’s the hot guy like Kris getting fucked.

Don’t forget to comeback this Saturday, because Bel Ami will release the fourth scene of the Fucking Kris series where Kris and Kevin are joined by Dylan Maguire and Marcel Gassion in a 4-way.

For now, check out preview pictures from this hot scene Kris Evans gets fucked by Kevin Warhol bareback below.

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Bel Ami Marcel Gassion Gay Porn Star Nude

BELAMIONLINE.COM sent me these exclusive pictures of porn stars Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Marc Ruffalo, and Marcel Gassion during their recent trip to South Africa. I hope you will like this sexy photo set.

For the sex scene, check out this newest scene Jim Kerouac fucks Juliean Hussey.

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Marcel Gassion Kevin Warhol BelAmi Bareback

Powerbottom Marcel Gassion is definitely one of my favorite models at the moment and I was lucky I got a chance to meet this charming young man on set of Dirty Rascals.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM released a new scene Marcel Gassion gets fucked by Kevin Warhol. And don’t miss the scene handsome model Marc Ruffalo fucks Jack Harrer.

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Kris Evans BelAmi Gay Porn Star Bottom Bareback

I posted some sneak peek photos of Kris Evans Bareback Bottoming Debut last week. In case you haven’t already known, You can watch muscular Bel Ami porn star Kris Evans gets fucked by Adam Archuleta and Jean Daniel condom-free next week on September 27th.

BELAMIONLINE.COM just released the XXX Preview Video of Kris Evans’ Bottoming Series online. It shows the release dates of all Kris Evans’ sex scenes – Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta & Jean Daniel 3-way, Kris Evans bottoms for Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans in an orgy with Kevin, Marcel Gassion and Dylan Maguire, and a flip-fuck between Kris and Rhys Jagger. Watch this hot trailer below.

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Joel Birkin Gigantic Dick Gay Porn Star BelAmi

Back in 2012, BELAMIONLINE.COM teased viewers with a video of mysterious model with gigantic cock named Joel Birkin. In that video, they showed 4 Kinky Angels porn stars sucking Joel’s big dick without revealing his identity. Earlier this year, I reported that Joel Birkin along with Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca were filming Scandal In The Vatican 2 in Rome. And they finally revealed what Joel Birkin looks like as he was one of Bel Ami models featured in Addicted Swimwear Campaign. Yes, this guy has an underwear model look and great body and he definitely has one of the biggest dicks in porn right now!

Now it’s time to watch Joel Birkin and his huge cock in action! The September issue of KINKYANGELS.COM featured two new videos called “Joel’s Private Show” and “…Gone Wild!” where porn stars Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, and Jack Harrer servicing Joel’s gigantic dick!

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Kevin Warhol BelAmi Gay Porn Star Barcelona

BELAMIONLINE.COM just sent me this exclusive photo set of porn stars Kevin Warhol and Adam Archuleta during their short trip to Spain. They went to Ibiza to promote the official opening of ES Collection and ADDICTED store there.

You might recognize their previous collaboration, the campaign for ADDICTED swimwear. Bel Ami is working with ES Collection for the new fall collection as well. More detail soon.

Don’t forget to watch the XXX trailer of the 2-part 3-way sex scene starring Tony Conrad, Ramon Macchio & Yannick Modine released this weekend. (Note: Tony Conrad and Ramon Macchio are the official porn names of Lukas and Marcel.)

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Kris Evans Bel Ami Explosive Cumshot

Kris Evans is one of the most popular porn stars at BELAMIONLINE.COM at the moment. This guy has amazing muscular body, huge cock and hot as hell. (Trust me, I met the guy in person. Check out my exclusive pictures and video.) Kris is also famous for his explosive cumshots and he delivers it again in this 2-part video where Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell tag-team Kevin Warhol.

Bel Ami also released another hot 3-way scene where hottie Peter Fleming gets fucked by Phillipe Gaudin and Alex Orioli.

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Lukas Ridgeston Bel Ami Gay Porn Star 2014

Today is a BIG day of filming Dirty Rascals. As you can see in the behind the scenes photos I took from the set. Mr. Pam and Leo Forte filmed with the entire cast today. From Connor Maguire, Tommy Defendi, Dato Foland, Darius Ferdynand to Bel Ami boys Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Marcel Gassion, Tom Pollock, Claude Sorel, Rocco Alfieri, Tim Campbell, and Phillipe Gaudin. The chateau was packed with so many gay porn stars today. There were two legendary porn stars working behind the camera; Lukas Ridgeston filming behind the scenes documentary and Johan Paulik also shooting sex scenes in the chateau for Bel Ami website with a couple of models I’ve never seen before. (Too bad I was not allowed to take photos of those models.)

Tomorrow is going to be my last night here in Prague. That’s so sad. NAKEDSWORD.COM and BELAMIONLINE.COM will continue filming Dirty Rascals until Wednesday but I will travel from Prague to Madrid this Monday to do on-set reports with (similar to this one) there. Wish me luck!

For now, check out these photos from the set of Dirty Rascals “funeral” scene.

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Bel Ami Kevin Warhol Gino Mosca Luke Hamill Bareback

I’m a fan of this type of porn video from BELAMIONLINE.COM. It gives viewers a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes at the same time. A mix between porn and documentary, a “porncumenary” I guess.

When Kevin first started expressing an interest in learning how to do the behind the camera part of the job, we were more than happy to encourage him. Not all boys have an interest in it, and even fewer have a talent for it, so George thought we would let him try and see how it goes. Obviously we were not going to be so mean as to leave him all by himself, so Luke has decided to give him a few hints and tips as to how it is done. The thing is though, sometimes Luke’s hints and tips involve more than just camerawork!

In this video, porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca and Luke Hamill take turns filming and fucking each other. It’s so hot watching Gino (with a hard on) filming Kevin cums while getting fucked by Luke.

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David Benjamin James Hamilton Gay Porn

Porn newcomer David Benjamin just shot his first porn scene ever with Hot House in Palm Springs last week. Today he’s in Fort Lauderdale working with Chi Chi LaRue for her upcoming porn movie. Check out these behind the scenes photos of David Benjamin and his scene partner James Hamilton.

Tidbit: I met both David and James during my North America Porn Tour last month. :-) I met David Benjamin in DC and James Hamilton in Las Vegas.

In this edition of PORN SNEAK PEEK, Check out behind the scenes photos from Raging Stallion, Bel Ami, Staxus, VoyeurBoys, GayHoopla, and Icon Male Films (with a non-sexual appearance by former gay porn star Maxx Diesel)

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Bel Ami Kevin Warhol Joel Birkin Gino Mosca Luke Hamill Scandal in Vatican 2

Remember Joel Birkin? He made his porn debut back in 2012 as “The Mystery Model with Huge Cock.” Bel Ami kept his identity a secret from fans and didn’t reveal his face in that video. (Only his GIGANTIC cock!) Bel Ami finally reveals Joel Birkin’s face because Joel is one of six Bel Ami models in the ADDICTED swimwear campaigns: WET ME UP! and IN BED! with BelAmi. Check out his pictures below.

George Duroy also wrote about this hot new model Joel Birkin in a response to one of his fans on BELAMIONLINE.COM member forum:

Story how he was found will be told once we release him on the main site – probably in October. At this point we are shooting Scandal in Vatican 2 with him. Boys returned from Rome yesterday.

Yes, Joel Birkin was in Rome filming Scandal In The Vatican 2, the follow up to the controversial porn movie Scandal in the Vatican released in 2012.

Today, Lucas Kazan just shared a couple of behind the scenes photos from the set of Scandal In The Vatican 2 on his Twitter! You will see porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Luke Hamill and Joel Birkin in the pictures.

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