Kris Evans Fucks Roger Lambert BelAmi Gay Porn

I know I know, right now everyone is waiting for Kris Evans’ Bottoming Porn Series coming this Fall. I hope they will release the official release date soon. For now, check out this latest Kris Evans scene from BELAMIONLINE.COM. This scene features hunky porn star Kris Evans fucks Roger Lambert outdoor poolside.

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Kris Evans Fucks Manuel Rios BelAmi Gay Porn

BELAMIONLINE.COM just released this hot new sex scene featuring two hot gay porn stars Kris Evans and Manuel Rios.

Both Kris and Manuel are hot, muscular and have huge cocks. I enjoy watching Kris Evans fuck Manuel Rios. This scene ends with two explosive cumshots!

Stay tuned later this year to see Kris Evans in his bareback bottoming series!

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Kris Evans Kristof Esterhazy Bel Ami

I’m a fan of hot gay porn star Kris Evans. He made his bottoming debut in 2010 where he got fucked by Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell and there was a photo set of Kris Evans getting fucked by Brandon Manilow released in 2011.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM released this hot sex scene Kris Evans bottoms for Hungarian model Kristof Esterhazy. It’s always nice to watch big and muscular stud like Kris Evans with his muscled legs in the air and getting his butt fucked!

Apparently, this scene IS the first time Kris Evans get fucked ever. George Duroy archived this scene at the time in case it was the only time that Kris agreed to bottom. Lucky for us, you will see more of his bottoming scenes because BELAMIONLINE.COM is showing this to you now as a precursor to KRIS EVANS’ BOTTOMING SERIES coming your way in Fall this year. This is THE best news of the year 2014 for me! Can’t wait.

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Bel Ami Jack Harrer Marcel Gassion Paul Valery Bareback

March is a month of extra big uncut dicks at BELAMIONLINE.COM. They present Bel Ami’s XTRA BIG DICK CLUB all month long featuring porn stars Kris Evans, Jack Harrer, Marcel Gassion, Austin Merrick, Andre Boleyn, Phil Affleck, Ryan Kutcher, Paul Valery, Zac Dehaan, Phillipe Gaudin, Lance Thurber, Ennio Gaurdi, Vadim Farrell, etc.

Check out the XXX preview video below.

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Kris Evans Marcel Gassion Bel Ami Bareback

This February, BELAMIONLINE.COM celebrates the Valentine’s Day with 3 romantic night scenes.

Filming at night gives us a chance to play with lighting that we are not afforded during day time shoots, and the results can be softer and more romantic. Judge for yourself here with one of our best tops, and one of our most talented bottoms.

In the first romantic scene, you can watch Bel Ami’s popular porn star Kris Evans fucks sexy newcomer Marcel Gassion. In the climax of this scene, Kris cums on Marcel’s butt hole and then takes Marcel’s load in his month.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-) I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me and my blog Queer Me Now. You’ve seen the Top 15 Most Popular Porn Stories of 2013. Today, I look at my blog stats again and bring you Top 15 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars of 2013 based on your clicks.

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Both BELAMIONLINE.COM and MEN.COM are rare porn sites that release new contents everyday. And both of them released hot group sex scenes this weekend :-)

At Bel Ami, you have a foursome where muscular porn stars Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell fuck Julien Hussey and Erik Bouna. While at, you can watch a 5-way with Johnny Rapid and Kip Johnson get fucked by Cooper Reed, Donny Wright & Haigen Sence.

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George Duroy and BELAMIONLINE.COM surprised their fans with the comeback of legendary porn star Lucas Ridgeston in Forever Lukas back in October and they’ve outdone themselves with the release of the biggest condom-free group sex, 24 Boys Anniversary Orgy in November. As I mentioned in my previous post that Bel Ami has a surprise for members throughout December.

It’s gonna be a very Hardcore December for members because BELAMIONLINE.COM is releasing one new XXX anal sex scene EVERYDAY all December long!

There are 30 fuck scenes from Bel Ami to look forward to this month. I can’t wait to see the video muscle stud Derek Raser gets fucked by Vadim Farrell. (pictured above) Check out preview below for all your favorite Bel Ami porn stars such as Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Jim Kerouac, Manuel Rios, Sascha Chaykin and more.

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Today BELAMIONLINE.COM releases one of the most anticipated scenes from the new movie FOREVER LUKAS. You’ve watched Lukas Ridgeston fucked Jack Harrer yesterday.

Now you can watch this hot three-way between legendary porn star Lukas Ridgeston with Kris Evans and Jack Harrer, two of the most popular Bel Ami models at the moment. This scene has it all – big porn star with Kris Evans’ big muscles and Jack Harrer’s big dick!

The day of the big scene arrives, and I think that everyone was a little nervous, especially cameraman and director Luke Hamill. 3 of BelAmi’s biggest stars altogether in one scene, and with only one chance to get it right.
Thankfully after his unplanned encounter with Jack, Lukas is full of re-found confidence and takes the lead in this 3way scene. Jack, as always, is more than happy to bottom for both of the bigger guys and brings out the best in both Lukas and Kris.

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We’ve seen Kevin Warhol fuck Gino Mosca and Kris Evans fuck Jack Harrer in the first two scenes of FOREVER LUKAS. Now it’s time for the legendary porn star Lukas Ridgeston himself in front of the camera. It’s a double jerk off between Lukas Ridgeston and Kris Evans.

It’s a lot of hard work filming Jack and Kris and as is customary, Lukas heads to the shower afterwards to freshen up. This time however Kris is not quite ready to leave it at that and is waiting on the bed when Lukas emerges.

Come back tomorrow for Lukas Ridgeston in his comeback sex scene, condom-free topping Jack Harrer.

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Continue the story from yesterday, after Kevin Warhol fucked Gino Mosca. In this second part of FOREVER LUKAS, you can watch porn star Lukas Ridgeston directs the sex scene between Kris Evans and Jack Harrer.

It seems that Jack is not too worried about having usurped Kevin’s role in the new Lukas movie project, and is getting down to business in his scene with Kris Evans.
In the short documentary intro, we learn that Lukas still gets nervous before filming, wanting to make sure it is as erotic and sexy as possible.

This is Kris’ first ever condom free scene. After many years of watching the testing and safety policies, he finally agreed to film without his usual condom in place.

Watch the full scene at BELAMIONLINE.COM.

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The news I reported last week about the comeback of legendary porn star Lukas Ridgeston in the upcoming movie FOREVER LUKAS was definitely the most exciting porn news of 2013. I have more good news for you. All Lukas Ridgeston’s scenes from FOREVER LUKAS will be released over a 5-day period beginning October 23rd! You don’t have to wait long to watch this exciting movie (Because Bel Ami has another special thing for his fans this coming November!) Here’s the scheduled rollout of all the scenes:

Wednesday October 23rd – Lukas Ridgeston on the set directing a Kevin Warhol & Gino Mosca sex scene (jealous of the boys getting to fuck and he doesn’t)

Thursday October 24th – Lukas Shower Scene with a surprise waiting for him as he gets out, Kris Evans with a hard cock! A double jerk ensues but the fun does not end there. News travels fast and Jack Harrer is first in line to get his chance with Lukas and that amazing cock!

Friday October 25th – Lukas Ridgeston, Kris Evans & Jack Harrer Part 1

Saturday October 26th – Lukas, Kris & Jack Part 2

Sunday October 27th – Lukas Ridgeston & Kevin Warhol Behind The Scenes and Home Video Fuck Scene

To wet your appetite, watch the 90-second preview clip from FOREVER LUKAS below. Lukas is in the shower getting ready to have some fun with Bel Ami’s resident adonis Kris Evans. He’s so sexy and beautiful! … after all these year.

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