The picture I posted the other day was the welcoming goodies from Bel Ami when I arrive here in Prague, Czech Republic. This is my very first time in this beautiful city and I’m here because BELAMIONLINE.COM has invited me to join their 20th Anniversary Party. That’s why I’m so excited about this. It’s like a once in a life time opportunity for me. I had never expected this at all when I started Queer Me Now blog 7 years ago. They invited more that one hundred guests from around the world, including 3 of their most active members from the website.

More than 20 hot Bel Ami models from all the 20-year history of Bel Ami also joined the party. From the legendary models like Lukas Ridgeston, Josh Elliot, Johan Paulik to new models like Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Rick Lautner. I also got a chance to meet some brand new models no one has ever seen because none of their scenes have been released yet! Trust me, all of them are freaking hot.

It’s awesome to be in the room full of all these hot models. Lukas Ridgeston is even hotter in person right now than in his movies!

And above all, I got a chance to meet the legend, Mr. George Duroy himself. To tell you the truth, I was very nervous to meet him at first. He’s the legend for me, growing up as a gay boy and watching all his movies. But he’s a very friendly, warm and down to earth guy when I met him in person.

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Hmmmm….. we have many hot three-way scenes this weekend :-P I’ve posted about Raging Stallion / Men At Play scenes on Friday, then the Angelo Marconi DP yesterday. Today, BELAMIONLINE.COM just released the second part of this threesome with Kris Evans, Harris Hilton and Phillipe Gaudin.

Kris Evans scenes always end with explosive cumshot. I think he has one of the best cumshots in gay porn. This scene is no exception and it’s hot to see Kris Evans fucks two bottoms Phillipe Gaudin and Harris Hilton.

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I think this newest scene from Bel Ami, Kris Evans Fucks The Kinky Angels, is one of the hottest sex scenes this year. I love the “reverse gangbang” like this where one muscular top fucks 4 eager bottoms. In this case, muscledgod Kris Evans fucks Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta.

This awesome sex scene comes in 2 parts. Don’t miss the highlight in Part 1 when Kris Evans lines up the Kinky Angels and shoots his signature “fountain” cum shot all over them (His first load lands on Andre Boleyn’s face at the farthest side!). And in Part 1, Kris proceeds to fuck them all, each in a different position :-)

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This weekend, BELAMIONLINE.COM released another 3 scenes from An American In Prague 3D Remake. You got the scene Kris Evans fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall (with condom), behind the scenes footage with porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Mick Lovell, Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert and the sex scene Mick Lovell bottoms for Luke Hamill (condom-free).

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Too bad that Kris Evans‘ appearance in the second scene of An American In Prague 3D Remake is just a cameo appearance along with iconic Bel Ami model Lukas Ridgeston. But don’t worry, Kris will star in the next scene releasing this month, Kris Evans tops Jean-Daniel Chagall in this one. Another scene to be released this month is the American porn star Mick Lovell gets fucked by Luke Hamill. Check out some preview pictures below. You can also watch the full XXX trailer here.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM also introduced a new section called BelAmiNoir where they showcase photos by guest photographers. The first set is the sexy photos of Harris Hilton by photographer Joan Crisol.

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In case you missed it, here’s the preview pictures from the upcoming Bel Ami movie An American In Prague 2 starring Mick Lovell, Kevin Warhol, Jim Kerouac and Gino Mosca.

Now you can watch the XXX preview video of the first 3 sex scenes from the movie! (The entire movie has 12 scenes and 6 documentaries) The trailer also offers a glimpse of a scene starring Bel Ami hunky porn star Kris Evans :-)

Mark your calendar! An American In Prague 2 premieres June 20th at BELAMI ONLINE.

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Bel Ami calls this latest scene the “Athletic Threeway” starring hot gay porn stars Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert and Jean-Daniel Chagall.

This scene has a bit of a history to go with it. Originally filmed as a 2 part update during the height of Kris’ vocal period, we re-edited it into a 1 part scene choosing just the very best from both parts. The resulting clip is a fast and intense clip filled with some of the best cum shots ever.

Each guys cum twice and you can always count on hottie Kris Evans to deliver explosive cumshots every time!

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Last year, I reported that Bel Ami flew gay porn stars Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill and Sascha Chaykin to Brazil. Kris, Dolph and Sascha gave an appearance at a big party in Salvador, Brazil. Check out some behind the scenes pictures and video here.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM release the documentary summary of that trip and a hot sex scene between two of the most muscled porn stars Kris Evans and Sascha Chaykin filmed in Brazil

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Kevin Warhol must be the luckiest model at BEL AMI ever. He got a chance to deflower one of the hunkiest models Derek Raser (Kevin both fucked and got fucked by Derek)

And today Bel Ami released this hot orgy scene Kevin Warhol gets gang-banged by 3 of Bel Ami’s biggest and most muscular porn stars Kris Evans, Manuel Rios and Sascha Chaykin!!!

Part 1 is live now and Part 2 is live Friday January 4th. And in this month Bel Ami will debut at least 4 new exclusive models and a monthly 3D series. Get ready!

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BELAMIONLINE.COM ends 2012 with two of their hottest and most popular models Kris Evans and Mick Lovell. They look gorgeous and you can watch Kris Evans fucks Mick Lovell outdoor in 3D!

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BELAMIONLINE.COM releases this new scene for the spirit of Christmas or should I say XXX-Mas?

It’s a Christmas ‘suck off’ and Bel Ami with hunk Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol vs. Adam Archuleta and Andre Boleyn… who wins is up to you to decide.

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So this is how hunky Bel Ami star Kris Evans has breakfast with his fellow models? Cool! This scene was shot Africa earlier this year. You can see two newcomers Tom Pollock and Gino Mosca.

The scene starts with Kris Evans shows up for breakfast in nude ;-) and ends with Kris Evans fucking the cum out of lucky bottom Tom Pollock.

BELAMIONLINE.COM also released some action pictures from 2 upcoming scenes with Julien Hussey and Dario Dolce, Billy Cotton and Gino Mosca which include some acrobatic sex acts.

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