This Monday, UK NAKED MEN website is about to release the brand new nine part porn series called “Fuck Loving Criminals.”

“Businessman Leo Domenico aquires a piece of prime London real estate and has plans to build a large casino. He sets about using his contacts & friends in high places to get his plans passed by the city council.

When a rival gang boss Antonio steals documents from the premises, everyone assumes it’s an attempt to prevent the casino being built, but Antonio has his eye on a bigger prize.”

Fuck Loving Criminals features UKNM exclusives Tony Thorn & Fabio Lopez, with Leo Domenico, Adam Wirthmore, Riley Tess, Adrian Toledo, Jace Tyler, Josh Charters, Kayden Gray, Antonio Garcia, Matt Brookes and Delta Kobra. The first scene will be released this Monday, check out preview photos and the video trailer below.

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November seems to be an Orgy Month for gay porn indeed. 24 Boys Condom-Free Orgy from Bel Ami is coming, I’ve already blogged about the hot muscle jock orgy from William Higgins.

UK porn site BLAKEMASON.COM also releases the orgy scene to conclude its porn series “Mating Season.” In this scene, Mating Season Episode 8: An Orgy To End A Great Trip, you will see Riley Tess, Fraser Jacs, Kai Cruz get fucked by Matt Brookes, Josh Jared and Bradley Bishop.

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I think this newest scene from UK NAKED MEN must be one of the most unusual sex scenes released this year. It’s part 2 of the porn series called Twelve Fucks And A Funeral. This video is a bang-bang scene of 9 pall bearers trapped in the morgue during a funeral.

The setting is definitely not your typical gay porn. They also describe this scene as “Europe versus America” and “Cut Versus Uncut” as 8 European studs Adam Dacre, Antonio Garcia, Caleb Ramble, David Ken, Harley Everett, Matt Brookes, Michel Rudin and Valentin Alsina take it in turns to fuck U.S. porn star Adam Herst’s hungry hole.

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