Jessy Ares Fucks Denis Vega Menatplay

Last July, I posted some behind the scenes pictures from the set of MENATPLAY.COM in Malaga, Spain showing porn stars Jessy Ares and Denis Vega. They were in the backseat of a car heading to the shooting location. This week we find out that it’s a boat. They were filming a new sex scene called “Full Throttle.” Check out this outdoor sex scene Jessy Ares fucks hunky bottom Denis Vega.

Don’t forget another hot scene Jessy Ares gets fucked by his real-life boyfriend Ricky Ares.

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Jay Roberts Logan Moore Menatplay

Check out this hot new scene from MENATPLAY.COM. Porn star Jay Roberts is very hot and always a nice guy. Logan Moore is a handsome porn star I just can’t get enough of. Together, they make a hot porn video. This new scene is called “On The Tiles.” Logan looks great in suit and in this video Logan Moore gets fucked by Jay Roberts.

In case you missed it, here’s my exclusive interview with Logan Moore.

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Jessy Ares Ricky Ares Savaged Menatplay

I reported last week that gay porn star Jessy Ares has returned to porn and filming with Menatplay in Spain. We don’t have to wait long because MENATPLAY.COM just released this new video called “Savaged” starring Jessy Ares.

Jessy’s scene partner is none of than his real-life boyfriend Ricky Ares. You can follow these two lovebirds on Twitter @AresJessy and @AresRicky. They posted some cute pictures from Madrid.

Check out the preview photos of this hot scene Jessy Ares gets fucked by his boyfriend Ricky Ares below.

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Logan Moore Denis Vega Menatplay

To me, rising porn star Logan Moore is one of the most handsome guys in porn at the moment. (Don’t forget to check out my interview with Logan Moore.) While porn star Denis Vega has one of the hottest bodies (Watch his interview video here.) That’s why I was so excited when I found out that these two had filmed a sex scene together for MENATPLAY.COM in Malaga, Spain along with the comeback porn star Jessy Ares and Jay Roberts.

It’s also great that we don’t have to wait long for this scene because Menatplay just released this hot scene called “Hey Mr. DJ,” where you can watch Logan Moore and Denis Vega take turns fucking each other.

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Jessy Ares Menatplay Gay Porn Star

Yesterday, I reported that two hot porn stars Denis Vega and Logan Moore were filming with Menatplay in Malaga, Spain this past weekend. Apparently, MENATPLAY.COM was filming with FOUR hot porn stars! And one of them is award-winning porn star Jessy Ares! The other porn star on set was Jay Roberts.

The director of Menatplay just tweeted the picture above, showing himself crammed in the back of a car with Jessy Ares and Denis Vega.

I hope MENATPLAY.COM will release the sex scenes of these hot guys Jessy Ares, Jay Roberts, Denis Vega, and Logan Moore they filmed in Malaga very soon.

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Dato Foland Fucks Axel Brooks

It’s always nice to see hot porn star Axel Brooks in action and it’s nicer when he’s paired up with another hot porn star like Dato Foland. Let’s consider this a re-match from their flip-fuck scene together at released last month. In this new scene from MENATPLAY.COM called “Tub Rub,” you can watch suited Axel Brooks gets fucked by Dato Foland.

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Edu Boxer Fucks Allen King Suit Sex

This latest sex scene from MENATPLAY.COM fits one of my fetishes perfectly. “Fully clothed top fucks naked bottom” (without socks or stockings, I’m not into those stuffs) I hope porn studios will produce more sex scenes like this.

In this scene called “Papi Rules,” sexy bottom Allen King gets fucked by suited Edu Boxer.

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Gabriel Vanderloo Toby Dutch Menatplay

Gabriel Vanderloo is definitely the versatile porn star to keep an eye on this year. We watched Gabriel topped Goran at Stag Homme Studios and took Tim Kruger’s huge cock up his butt like a champ.

In this newest scene form MENATPLAY.COM, he looks great in suit and you can watch Gabriel Vanderloo gets fucked by Toby Dutch.

To know more about this hot Spanish porn star, read this Gabriel’s interview [translated]

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Dani Robles Menatplay Gay Porn

I think this porn newcomer Dani Robles is hot. I post a sneak peek photo of him the other day. He looks sharp in suit. Thanks to MENATPLAY.COM.

Today you can watch Dani in action. He’s a bottom in this video called “Inducted,” Dani Robles gets fucked by Edu Boxer.

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Bruno Boni Denis Vega Menatplay Bad Cop

For me, the return of Italian musclegod Bruno Boni to gay porn was one of the best porn news this year. We’ve seen him in a 5-stud orgy from Menatplay earlier this month. He filmed a sex scene with Rogan Richards for Tim Tales in Barcelona and he just wrapped the shoot with Raging Stallion in movie The Tourist in Madrid.

Today, you can watch Bruno is a hot new sex scene from MENATPLAY.COM. He’s a top in this video. Check out: Bruno Boni fucks Denis Vega in BAD COP.

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Bruno Boni Dato Foland Denis Vega Paco Scott Hunter Orgy

I reported last month that hunky Italian gay porn star Bruno Boni has returned to porn and he filmed a 5-stud orgy scene with Scott Hunter, Dato Foland, Denis Vega and Paco. It’s definitely one of the scene I was looking forward to this year.

Today, the wait is over. MENATPLAY.COM just released this hot orgy scene. Scott Hunter is the luckiest guy here. He gets gang-banged by these hot muscle studs Bruno Boni, Dato Foland, Denis Vega and Paco including a hot train-fuck where Dato fucks Paco while he’s fucking Scott!

For this hot video, Menatplay is offering an Exclusive 50% Discount on your 30 Day membership (only available till 8 May).

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Caleb Roca Fucks Denis Vega Menatplay

MENATPLAY.COM introduced this straight muscle stud Caleb Roca last month in the solo video “Introducing Caleb Roca.”

This week they released Caleb’s first sex scene called “Str8 Mate” and this time you can watch muscle bottom Denis Vega gets fucked by Caleb Roca.

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