Dirk Caber Fucks Scott Harbor Stepfathers Secret 3

MEN.COM just released the third episode from this popular porn series “Stepfather’s Secret.” We have seen muscle daddy Dirk Caber fucked Johnny Rapid in Part 1 and Trevor Spade in Part 2.

Part 3 features muscle bottom Scott Harbor in his first scene from Men.com. I like muscle bottom, but you already know that. Check out this hot scene Scott Harbor gets fucked by Dirk Caber.

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Colby Jansen Woody Fox Dan Broughton Scrum 6

MEN.COM has just released another hot installment to one of their most popular porn series SCRUM. We’ve seen hunky porn star Colby Jansen got fucked for the second time on camera by Woody Fox in SCRUM Part 4. This time, in SCURM Part 6, it’s a hot three-way where Colby Jansen and Woody Fox tag-team hottie Dan Broughton.

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Johnny Forza and Jack King Fuck Asher Hawk

We’ve watched Donny Forza fucking Lane Larson in the first episode of the porn series “Spring Fever.” MEN.COM just released “Spring Fever Part 2,” this time it’s an outdoor three-way where Johnny Forza and Jack King tag-teamed Asher Hawk on a boat.

Coming up next, Men.com is about to release a scene Johnny Rapid gets fucked by John Evans called “Bros Who Fuck” and don’t forget to watch scene released yesterday called “Stepfather’s Secret Part 2,” muscle daddy Dirk Caber Fucks Trevor Spade.

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Topher DiMaggio Fucks Donato Reyes

Check out some hot updates from MEN.COM – Hot gay porn stars Topher DiMaggio and Donato Reyes star in the first episode of a new porn series called “Suite 33.” In this Part 1, you can watch Donato Reyes gets fucked by Topher DiMaggio. Both guys look great!

For fans of Colby Jansen, after watching him get fucked for the second time on screen in Scrum Part 4. He’s back in “Scrum Part 5.” this time Colby Jansen fucks UK stud Dan Broughton.

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Donny Forza Fucks Lane Larson Spring Fever Part 1

Last February, DALLASREEVES.COM made an announcement that they have “loaned out” their 3 exclusive models to MEN.COM. And this week one of Dallas Reeves models, Donny Forza made his debut on Men.com in the first episode of a porn series called “Spring Fever,” with Donny Forza fucking Lane Larson.

Don’t miss these hot scenes – Travis James fucks Ethan Cruz in “Caged Cocks” and Johnny Rapid gets fucked by Dirk Caber in “Stepfather’s Secret Part 1.”

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Colby Jansen Bottoms For Woody Fox Scrum 4

MEN.COM is about to release the scene many of you have been waiting for. In the episode “Scrum Part 4,” you can watch gay porn star Colby Jansen gets fucked for the second time! We’ve watched Colby bottomed for Tommy Defendi in his bottoming debut “Top To Bottom 4″ last October.

You can check out some hot preview photos of this scene Colby Jansen gets fucked by Woody Fox below.

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Joey Carter Dale Cooper CAPTIVE Gay Sex

I published some exclusive preview photos of this porn series CAPTIVE Part 1 earlier this week. This is the first porn series directed by Marc MacNamara along with Chris Crisco for MEN.COM. There are more videos to come! Marc and Chris just wrapped a production of the new series and sex scenes yesterday. I’ll also have an interview with Marc soon. So if you have any questions for Marc MacNamara, leave your questions in comment section below.

I highly recommend you guys to watch this scene without skipping, so you won’t miss the twist and turn it would bring. In this first episode of CAPTIVE Part 1, Dale Cooper gets fucked musclebound Joey Carter. (Don’t forget to read my interview with Joey Carter).

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Bubble Butts Orgy Connor Maguire Jake Wilder John Magnum Luke Adams Sebastian Young

These two latest videos from MEN.COM is all about group sex. You can watch hot European porn star Dato Foland gets tag-teamed by Paddy O’Brian and Leo Domenico in “Voyeur Part 4.”

The porn series “Bubble Butts” ends with a 5-stud orgy starring Luke Adams, Jake Wilder, Connor Maguire, John Magnum and Sebastian Young.

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Joey Carter Dale Cooper Captive Gay Porn

I first met Marc MacNamara 2 years ago at The 2012 Phoenix Forum. He invited me to his porn shoots for Lucas Entertainment in Mykonos (Awake) and then Costa Rica (Original Sinners). This guy is so talented and it’s awesome to watch him directing porn movies in those exotic locations. It’s quite an experience for sure.

Last year, he left Lucas Entertainment and now he has his own production company called Nasty Boy Productions. He and his team filmed the movie called CAPTIVE last January, it’s a 3-part series and the first scene will be online next week.

I’ve read the script of CAPTIVE and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it. The sex part will be hot but you will not want to skip the dialogue and story of CAPTIVE as well, otherwise you will miss all the suspense and the twist in it.

The first scene of CAPTIVE features this hot sex scene between two gay porn stars Dale Cooper and Joey Carter. You can watch it next week on MEN.COM but Queer Me Now has these exclusive sneak peek photos just for you.

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CockInASock Colby Keller Jake Wilder Gay Porn Stars

Excellent trend: Men are taking pictures of their penises in socks and posting them on the internet with the hashtag #cockinasock to raise awareness for testicular cancer. It is probably the best hashtag to exist in the history of the hashtag and human existence.

Check out sexy photos of this #CockInASock on Buzzfeed.

Gay porn star Austin Wilde joined this campaign and post this sexy pic on his Twitter.

MEN.COM got two of their hottest porn stars, Colby Keller and Jake Wilder to pose for this #CockInASock as well. They are in New York filming new scenes for Men.com by director Marc MacNamara’s Nasty Boy Productions.

You can watch Austin Wilde fucks Alexander Greene and a hot threesome with Dillon Anderson, Ian Levine & Leo Sweetwood on his website Guys In Sweatpants.

At MEN.COM, check out hot 3-way with Rocco Reed, Tommy Defendi & Tyler Morgan in “Lunch Time Flirting,” Connor Kline fucks Billy Santoro in “Talk To Me Right,” and Dan Broughton fucks Tyson Tyler in “Deep Soak.”

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Johnny Rapid Rafael Alencar Gay Porn Repeat Offender

MEN.COM is about to release its 1000th scene. And they just released these XXX preview photos from this hot sex scene. It’s the return to the “classic” scene “Prison Shower” which launched the porn career of porn star Johnny Rapid years ago. This scene was definitely one of the most popular scenes on MEN.COM.

This 1000 scene is called “Repeat Offender” and you can watch Johnny Rapid getting fucked by Rafael Alencar again in various acrobatic sex positions.

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Bubble Butt Luke Adams John Magnum Jake Wilder

I just got myself a new “porn crush” and he’s Luke Adams. This hot young stud has nice smile, boyish face, hunky muscular body and big bubble butt! What else can you ask for? Oh, and he’s out and proud gay man. :-) (Check out these hot pictures of his from Colt).

In case you haven’t followed me on Twitter (hint: you should) I’m in San Francisco right now. As usual, when I’m on the road, I don’t have time to do some time-consuming blog posts such as “Gay Porn News” and “Who’s Fucking Whom.” BUT that also means I can bring you some exclusive photos from the set. I’ve been on set of HOT HOUSE yesterday. (Million thanks to director Christian Owen for inviting me). I met porn stars Luke Adams, Marcus Ruhl, Sean duran and Dave Circus there. And I just stopped by Kink‘s Armory hours ago for Naked Kombat live match. Stay tuned for photos and videos from these porn shoots.

For now, check out these hot threesome starring Luke Adams, John Magnum and Jake Wilder from MEN.COM.

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