Paddy OBrian Flex Xtremmo Cliff Jensen Gay Porn

MEN.COM just released the preview videos of the sex scenes from the first half of February and there are many hot scenes to keep an eye on.

The scene I want to see the most is the sex between power top Paddy O’Brian and muscle bottom FLEX. This is going to be epic! The scene is called “Body Locking Part 1″ Paddy O’Brian Fucks Flex is releasing on February 8th.

Cliff Jensen has returned after a hiatus. You can watch him fuck Luke Adams in a video called “The Apartment Part 1″ on February 7th.

So many hot sex scenes coming like Adam Bryant Fucking Billy Santoro, Bennett Anthony fucking Sean Duran, and Jessy Ares fucking Damien Crosse. Click these pictures below to watch the trailers.

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Gay Porn Jimmy Fanz Adam Bryant Tom Faulk

Some hot sex scenes from MEN.COM throughout the weekend: Jimmy Fanz bottoms for hunky Adam Bryant in Best Sex Of My Life Part 2, Tom Faulk gets fucked by Logan Blake in Awakening, and Aaron Bruiser tops Anthony Verusso in Bad Brother In Law.

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Tom Faulk Jason Maddox Brenner Bolton

The latest sex scene from the cowboy porn series “Down Low” by MEN.COM, is a 3-way where hot bottom Brenner Bolton gets fucked by Tom Faulk and Colby Jansen.

Don’t forget to watch Colby Jansen fucks newcomer Jake Morgan in Colby Breaks Him In Part 3 and Cayden Wyatt bottoms for Jay Rising in Desperate Teens Part 2.

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Gay Porn John Magnum Charlie Harding Dereck Fox Mike DeMarko

Porn star Mike De Marko, who recently won the title of Mr. Los Angeles from the Hookies Award, has a new sex scene coming out from MEN.COM. In this video called Morning Bliss, Mike De Marko bottoms for Tom Faulk.

Don’t forget to watch John Magnum gets his bubble butt fucked by Charlie Harding in Cheating Husband Part 3 and Dereck Fox & Luca Rosso fuck each other in Underwear Campaign.

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Bennett Anthony Nicoli Cole KamaSutra Gay Sex Porn

Nicoli Cole is a talented gymnast in real life. That explains why he’s very flexible. I saw him did some hard yoga moves while I was on set of Dallas Reeves in Fort Lauderdale. Oh, did I mention he’s also the nicest person?

In this new video called “Best Sex Of My Life Part 1″ with co-star exclusive model Bennett Anthony, directed by Marc MacNamara, you can watch Bennett Anthony fucks Nicoli Cole in various acrobatic and gravity-defying sex positions.

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Johnny Forza Bottoms Jason Maddox Gay Porn Cowboy

If you enjoy watching muscle jock like Johnny Forza getting his butt fucked. Don’t miss this third episode of “Down Low” from MEN.COM.

Johnny Forza plays a cowboy in this scene. Check out the trailer of this scene Johnny Forza gets fucked by Jason Maddox below.

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Jessy Ares Ricky Ares Gay Porn Fuck

MEN.COM is about to release a new scene called “Last Goodbye” and this one features porn star Jessy Ares and his real-life fiancé Ricky Ares.

Watch the trailer of this hot video Jessy Ares and Ricky Ares fuck each other below.

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Johnny Rapid Justin Bieber

I didn’t see this one coming… MEN.COM has just released this video on Youtube. In the video, exclusive porn star Johnny Rapid has a message to pop superstar Justin Bieber that is offering him 2 million dollars to do a scene with Johnny…

Breaking: Now that we’ve all seen his beautiful bulge, it’s about time we see just how much heat Bieber is packing under there! has offered the legendary pop superstar Justin Bieber 2 million dollars for his involvement within a scene, starring gay hearthrob Johnny Rapid.

Good marketing campaign, I guess. Who knows… Maybe this is a premise of his upcoming scene. Johnny Rapid is waiting for Justin Bieber, but Justin sends his bodyguards to gangbang Johny instead. LOL

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Jimmy Fanz Bennett Anthony Joey Rico Anthony Verusso

In this new video from MEN.COM called “Beloved,” you can watch exclusive model Bennett Anthony fuck Jimmy Fanz.

Don’t forget to check out: Joey Rico fucks Jacob Marvel in Cheating Husband Part 2 and Anthony Verusso bottoms for Mike Edge in Homecoming Night.

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Gay Porn Jake Bass Allen King Luke Adams Jimmy Fanz Brenner Bolton

Many sexy and naughty stuffs from MEN.COM this week: Former CockyBoys model Jake Bass fucks Allen King in Forbidden Part 4, Luke Adams tops Brenner Bolton in Down Low Part 2, and Jimmy Fanz bottoms for Adam Herst in Phone Sex 2.

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Sean Cody Gay Porn front

It’s the talk of the town. It’s the news everyone in gay porn is talking about. MindGeek, the company behind MEN.COM has acquired SEAN CODY, one of the most iconic gay porn site.

Sean Cody has officially become part of the MindGeek (formerly Manwin) porn empire. What will this mean for one of the most successful and respected gay porn operations in the business? Only time will tell. // A person familiar with the deal who prefers to remain anonymous has confirmed for The Sword that Sean Cody himself has inked the deal to sell off the enterprise for an undisclosed sum.The Sword

For those of you who concern, Sean Cody will continue producing bareback porn.

Sources with knowledge of this sale have confirmed to me that Sean Cody will REMAIN a bareback site, so disregard the above paragraph.Str8UpGayPorn

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Casey Everett Gay Porn

Casey Everett mentioned on his Twitter that this is the first sex scene he ever did. And his scene partner is hot porn star Topher DiMaggio. I posted some behind the scenes pictures of this scene called “My Way Inn” back in October last year. The scene was directed by Trenton Ducati. Check out some hot preview pictures from this video Topher DiMaggio fucks Casey Everett below.

Don’t forget to check out: Johnny Forza fucks Anthony Verusso in “Cheating Husband Part 1″ and Liam Rosso bottoms for Nick Foxx in “Skater Sex.”

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