Paddy OBrian Fucks Aitor Bravo

During the weekend, MEN.COM has updated 3 sex scenes for fans of porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Jarec Wentworth, and Johnny Rapid.

You can watch Paddy O’Brian fucks Aitor Bravo in Escaping England, Jarec Wentworth fucks Jaxon Colt in Executive Suite Part 3, and Johnny Rapid & Joey Moriarty flip-fuck in Bad Boy Boot Camp.

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John Magnum Fucks Nicoli Cole

It’s quite sometime we didn’t see any new sex scenes from porn star John Magnum. But this week we can watch John showing his versatility in two sex scenes from MEN.COM back to back. You can watch John Magnum fucks Nicoli Cole in Turn My Son Into A Whore Part 2 and bottoms for Aaron Bruiser in My Brother In Law Part 3 (John cums while Aaron sticking a cue stick up his bubble butt!)

Don’t forget to check out these hot videos: Dustin Tyler and Owen Michaels fuck each other in Taking A Look and Christian Wilde tops Cody Avalon in Hot As Hell’s Kitchen.

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Sebastian Young Fucks Brenner Bolton

3 porn models make their first appearance on MEN.COM this weekend – Brenner Bolton, Jay Austin, and Johnny Hazzard.

Brenner Bolton gets fucked by Sebastian Young in “Before My Wife Gets Home,” Jay Austin bottoms for Jarec Wentworth in “Executive Suite Part 2,” and Johnny Hazzard flip-fucks with Dale Cole in “Atone.”

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Derek Atlas Ricky Decker Gay Sex

Today, MEN.COM is releasing a new porn series called Upload and in this first scene, you can watch hot porn star Derek Atlas fucks Ricky Decker.

As I mentioned earlier, we all just watched Derek fuck Ricky in Hot House’s Saddle Up last month. But I don’t mind watching they do in again since both Derek Atlas and Ricky Decker are two of my favorite models.

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Nicoli Cole Derek Nocturne Gay Sex

I just can’t get enough of Nicoli Cole! I met this hot gymnast from Colombia last month on set of Dallas Reeves. He’s very friendly and talkative. He did many bareback videos on Dallas Reeves and he just made his first appearance on MEN.COM last week getting fucked by Aaron Bruiser. Nicoli shows his versatility in his latest video called “Campus Cruising” Nicoli Cole and Derek Nocturne flip-fuck.

And don’t forget to watch Sean Duran fucks Jimmy Fanz in “Ice” and Johnny Rapid bottoms for Zane Anders in “My Brother In Law Part 2.”

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Derek Atlas Fucks Ricky Decker Men dot Com

MEN.COM has just announced that former Randy Blue gay porn star Derek Atlas is making his first appearance on and he fucks hunky bottom Ricky Decker in this video.

If this news sounds familiar to you. It is. Because last September, Falcon Studios Group made an announcement that they signed exclusive contract with Derek. And in his first appearance on Hot House. We have already watched Derek Atlas fuck Ricky Decker in the movie Saddle Up. So It looks like Derek Atlas had filmed sex scenes with before he signed contracted with Falcon.

But I wonder which scene was shot first, Hot House or And do you think Derek and Ricky tell the director “Hey, we’ve already fucked at the other studio.” :-P

Derek Atlas fucks Ricky Decker in the video “Upload Part 1″ is releasing November 14th on

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Paddy OBrian Theo Ford Damien Crosse

MEN.COM is about to release this hot scene called “Do As I Say” starring Paddy O’Brian, Theo Ford and Damien Crosse. With these three porn stars together. It’s going to be a hot video! also released these videos – Jarec Wentworth fucks Jacob Ladder in “Executive Suite Part 1″ and Connor Maguire fucks Dirk Wakefield in “Towel Dry.”

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Nicoli Cole Aaron Bruiser Gay Sex

Cute porn star Nicoli Cole shows his versatility in two sex scenes releasing today.

As a bottom, you can watch Nicoli Cole gets fucked by Aaron Bruiser in a scene called “Turn My Son Into A Whore” from MEN.COM. This is also the first time we see him in’s video.

As a top, Dallas Reeves is releasing a new scene where Nicoli Cole fucks newcomer Archer Hart bareback. This is Archer Hart’s porn debut.

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Colby Keller Fucks Johnny Ryder

Hot new sex scenes from MEN.COM this week: Bearded Colby Keller fucks hunky bottom Johnny Ryder in “Deeply Desired,” porn star Phenix Saint bottoms for Jimmy Johnson in “The Storm Cellar,” and Armando De Armas fucks Jake Wilder in “My Pretend Boyfriend.”

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Zeb Atlas Johnny Rapid Jack Radley CK SteelZac Stevens released many cool orgy scenes lately. We watched Dirk Caber got triple penetrated last week in “Stepfather’s Secret Part 8” and Paddy O’Brian gets gang-banged by 4 porn stars yesterday in “HOWL Part 4.”

Today they are releasing another orgy scene but this time it’s a REVERSE ORGY. I think it’s a hot concept and more studios should produce scene like this. One top fucks multiple bottoms.

The lucky top here is beefy Zeb Atlas. In this scene called “Scouts Part 4” you can watch bodybuilder Zeb Atlas fucks 4 twinks Johnny Rapid, Jack Radley, CK Steel & Zac Stevens!

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Paddy OBrian Jessy Ares Dato Foland Gabriel Clark Colby Keller

For me, the Halloween Gay Porn 2014 has reach its climax today with the release of this new scene from MEN.COM called “HOWL Part 4.” It’s a 5-stud orgy scene starring gay porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares, and Colby Keller.

This scene marks the second time porn star Paddy O’Brian gets GANGBANGED! Paddy’s first gangbang scene “Prisoner of War Part 4” was released last July.

This time, you can watch Paddy O’Brian gets gang-fucked by Jessy Ares, Gabriel Clark, Dato Foland, and Colby Keller!!!

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Gay Porn Halloween 2014

The Halloween Gay Porn 2014 continues. And the MUST WATCH sex scene today is “HOWL Part 2″ where gay porn star Paddy O’Brian gets TAG-TEAMED by Jessy Ares and Gabriel Clark!

Pride Studios released a scene called “The Demon Inside” where Phenix Saint and Jake Jennings take turns fucking each other.

Don’t forget to check out Men On Edge (Kink Men)’s new video called Halloween Hell at the Armory.

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