Zeb Atlas Colby Jansen Fuck Jaxton Wheeler

MEN.COM is about to release a new 3-way scene full of beefy porn stars. It’s “Tour Of Duty Part 3″ where you can watch bodybuilder Zeb Atlas and Colby Jansen tag-team Jaxton Wheeler.

Yesterday, Dustin Tyler makes his first appearance on Men.com in a video called “Singles” Dustin Tyler fucks Jake Wilder.

Men.com also releases preview videos of the upcoming updates for the first half of September. So many hot scenes to keep an eye on, including the porn debut of the latest exclusive model Bennett Anthony where he tops Johnny Rapid. Check out the previews of the upcoming updates below.

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Bennett Anthony Gay Porn Star redhead ginger

MEN.COM has just sent out the press release announcing this new ginger stud Bennett Anthony as their latest exclusive model. He will make his porn debut on September 5th as a top where Bennett Anthony fucks porn star Johnny Rapid. He also did another sex scene with Tom Faulk. You can see the preview photos of both scenes below. The XXX trailer of his scene with Johnny will be available later today. You can also get to know this newcomer better in his interview video below and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @BennettAnthonyx.

The other BIG NEWS, the also announce that the new TOP TO BOTTOM scene is coming up in September! They haven’t revealed who’s the upcoming Top To Bottom but they gave us a clue with this picture below. Who do you think is the next Top To Bottom?

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Paddy OBrian Fucks Denis Vega MenInIbiza

Men In Ibiza has become one of my favorite porn series now with porn star Paddy O’Brian stars in 4 sex scenes beautifully filmed in Ibiza, Spain. We watched Paddy tops Juan Lopez in Part 1, gets fucked by Abraham Al Malek in Part 2 and fucks Tony Gys in Part 3.

This week, in Men In Ibiza Part 4, Paddy’s co-star for this scene is hunky Spanish porn star Denis Vega. Watch the XXX trailer below, the scene begins with Denis jerking off by the sea and the portion where Paddy O’Brian fucks Denis Vega is pretty hot!

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Connor Maguire Tommy Defendi Gay Porn

It has been quite some time since we last saw hot porn star Connor Maguire bottom on camera. Too long. Connor was very versatile when he started his porn career but he’s strictly top lately. I’m glad to see his funny and hunky guy gets pounded on camera again. In this new scene from MEN.COM called Fantasy Part 2, Connor Maguire gets fucked by Tommy Defendi’s huge cock!

Don’t forget to check out these hot scenes released on Monday and Tuesday: Phenix Saint fucks Trace Kendall in Man Date and Paul Walker fucks Lionel Lilac in Cockpit Part 3.

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Dato Foland Colby Keller Gay Porn

In case you haven’t already seen it, here’s the hilarious video Gay Porn Stars Read Mean Tweets from MEN.COM. Two of the models in that video, Dato Foland and Colby Keller are the stars of this newest scene called “Affairs Part 1,” Colby Keller fucks Dato Foland

Porn star Colby Jansen stars in the third episode of Son Swap where Colby fucks Tyler Sweet. And two popular porn stars Johnny Rapid & Jarec Wentworth have sex in the video called “The Square Off.”

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Paddy OBrain Gay Porn Star Read Mean Tweets

MEN.COM just released this hilarious video on Youtube Men.com Model Read Mean Tweets where gay porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Dato Foland, Tom Faulk, Jimmy Fanz, Dirk Caber, Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark read mean tweets on Twitter about themselves. It’s quite funny. It’s a gay porn version of the popular Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

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Paddy OBrian Fucks Tony Gys MenInIbiza

I hope you guys enjoyed the previous video in MEN IN IBIZA porn series where Paddy O’Brian get fucked by Abraham Al Malek on a boat. Today they just released “Men In Ibiza Part 3″ this time porn star Paddy O’Brian returns to topping. Check out this hot scene Paddy O’Brian fucks Tony Gys. (Behind the scenes pictures here)

This week MEN.COM also introduces hot newcomer Antonio Paul in his first Men.com appearance in the scene called “Fantasy Part 1,” Antonio Paul bottoms for Tommy Defendi.

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Jack King Fucks Jake Wilder

There are many hot sex scenes coming your way this August from MEN.COM. They released, Bump! Part 2, a hot 3-way Colt Rivers gets fucked by Owen Michaels and Tom Faulk. They about to release Hump Or Bump, where hottie Jack King tops Jake Wilder.

I’ve also include preview pictures (which links to preview videos) of the hot scenes for the rest of August below. So many sex scenes to keep an eye on: Connor Maguire gets fucked by Tommy Defendi, Paddy O’Brian fucks Tony Gys and Denis Vega, Dato Foland bottoms for Colby Keller, Zeb Atlas & Colby Jansen tag-team Jaxton Wheeler, and 6-stud orgy.

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Dirk Caber Fucks Luke Adams 3

We’ve watched Colby Jansen and Dirk Caber flip-fucked in Son Swap Part 1. This time in Son Swap Part 2, hottie Luke Adams plays Colby’s son in this scene. And you can watch Luke Adams gets fucked by Dirk Caber in this video. Next week, August 22nd, you can watch Tyler Sweet (who plays Dirk Caber’s son) bottoms for Colby Jansen in Son Swap Part 3.

And if you like Tour of Duty Part 1 where Zeb Atlas fucks Colby Jansen, don’t forget to check out Tour of Duty Part 2, Topher DiMaggio & Jaxton Wheeler Tag-Team Tom Faulk.

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Paddy OBrian Bottoms Abraham Al Malek Gay Porn

This is the scene I’ve been waiting for this month. We’ve watched gay porn star Paddy O’Brian gets gang-banged by 4 studs in Prisoner of War Part 4 and fucked Juan Lopez in Men In Ibiza Part 1.

Today you can watch him BOTTOMS again. This time Paddy O’Brian gets fucked by Abraham Al Malek in “Men In Ibiza Part 2.” I think this is the first time I see Paddy bottoms in an outdoor scene. It’s a beautiful sunny day Paddy get pounded by Abraham on a boat off the island of Ibiza. Check out behind the scenes photos here.

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Colt Rivers Jimmy Fanz Gay Porn Bottom

I’m pretty sure the first question that pops into people’s heads when they see this sex scene between power bottoms Colt Rivers and Jimmy Fanz called “Jock Obsession” from MEN.COM is “who’s top and who’s bottom?”

The answer? It depends. Men.com has 97 pictures from this scene and they show Jimmy Fanz fucking Colt Rivers. But if you watch the video, it’s Colt Rivers fucking Jimmy Fanz. It looks like the director can’t decide either.

[UPDATE] Colt Rivers just told me:

After pix I decided I wanted his ass! He was all for it naturally but the photographer had gone home :) oh well! had a blast.

Don’t forget to check out this new scenes: Muscle daddy Brad Kalvo fucks Johnny Rapid in “The Legacy” and Jarec Wentworth fucks Phenix Saint in “Body Shots.”

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Colby Jansen Dirk Caber SonSwap Gay Sex

We’ve watch Colby Jansen bottom for Zeb Atlas in “Tour Of Duty” earlier this month. MEN.COM is about to release the first episode of the new porn series called “Son Swap” and it’s the second time this month you can see Colby Jansen bottom. It’s a flip-fuck scene between hot daddies Colby Jansen and Dirk Caber.

In part two you will find out what happens when Colby lends his boy (Luke Adams) to Dirk Caber. In part three, Dirk returns the favor and sends his son Tyler Sweet to bend over for Colby.

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