A Wicked Game BTS Jarec Wentworth Ryan Rose Duncan Black James Hamilton

This past Saturday, Queer Me Now Blog sneaked in on the set of an upcoming gay thriller A Wicked Game, a co-production between NAKEDSWORD.COM and MEN.COM in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s surely a funny (and quite bloody) porn shoot. I got a chance to meet two former Sean Cody models Pierce and Jarek, now Falcon exclusive Ryan Rose and Men.com exclusive Jarec Wentworth in person. They are so HOT!

I also met cutie Duncan Black and James Hamilton there along with director Mr. Pam, Leo Forte, Element Eclipse, and Steven Ponce. A Wicked Game is directed by Mr. Pam and written by Leo Forte.

I don’t want to spoil the story of this CSI-Miami-meets-Dead-Calm porn thriller for now. But from the behind the scenes pictures I took from the set below, you will see that someone gets murdered.

Stay tuned, I will post exclusive behind the scenes videos and interview with the cast very soon.

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Damien Crosse Denis Vega Alter Sin Men In Ibiza

As I told you, I had a vacation in Madrid, Spain last July after I did a behind the scenes report from the set of Dirty Rascals in Prague. During my stay in Madrid, Alter Sin, the studio that produces videos for MEN.COM invited me to 3 porn shoots! I’ve already posted exclusive pictures from the set of “The Business of Sex Part 3″ where Rogan Richards fucks Gabriel Vanderloo.

Today I have behind the scenes pictures and a video clip from the set of “Men In Ibiza Part 5.” It’s awesome that I finally got a chance to meet with hot porn star Damien Crosse after all these years. Damien was so friendly, he also showed me around and recommended me his favorite restaurants in Madrid for me to try during my stay. ;-) The was shot at Boyberry gay night club. Damien’s scene partner was hunky porn star Denis Vega. Both of them are so hot in person and very professional. Check out exclusive behind the scenes pictures of Men In Ibiza Part 5, Damien Crosse and Denis Vega take turns fucking each other below.

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Jimmy Durano Marc Macnamara Chris Crisco Rusty Ford

Men.com just released the new porn series called “Central Park Cruising” and in episode one you can watch Colt Rivers gets fucked by Jimmy Durano.

FUN FACT: One of my blog readers happened to be on vacation in New York during the time Marc MacNamara was shooting this scene. So he took the picture above (paparazzi style) of porn stars Jimmy Durano, Colt Rivers, director Marc MacNamara and crews Chris Crisco and Rusty Ford while they were filming b-roll in Central Park. Isn’t that cool!?! Marc MacNamara told me that next time my readers spot him in New York, don’t forget to come say hi.

You also should check out these hot scenes: Damien Crosse fucks Juan Lopez in The Business Of Sex Part 4 and Brenden Cage fucks Cole Brooks in Payback.

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Jarec Wentworth Gay Porn Star Nakedsword Men

I posted many pictures from the set of NAKEDSWORD.COM in Fort Lauderdale. This upcoming gay thriller porn movie is directed by Mr. Pam. They have already filmed sex scenes with Ryan Rose, Duncan Black, and James Hamilton. Check out the behind the scenes pictures here and here.

Nakedsword just tweeted the picture above. Former Sean Cody model and current Men.com exclusive model Jarec Wentworth has just arrived on set today. Yes, this porn movie inspired by the thriller movie Dead Calm and CSI Miami is actually the first co-production between Nakedsword and MEN.COM.

Dirk Caber Fucks Asher Hawk

The Stepfather’s Secret Series was one of the most popular releases ever on MEN.COM. If you are a fan of this series. Here’s a good news. The Dirk Caber character actually has more stepsons. The series continues with Stepfather’s Secret: The Reunion. Part 5 is live now where Asher Hawk gets fucked by Dirk Caber.

Also check out these hot sex scenes – Dato Foland and Christopher Daniels flip-fuck in “Hard Relation” and Brad Kalvo tops Tom Faulk in “Daddy’s Workplace Part 1.”

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Bobby Clark Jack King Travis James 3

MEN.COM just released the final episode of porn series “Retribution Part 4″ directed by Marc MacNamara. This scene features a threesome starring Bobby Clark, Jack King & Travis James.

You can also watch another scene directed by MacNamara, called “Predator Part 4″ where porn star Landon Conrad bottoms for Jarec Wentworth. And don’t forget to watch “Tour Of Duty Part 5″ Topher DiMaggio fucks Tom Faulk.

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Rogan Richards Gabriel Vanderloo Gay Porn BTS

I’ve already posted many pictures and video clips from my trip to Prague to report from the set of Nakedsword’s Dirty Rascals last July. But that was not all I did in Europe during that trip. Instead of heading back home after my time in Czech Republic, I went to Madrid, Spain. I’ve already posted a picture of my dinner with porn stars Lucio Saints and Allen King.

During that trip to Madrid, the owner of Alter Sin invited me to his porn shoots for MEN.COM. How could I resist that? I ended up being on 3 of his porn shoots and met 4 hot gay porn stars Damien Crosse, Denis Vega, Gabriel Vanderloo, and Rogan Richards.

Now Men.com is about to release one of those three scenes. It’s called The Business Of Sex Part 3 where Gabriel Vanderloo gets fucked by Rogan Richards. I will post behind the scenes video clips of this scene next week. For now, check out these pictures I took from the set featuring gay porn stars Rogan Richards and Gabriel Vanderloo (Gabriel was so sexy in person and Rogan was hilarious!) You can watch the full sex scene on MEN.COM.

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Bruno Bernal Gay Porn Star Raiden XXX

Don’t worry, it’s not like in 2010 when former gay porn star Chance Caldwell (aka Jay Huntington) and his son, straight porn star Jerry, did a father and son tag-team a girl together sex scene in a straight porn.

Hot gay porn star Bruno Bernal recently took his dad to a porn shoot to work as an extra in the sex scene Bruno shot with porn star Paddy O’Brian for Men.com. So I guess Bruno and his dad are really close.

The scene was produced by Raiden XXX, a UK-based porn producer, who shot sex scenes for MEN.COM. The first scene of this team released was The Law Of Men series.

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Jimmy Johnson TopToBottom Colby Jansen Gay Porn

Jimmy Johnson has filmed 34 sex scenes with MEN.COM and fucking so many hot guys. Finally, it’s his time to bottom for the first time on camera in the new Top To Bottom scene – Jimmy Johnson gets fucked by Colby Jansen.

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Bennett Anthony Cameron Foster Colt Rivers Tom Faulk Orgy

These past three days, MEN.COM is releasing the third episode from three porn series.

The orgy scene starring Men.com newest exclusive model Bennett Anthony, Colt Rivers, Tom Faulk, and Cameron Foster in Swingers Part 3. Porn star Scott Hunter bottoms for Mickey Taylor in The Law Of Men Part 3, and Jack King fucks Travis James in Retribution Part 3.

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Leo Domenico Fucks Allen King

This weekend MEN.COM released 3 new sex scenes – Leo Domenico fucks Allen King in The Business Of Sex Part 2, Men.com latest exclusive Bennett Anthony fucks Tom Faulk in Swingers Part 2 and Jarec Wentworth fucks Billy Santoro in Predator Part 3.

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Allen King Axel Brooks Gay Porn

Earlier this week, Lucio Saints website released the second episode of its porn series CITY BOYS. We watch Allen King fucks Robbie Rojo in episode 1. The story continues in Episode 2: La Venganza.

Allen King after discovering that Robbie is cheating on him decided go to the bar where his best friend works to venting, Allen full of pain decides that having sex with the first guy he find, looking for his greater vengeance.

Today, MEN.COM releases a new video called “Role Play” where you can watch Allen King and porn star Axel Brooks take turns fucking each other.

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